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Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Photos from Copygram


Trying to be smart!

So this morning I read that Tom Wallish was back on skis and since we had the exact same surgery at the exakt same time I can't wait to hear how he feels. I know that I could start skiing now, but I also know myself pretty well and since my knee is feeling as good as it does, I know that I would have a super hard time holding back once I was on snow. So I am trying to take the smart approach and wait it out a bit longer. With ACL injuries you muscles are usually OK to ski after 6 months, but the new ACL does get stronger and stronger all the way until 9-10 months. So together with my physio we decided to play it safe and really wok hard on rehab and make sure to be 110% ready once I go back on snow. Usually not the way I choose to do things, but as I plan on skiing for many years to come, I figured that its better to give it a few extra weeks and head back on snow in late October. Although that seems really far away right now! ;-)

Off to the gym with a ton of motivation right now!


Video in progress!

This is what we were up to last night! Had planned to shoot the Huracan but we could not get the scheduling right so I thought it was about time to get some good sounds clips of the RS6. So we headed up to La Turbie as the roads up there are amazing and did a little filming. Seppi who was down here will edit the stuff tomorrow once he gets back home to Germany so should be online tomorrow night, nothing super special, but if you like station wagons that sounds a lot, I am sure you will like the video! haha

Just got back home after a great long meal at the Hotel Meteropole, so nice to have dinner early and talk about life!  But right now its time to get some knee exersizes done before I go to bed! Monday morning means full speed so I want to be fully rested and ready for all the week will offer!


Meridien breakfast

If its one thing I am really bad at that I know I should get better at its eating breakfast. I just have such a hard time feeling any urge to eat for the first few hours so I end up waiting a long time before I eat at all. I do believe that I am getting closer to change that, have been forcing myself to eat for the past few weeks and this morning I woke up super hungry so I figured that I would take the opportunity and walk over to Meridien and have a taste of their amazing breakfast! Their buffet is killer and eating it outside by the ocean makes it even better! 

Just hoping that I can keep feeling like this as I know it will be good for me to get a proper meal in the morning! Today I have a airport drop off, gym and work on the schedule, but its been nice to have a guest and the "human interaction" its been given me! haha Think I am one step closer to finding a great filmer for the winter so I am stoked!


X games real ski!

I just came across the X games real ski edits and I just felt that I had to share Sammys video. I usually feel that most back country edits are a bit the same, but when I watched Sammys my jaw kind of dropped!  Love the creativity that he has in his skiing and if he does not win this one I am very surprised! What do you guys think, anyone coming close to rivaling him? ;-)

Check out all the edits HERE!



Monte Carlo beach

The only down side with Monaco is that everyone here has dinner mega late and sleeps through the day which is far from my normal day rhythm, so for the past few days I have gotten up early, worked and worked out, then had a nap in order to have enough energy to go out and eat.

Today Ahmed was however back in town and since he just got back from Finland he was not in the Monaco time zone so I finally had a friend to hang out with on the beach!  Felt great to get a bit of a tan and just chill in the sun!

When it comes to tonights dinner plans we have become super hooked on the Libanese restaurant in Cannes and since we like driving we are off to Cannes for a quick dinner! haha Love to have crazy friends who loves to drive! ;-) It just makes life that much more fun!

The car line up outside of Monte Carlo beach is just insane. A few days ago there was two Veyrons lined up outside… ;-)



Yesterday I was just about to load up the laundry machine when my friend Mass called and begged me to join him to Cannes to return the Huracan and get his Aventador back, since I am a good friend I put my laundry on hold and joined him instead! ;-) Will do a full write up on the Huracan later today as we had to return it and could not film it this week end. The good new is that I have a filmer landing tomorrow at noon for a little test video blog and we still have the Aventador, Mclaren and the RS6 so I am sure that we can bang something great together in the hills of Monaco!

So the end of my day yesterday did not win any price in productivity but we sure had a lot of fun! Will have to try to make up for it today!

Walk with a view!

Since I have been a bit slow on the photo front I figured that I had to bring the camera along today! After a morning of work I walked over to the gym which is in the port of Monaco and even if I am not a huge walk fan, I will admit that its kind of nice here in Monaco as there is always fun things to look at! Had a great session at the gym trying to get my leg stronger and walked back home again! Perfect break from work!  (and I even met a friend that I could talk to at the gym! haha)

This afternoon has cleaning and laundry on the schedule for me, but I did notice last night before going out that I brought most of my stuff to Marbella this summer so my wardrobe is a little thin and needs an update, so I might squeeze some shopping in there so I have something nice to wear now that the fall is around the corner! ;-)  

Ferries or yachts? ;-)

Yacht after yacht after yacht!

My kind of yacht!  Love the fast looking ones!

Lots of boats in MC right now so some have to chill outside!

Such a sick yacht!

I even managed to squeeze a selfie in there! 

I was trying to get a shot of this guy a little higher up, but he kept flipping over as soon as he got more than 2m out of the water! haha

Epic little Ferrari toy car!

The beach outside my building on the left in the picture!



So yesterday I had planned to do a little review of the Huracan, but I am kind of glad that I did not as my opinion about the car has changed quite a bit since I first got in it. I also realized that a picture update of a car is kind of boring so I figured that it would be much better with a video update. So an e mail has gone out to one of my favorite applicant for the videoblog job, I figured that it could be a great test to see how it works! So stoked on all the videos that I have been sent over the past few days, but there has been one that really stood out for me, so lets hope that he can make it down here for a little car review week end! ;-)

Had dinner last night with the Team Galag guys (from Gumball) and I have to say that they are just great people! Spent 3 hours at Ciprianis here in Monaco talking about all the idiot projects that we have done over the years and what our new plans are. I came to realize that these guys are one of the few guys on the planet that I should stay away from as they are just as crazy if not more, so when we get together we usually end up talking about how to build a space shuttle on wheels. I mean if you are crazy enough to drive a brand new Mclaren P1 10000km and build a Bat mobile, you are nothing short of a lunatic! haha

Since we did talk about a a lot of Gumball stuff, Warners name came up as they were wondering who the hell that crazy guy was that just hitch hiked all across the world! I just told them that he is a very special man but at the same time one of the best one out there! So if you have a few minutes over, check out the first episode of Warners hitchhiking mission to the start of Gumball! When I watch his way of approaching life I really see that I should work on approaching life more like he does as he always has a smile on his face even when he is stuck on the side of the road for a few hours! ;-)


Iphone fail!

So at around 5 I thought that I had been productive enough, so when Mass called and asked me if I wanted to join him to Cannes to go get his AC checked out at Lambo it was perfect timing! Turns out they could not fix it right away so they had a Huracan waiting for us. I thought I had been super smart and brought a good camera, but when I had taken about 50 epic shots of the cars I realized that I had forgotten to put the memory card back in- Mega Fail! So there I was with two beautiful Lambos and all I had was an Iphone! And as that was not enough, the battery died on that on after 2 shots! haha

I will however put it in tomorrow and give you guys a little review of what I think of the car, was very interesting to go from an Aventador to the Huracan!

But first some dinner at Sass, can't wait, have been living on power bars and protein shakes today! haha ;-)


Human interaction

So I have realized that some things change a bit as you get older. As I live alone here in Monaco and I work all alone as well, it does get a little lonely at times. In the past I had no problem crushing it alone for hours, but I think I have noticed a slight change in this over the past couple years. Now I feel like I have to force myself a bit to get up and go and motivation can sometimes feel a little harder to find. On the good side I guess the motivation has shifted a bit as I now seem to like meetings a lot more and work on the creative process there. So I guess the motivation is the same but just in a different way.

The only problem is that when I am here in Monaco, 110% of the work is 110% alone. Needless to say this does mean that I tend to get out for lunch and meet people, but I really dont like people that go out for lunch. I like people that grab a power bar and keep on working non stop 24/7! I guess it me evolving and appreciating a nice conversation, but to be honest I dont like the way I am heading.(I feel like Ari Gold who wants to get back to his old self) I like the obsessed me that hates to get out and waste time.

So today I have set up a clear schedule of how the hours should be handled to get the most out of the day and still get some form of human interaction!

  • 6-11 e mails
  • 11-13 Work out (alone) ;-)
  • 13-14 Lunch at home and e mails.
  • 15-16 work
  • 16— Human interation time

Not sure if this is a killer set up, but I don know that when I get out and meet people I feel like a slacker and that I am not getting the job done, so I guess I am just trying to set some working hours like if I was at an office so that I feel free when I am not working! The only downside is that the first human interaction I get is at 4pm… ;-)