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Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
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The way I like it!

Today was a great day!  Woke up at 04.30 wide awake, dug into some e mails, ran around in meetings from 9-5 and got a ton of stuff done! Japan was gray but it seems like I really need to work hard in order to feel good! Just have that great feeling in my body after a day like this!

Just finished up dinner at Jannis dads place with Janni, her sister Mickis (who is dating Mr Byggmark), and we have had a great piece of meat, but now I think its time to get some sleep as its been a long day! Great things coming in the next few weeks so then all the guard work will pay off! ;-) Work hard – play hard


Fighting Jet Lag

Me and Janni had just walked through the door when we got a call from Fabian Wester (who we went to Bali with). He had his book release together with Rebecka and Fiona so we figured that it was a great pan to head over and say hi as we got to see his great work and stay awake for a few more hours!  But right now we are back home so I think sits about time to give up and get some sleep! ;-)


So a few hours ago I was answering e mails at our Grand Hyatt hotel room in Tokyo, and 60 minutes ago we landed in Sthlm. Flight over was awesome as we got lucky again and managed to upgrade to business, sure makes a difference for when you arrive and feel rested!
Have a Gumball meeting with Betsafe tomorrow before I fly down to the alpes so I am stoked to see what they have up their sleeves! 
So with the Japan trip in the books, I achieved one of my goals for this winter which was to do things I have not down over the past 10 years! It was a sick trip and I loved every minute of it! Maybe a little to much sun to score a 10 point rating, but we did get a few really deep pow days, and now with more knowledge of the place we know what to do and where to go when there is no new snow for a few days! So I can’t wait to go back next year!
Was fun to ski pow, but now I am excited to ski park for a few weeks, that (and ISPO) is all I have in the books for the next 2 months, just have to figure out exactly where to go! Time to start doing some doubles again and really get on it! ;-)

Full speed!

I will admit that is not easy to keep this blog up and running here in Tokyo!  I feel like we wake up, get going and run around all day only to have enough time to shower and head out for dinner!  But today I decide to be extra quick and throw one out there before we are off to Dinner with the crew from Head Japan!

Started the day with some well needed gym time here at the Grand Hyatt hotel, been way to much cup noodles and jet lag chilling on this trip, so felt good to get back on in again! Ran around town trying to see as many things as possible before we leave tomorrow and finished it off with a photoshoot in the Japanese phot booths that distorts your face and puts on make up! I thought we looked very pretty! ;-)


Tokyo at night!

The powder in Japan is well worth the trip over where, but getting couple days in Tokyo sure is a nice bonus! Have had some amazing (and scary) food, checked out all the mega stores (a bunch more pics coming tomorrow) and last night we even had time to go nuts at a club… haha Such an epic night with a great crew!  So stoked that we have Yuki (Japanese Downhill skier) with us here showing us the way in Tokyo! I can't remember last time I went nuts in a club so it was super fun to really let loose for a night! That does however mean that I am hyper tired right now so i am checking out in 10 secs in order to have enough energy for our last day in Tokyo! 


Video blog 12 – Powder Porn!

There we go, back on track after an crazy night! Have to be brief as Seppi is at the hospital with a terrible stomach!  But here is his latest creation from the deep snow in Japan! Cant explain how epic this trip was, truly an experience I will never forget!  Thanks to Xtravel for setting this up!  Cant wait to go back soon again!

Lets all keep our fingers crossed that Seppi will feel better soon again! Poor guy had a camera down his stomach today!


Bitter sweet!

So our last day of skiing here in Rusutsu is over! A bit of a bitter sweet ending as the weather was perfect and it was an amazing day. But when your job is to ski and you come here to ski pow, its easy to feel a little useless on a day like today, one of the few downsides of being a pro skier. But we can't change the weather so I did my best to just enjoy the sunny day!

Its been a killer trip up here and I can't wait to come back again!  Huge thanks to Xtravel for helping me set this up, not sure where I would have ended up without their help! haha  Off to Tokey for a couple of days tonight, super stoked to finally get to see the city for more than 24 hours which has been the case the previous time I have been to Japan! Videoblog should be up tonight so keep an eye out for that! Will watch it on repeat when I go to sleep tonight to remember all the sick runs we got on this trip!


Roller coaster ride!

I thought I had all kinds of  ski resorts, but I had yet to see a ski resort with a full on amusement park at the bottom! haha Not enough pow to crush cool stuff today so we just had a leisure day in the Rusutsu resort. This place is about 30 mins from Niseko. Rumors say that its less people that ski pow here then Niseko so I think on a good day this place is paradise! Was cool to ski around and scope out the area so that when we come back and there is 4 meters of fresh, we know where to go! ;-)  

Sucks thats its our last day skiing tomorrow before we head down to Tokyo, but I guess we have logged enough seconds under the surface and should be more than happy anyway!  Its for sure a place that I will put on my "to go" list every year from now on!


Crusin Japan

There we go, Internet is back up and running! 

Had our last day in Niseko yesterday, not epic as the first few days but still fun to take a few runs! We then packed up at Freedom Inn and drove 30 mins over to Rusutsu where we will spend the last few days. Will take a few pics of tis place today, kind of an awesome weird one with a bunch of roller coasters at the bottom of the slope! haha

I have seen a lot of questions in regards to skis, so I thought I would give you my initial thoughts on it as this was the first trip that I have really got to ski a ton of powder and try out a few different ones!

I am riding the Head Turbine 125 in 195cm which is the biggest ski Head has, I have loved it here in japan and it skis incredible in the pist to be such a big ski. This is the ski I would use if I just want ski a lot of powder, both in the trees and on big open faces. It might be a little heavy for jumps in the BC, there I think I would like a 185cm Turbine or possibly the Cyclic (the one Bakke is holding) in 185cm. A little smaller and lighter, but I have to say that I am kind of in love with the huge Turbine, makes me feel really cool! haha

Storm here today so it might be a day infront of the computer, as you know I have a few things going on in my life so I have to pick my days when I ski in order to make it all work! ;-)


900 pictures

Normally I think its hard to blog when I dont have any good photos, but when you have to pick a few out of 900 Bakke pictures is just as hard! haha. Yesterday we took the car about 1 hour from Niseko to a small snowmobile operations mountain. (sick team so if the ski areas are tracked out and you have a coupe extra €s to spend, I can RELLY recommend it!) Got towed up to the top on the flat slide and skied down on the steeper side lap after lap. Strapped into the skis at 9am and got back down at 3pm, no break for lunch just 6 hours of non stop skiing. Normally you get to rest in the lift (or hell) but since the tow up was just as tough as the ski down, we were completely dead when we were done!  A huge thanks to Yuki for hooking this up, having local knowledge is key to finding these sick places!

I really can't describe this place, its just out of this world. Its seems like its a bad day if its only 20cm of fresh as it snows every single day. So far this year they have had 7 meters which I heard is bad as they average around 15 meters. I have skied most places around the globe, but if its powder that you are searching for, there is nothing that comes close to this. Enjoy the pics and I am sorry if there is a ton of them, was far from easy choose! haha (still about 100 good ones that I had to delete! ;-) )