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Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
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Baby steps!

Today I got some serious flashbacks from 6-7 years ago when me and Andreas Håtweit went up and down in the park hitting the small jumps doing every trick a million times. The weather was a little up and down so I decided to stay on the small jumps and work on the basics. Just like back in the day I like a little structure in my skiing so I did switch 180 to 180 to switch 180 to 180 on the four jumps for about 10 runs. It might seem boring to most people but I kind of love that way of skiing. When the light was to flat at times I took a few runs and gave Janni a few follow cam shots so she can work on her carving, have to say that she is getting there fast!

My goal is to step things up every time I head up the mountain and I can now check of a bunch of switch landnings and takeoffs, so tomorrow I have to find a new trick to do all day long! Maybe a bit weird but I still love it! ;-)  Even forgot my knee brace today but I felt great even without it so I guess thats a good indication! So stoked to be up skiing park again, its been way to long!


Videoblog 5 – Back in Stubai

Feels good to be back up and running with video blogs again, feel like we learn so much for every day we shoot, so in a couple of months we should be fully dield in with all the new tech that is available these days! (as you can see my Go Pro Janni shots needs a little adjustment, but if you have lived in a speed suit for 6 years I guess its ok to be a beginner! haha) Loving the feeling Seppi can get out of a normal day on the hill though after only 2 hours of editing, so stoked I found him! Hope you guys enjoy it, back at it again tomorrow!

Any thoughts and ideas are more than welcome!


Back in the snow!

Even though I was still pretty tired from yesterdays drive it felt amazing to get up on the mountain today! Banged out about 10 runs before I could feel that my focus and energy was getting low, normally 10 runs is not much but as it was very windy up there it was a bit tricky to get the speed right so I guess that sucked the energy out of me! haha Did manage to step it up a bit and do 360s on all the jumps on the way down, kind of forgot how tricky it is to hit small jumps where the airtime is close to nothing, way easier to hit the big ones, but I have to build from the bottom so it was still a good day!

Time for an afternoon nap, will be back with a little video blog later tonight! see you soon!


Its WIDE and very WILD

Good morning!  Just woke up in the middle of Germany after a great night of sleep! Left Stockholm at 04.50 yesterday, drove down to Leif, worked on the RS6 for 6 hours, drove down to Select cars to check out a Lambo build that I have been a bit involved with, picked up Fredrik in Copenhagen and drove halfway through Germany before we called it a day! Long one but super fun!

So here you go, some picks of the RS6, I kind of hate showing pics during the build process as you really have to have good imagination to see what the finished product will look like. There are basically two ways to rebuild a car like this, you can scan it and build the parts in 3D or you can do it the old fashion way if you are a super surgeon with shaping tools (like Leif is) I like the old fashion way as you can really see what the car is going to look like when you have it infront of you, and I love trying out shapes with cardboard and tape! This way you shape the parts on the car and then build a mould and create the parts from there. As you can see this is going to be kind of nuts, even for me! haha Great to play around with tape and find the last design details though, I know is not for everyone, but I always wanted to do a DTM inspired car, what do you guys think, wild enough? ;-)

The Lambo was also a crazy looking build as well, a LP 640 in the base but 100% rebuilt from scratch to a LP670, only a whole lot bigger wheels, bigger brakes, new interior and a TON of carbon fiber from DMC, can't wait to see this when its finished, the Aventador is cool, but my favorite Lambo will always be the Murcielago LP670!

Time to jump back in the car, picking up Janni in Munich and we still have 550km to go before noon, so see you guys in Innsbruck!


Time to drive!

After a nice day shooting together with Janni for Veckorevyn I have now collected all I need in order to make the drive down to Innsbruck as pleasant as possible (leaving at 5 am tomorrow morning)! Thought 10 cases of Red Bull should at least get me to the Austrian boarder! haha

Been fun to hang in Sthlm for a few days but I am super ready to get back on skis and maybe increase the level to some switch landings! ;-) Slow and steady!



Yesterday was a day with big contrasts. Started the day at the gym where we went all in on the legs, was seriously scared walking down stars when we were done as my legs did not work at all!  Went straight from the gym to a lunch party with Janni that Nelly had arranged. If I would have know what this lunch was all about I might have taking it a bit more easy on the gym! haha Came in still dead from the gym were we were met by shots and champagne, maybe not the ideal post work out nutrition but we ended up having a fantastic time, I guess it did not hurt that I was one of a very few guys so the whole place was just filled with gorgeous women! ;-)

Had planned to drive down to Austria today but I got booked for a photo shoot tomorrow so I think I will jump in the car once that is done instead! But one more day with my lady never hurts! 


The man!

You know that I love cars that are really fast and really wide, so when I heard that Mattias Ekström had his A1 Rally cross car at Audi forum in Sthlm I had to stop by and have a look at it! Not sure how healthy it was as what I saw really inspired me to go even more nuts with the RS6 and turn it into a full on race car. I have however decided that I should make sure its usable everyday but its hard not to love everything that Mattias had made to this car!

Mattis is not only (possibly) the best driver in the world, he is also a true professional when it comes to everything around it. The way his team is set up, the way he talks to people and how he presents his whole concept is truly inspiring! Makes me realize that a lot of the stuff I do can be done much better! A true role model in terms of sponsorship treatment!

What did catch my eye the most was the rear wing, have been thinking about what I should do on the RS6 as I would like a bigger wing and this is the first unique wing solution I have seen in a while, I kind of think this could work pretty well in a smaller version on the RS6! I know its not for everyone, but it sure looked insane on this car! ;-)


Goal – 110%

When I got back home after the gym session with Gustaf last night I was dead, like not tired, but more like actually dead! I was laying down in bed and I was so tired that rolling over on my side seemed like a huge challenge! Felt about the same when I woke up this morning but now its getting a bit better!

Last night we went though a bunch of olympic lifts in order to get back to where I was before my injury in terms of weights.  Got an e mail from my surgeon a few days ago asking if I was stronger now than I was before the surgery and as I could not quite say yet I figured that I had tor really get on it! Its so easy to think you feel good and just start skiing and forgetting to keep up the rehab at 100% so the e mail was good for me to stay focused!

Went through snatches, cleans, clean and jerks, split jerks, over head squats, front squats, ring muscle ups and a bit of hand stand training! Love these lifts as there is no much to learn, makes me want to get back on it the next day even if I feel like I suck! ;-)


Active day!

Just got back to Janni place after an active start to the day! Started with an Odlo event at NK where the new collection was presented to the press by the CEO Jonas Ottosson, super stoked on the new stuff they have as well as the super new stuff that we are working on! Ran over to K 25 for a quick lunch and I usually dont talk about lunch places much in my blog, but since I am a burrito freak and they have a great ones I thought that I had to recommend this place, super fast and great food (Kungsgatan 24). And when walking back to Jannis place I stopped by HTH as its about time to update the kitchen in Spain, so I walked in and had a look at all the stuff. Will not be easy to set the design as there is a LOT to choose from but at least I got the process started! Cant wait to have a nice new kitchen down there as thats what the house is really missing right now!

Have one last interview for the day in an hour and after that I think its time for another gym session with Gustaf to keep my mind in a good place! Stoked to have productive days though!


Try to remember!

Us humans are kind of stupid sometimes, we weak up after a party night feeling like shit and say that we will never party again only to do the same thing a few days later, same goes with work outs. I thought i had figured out that I feel good when I work out at least once a day, but over the past few weeks I have kind of been sucking a bit, and the longer its been since I had a good sweat the worse I feel, but instead of remembering that i feel good when I work out I somehow forget that and stay in bed! Today I broke the trend as I got to a point where I was tired and kind bummed about pretty much everything. Then when walking home after the gym I was back on track and felt great again! Well maybe not in my arms as me and Gustaf ran a short little WOD with 100 pull-ups and 100 push ups on time (17 mins), kind of killed me after not working out much in the last few weeks, but I do feel great right now!

So note to self: Stop being a P*ssy and make sure to get out there every day! ;-)  Gustaf had a good laugh at my "gym" shoes, forgot to bring shoes up here so I was stuck with my Zanottis! haha