Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. Testing the dream!


    I think you know by now that I love cars and I like to drive them fast!  Well now I am about to be able to drive as fast as I can without police chasing me! Just got an invite to an Audi TT Cup race as one of 6 guest drivers that week end! The TT cup has 18 real race drivers doing the whole series and 6 invite spots at each race weekend. So in about a week I am off to Germany for two days of testing/training and it looks like my guest spot will happen at the Red Bull ring in the beginning of August.

    As I have not been on a race track for a few years I will admit that I got pretty nervous when I got the invite, I mean I will be racing against race drivers who knows the car in and out and actually knows how to race on a track! So it will be a challenge but I will try to fight with the other guest drivers and try not to look like an idiot compared to the real drivers! ;-)

    A little (HUGE) bonus is that the TT Cup runs on the same race days as the DTM series so for the first time I will finally get to see a real DTM car in real life! Cant really believe that I am going to be in a real race on a real race track with real racing drivers! A big dream coming true!

    Audi Sport TT Cup from Audi Communications Motorsport on Vimeo.


  2. Casa camo throwback!


    I was looking through my phone today and saw the pictures I took when I bought Casa Camo two years ago, and I just had to walk outside and try to take the same pictures to show (myself) and you guys the difference. I feel like I have just gotten started with the renovation of this place as I have a million more things I still want to do, but when I look at these pictures I realize that we have done quite a few things already haha!

    A little difference in two years right? Cant wait to see what this place will look like in another two years! ;-)

    Had a super nice mellow day as I felt that my body needed a day off from the physical activities, so it was nice to just chill and start planning the fall. Lots of tickets to be booked so it feels good to try to nail down the first few trips! Hope you guys had a great week end!


  3. Off she goes!


    Just got this pic sent to me from Önder at Select cars who has helped me out a bunch with car shipping and a couple rebuilds in the past! The Rebellion has now gotten some love at Leifs place as I wanted to make sure I delivered her in perfect condition and on Wednesday she is off to the new owner! Not sure where she will land but it could be that the new owner might keep her in Marbella. Would be so weird to see someone else driving it around, but at the same time I really hope the new owner drives it like he stole it! haha

    But with sales comes new opportunities and considering how many miles I have driven her, it was time to let her go!

    Have a feverish girlfriend so time to get back to work and spoil her as good as I can! ;-)


  4. Fitnessguru Dream gym

    Published at Marbella

    On Monday its been 5 weeks since I last had a zip of alcohol. During these weeks I have been better than ever with food, sleep and really trying to get into a healthy routine. I cant say that I felt a big difference in the first couple weeks but in the last work outs I really feel like I have taken a big step forward!

    Its been a very different summer compared to the last 10 years when I pretty much tried to party as much as I could to get it out of my system before the winter kicked in. But I guess all of this is part of life and as years go by you change your priorities and what you enjoy!

    A few of you might have seen my  “Fitnessguru Dream gym” Instagram post yesterday. It was just a fun idea we were joking around with at the office, but then I got an email from FG saying that if I wanted to do it, they were all for supporting it. So now a few weeks later its all happening! (renders are not final and I know black floor is a terrible idea! ;-) )I know its going to be hot as hell up there during the day, but I dont think you can find a better place to work out in the mornings and at night!  So stoked to see how this crazy gym will turn out and what it will do to my training routine! Its time to get serious! haha ;-)


  5. Car Jumping memories!


    Last night I was checking out some of the stuff that Rileys has done and I have to say that he seems to have a pretty epic job! (not that skiing is that bad either haha) but drifting and crashing cars left right and center, driving Bat mobiles etc seems pretty cool to me!  As we were talking about car videos I came to think about the car jumping videos we did back in the day, so I showed them to Riley and even though we were total idiot amateurs it brought back some amazing memories from the early ski racing days in NZ!

    So todays post is all about great memories, think I need to get back into the mode we were in a few years ago, and stop being so serious all the time! haha Enjoy some epic idiot car jumping from 2011 and 2012!


  6. Summer life!

    Published at Puerto Banus

    Today was a good day! haha  I honestly did not know how else to start this blog but we had such a great day so I though it was a good way to kick things off!

    Started the day with a two hour golf lesson, breakfast and then we drove down to the beach. I usually dont spend much time on the beach here in Marbella, but this summer I am trying to do a few more things then just hang out by the pool or the golf club, and I have to say that I really like it! Had lunch on the beach, drove over to Crossfit Marbella, crushed my body until I could barely stand up and then drove home for a nice evening swim in the pool!

    Michaela and Riley is off to Mallorca tomorrow, which is a bit sad, but once I post this blog we are going to look at our scedules and figure out where to go on our next trip. Thinking a surf trip to Mexico right after Australia and NZ in Sept, never been down there so I would love to go! Anyone that has been on a surf trip there with any recommendations? ;-)


  7. Friends!

    Published at Puerto Banus

    Its kind of funny the way life turns out sometimes! About a year ago a girl from LA e mailed Janni and asked if she would be interested to get help with some pics for her blog as she was a photographer. Two days ago the girl (Michaela) and her boyfriend (Riley) arrived here in Marbella. Turns out Janni and Michaela became great friends and since Riley is a surfer, works as a stunt man and loves cars we hit it off right away we we stayed with them in LA after Gumball.

    So fun to meet new people around the globe with the same interests! We had a great day today, lots of pool time, outfit shooting for Janni and a great Lebanese dinner and finished it all off with a beautiful walk along the pier in Puerto Banus! Now we have a ton of plans for the fall including surf trips to exotic places and drifting days in LA! I cant wait!

    Had planned to golf and work out but since I had a horrible night (finally managed to fall asleep at 3am) I only logged 3 hours of sleep I scrapped that as I knew it would be pointless. Just hoping I will sleep better tonight so I can do all the things I want and have the energy for it! Not being able to sleep sucks!


  8. Napping VS Pushing through!

    Published at Benavis

    Today was one of those days where I felt like my head was glued to the pillow when the alarm went off! I got up and figured that a coffee would do it, but I was just as tired for the next 2 hours. So we decided to go for a swim in Benavis (just an amazing place only 10 mins from my house with the golf car, if you want to go, check the location button on the bottom of the post) to see if the fresh water would wake me up, it did for as long as I was in the water, but as soon as I got up I just wanted to fall asleep on the rocks! Drove over to Jannis dad and hung out/worked a bit, at this point I had cancelled todays work out in my head, but for some reason I decided to go anyway, just for a little lifting. Ended up with a mega session and right now I am so happy that I chose to not give in and push through!

    So my advice to anyone that is experiencing some summer tiredness is push through with a work out and you will find the energy again, so much better than a nap where you wake up and feel dead for the rest of the day!

    Kind of a perfect routine today,  think I might have to go for the same thing tomorrow! ;-)

    • Work from 7-9
    • Golf lesson 9-10
    • Swimming in the ponds 10-12
    • Lunch 12-13
    • Work 13-15.30
    • Gym 15.30- 17.30
    • Pooltime 17.30-19,00
    • Dinner 19-20
    • Movie night 20-22


  9. Exhausted!


    I will be totally honest with the fact that an episode of Entourage seemed a lot more appealing than a blog post right now, but I know that I will not feel at ease if I have not done all the things I am suppose to do in a day! haha  So this post is for you guys!  ;-)

    I am totally exhausted from this Douchebags week end, its been an epic one with a ton of great content but my brain has really been running on 180% 19 hours a day so when the DB team left for Norway I passed out like a baby for 3 hours! haha But I will go to bed with a proud feeling of what we have accomplished in such a short time with this company! More on the actually meetings and a few business tips tomorrow when my brain is reset again!

    Have barely seen Janni in the last 48 hours so I am going to go down stairs and give her a big hug and just enjoy some time with her before our new guests arrive in 2 hours! haha  I think maybe we should rename this place “Hotel Casa Camo”

    A demain!


  10. The way we work!

    Published at Marbella

    Another 12 hour work day has passed here in Marbella, but just like yesterday it feels like the day flew by! Still full discussions up here so I should get back to work, but wanted to check in and say hi! ;-)

    Will do a wrap up tomorrow to give you guys a bit better insight into what goes into trying to build a company from scratch to a real profitable business!

    I do remember that I 5 years ago walked into POCs office in Sweden and thought that my dream would be to one day create a company that grew big enough to have a real office and have products world wide. This week end I realized that Douchebags are almost to that point and when I try to look at it all from an outside perspective, it feels incredible that I have almost reached something I considered a life dream only 5 years ago! Even though we do have an office and products across the world, we are not yet where we want to be, so we have to keep pushing hard and focus super hard 365 days a year, thats what its going to take to make it to the next level. But I am so happy that I met Truls (my founding partner) and that we had the guts to go for our dream!