Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. Cliff jumping!


    So when I googled yacht week before I left here I knew that it was kind of a party week so I was a little unsure of how that would work for me with my new health life! Turns out there was a lot of other fun things you could do here as well! haha

    Dropped anchor next to these super cool cliffs yesterday so we went up and had a look, and once you have a look at a cliff you have to go for it! haha So we had a few jumps and finished off with a jump all together, I went for the misty 5 to jump further out and athe other boys through gainers! I will admit that it was sketchy as hell as the take off was super small and the landing area was very limited in between the rocks! Super fun tough to get the adrenalin going and free fall for a while! haha

    Started this morning with a 20 minute run and some HSPU when most of the other boats were serving their first drinks! So it turns out that there are many different was to do this week, I am loving my way but I can also see the other 200 people loving their craziness! haha


  2. Greece!


    So I guess that my worst case scenario was not the worst case scenario! haha  We ended up making the flight to Athens, but our bags did not!  So here we are in Greece on a boat with pretty much nothing at all. Normally I dont stress to much about lost bags, but I have never experienced that I cant reach the air line that lost it. So no one has called us, the tracking link we got does not work and we cant reach Vuerling on any of the numbers that we can find to the airline (have tried all of them in the last 24 hours). So I am getting a bit worried about they incompetence and that our bags are gone forever. Would really suck as I have all my racing equipment in there as well as everything else I need on this trip!

    Oh well, its only things so I am going to hope for the best and enjoy our time on the boat! Just amazing down here crusing around from harbor to harbor, incredible views everywhere we look! Time to go buy a t shirt and some underwear as I currently have nothing to wear!


  3. Travel life!


    Jumped out of the car here at Malaga airport all pumped with the bags packed thinking that I would be in Athens tonight, but here we are still waiting for our flight that is now more than an hour delayed. So most likely we will miss our flight from Barcelona to Athens. Best case senario after that is a flight that arrives at 4am… So not an ideal start to this trip!

    But I have learnt that when things go to shit and you cant change it, then just live with it and make the best out of it!  I did consider calling Amex and have them look into a private plane, but then I thought about all the laps I could do in a race car for that money and quickly realized that a 4am arrival time was way smarter… haha

    See you guys in Greece!  (Hopefully!)


  4. Time to go!


    Never in the past 15 years have I had such a nice summer!  Its been incredible to have proper routines and stay in one place for 7 weeks! I just love getting up at 7-7.30 every morning and getting stuff done! When you travel around its so hard to get a good work flow, work out and eat right, so I am so happy I had these weeks! But now its time to get going again!  Me and Janni are off to Athens tonight to jump on a boat with The Yacht week for a week! Probably a very different life than this but I have never been so I am really looking forward to it all! Still bringing my work mode so hopefully everyone else will be on the same mode there! hahaha (Not the best odds!) ;-)

    Then back again to finish up the Fitnessguru Roof top gym before I head home to Monaco, have my garden guys walking up and down the house with plants right now and its becoming really really nice up there! Cant wait to show you guys the finished product and invite a couple readers to come try it! (Contest coming later this fall)

    See you guys in Greece!


  5. Loving it!

    Published at Puerto banus

    As you know I have had some problems with my back on and off all summer. I have tried to be smart with training, stretch a lot, see chiropractors and get massages, but in the end I dont feel like its made a big difference. As my goal this summer was to be in better shape than ever and leave for Australia feeling 100% this has been a little frustrating!

    Then I tried Areal Yoga a week ago and I left feeling better than ever, now I just got back from session nr 2 and it was just as good! Feels like its totally made for the back issues that I have and with the hanging part it really releases all the tight parts and in combination with the stretching I am blown away by how good it feels!  So I think I will have to make sure to do this twice a week as nothing else seems to make a major difference, and the fact that you get an hour to yourself and just relax is an incredible bonus, so all in all I am kind of in love with it!

    Now I just need to find this in all the places that I travel, but if they are half as good as Eywa here in Marbella I am super happy, love that place! (sorry for the old pic but did not bring a camera today… ;-) )


  6. La Zagaleta


    When Janni asked me if I wanted to join her on her photo shoot with Homies Marbella today I figured that I would tag along just to keep her company. Then we showed up to the craziest house I have ever seen up in La Zagaleta, and ended up spending the whole afternoon by the pool there. I have seen some crazy houses but this was out of this world, felt like I was going home to my little mini mini cabin when we drove back down to Casa Camo! haha

    Never would have dreamed about being able to see places like this when I was picking blue berries to afford to go skiing, but I guess it was a smart move to bust my ass and work hard! ;-)

  7. Upcoming plans!


    Thought it was about time to let you guys what I will be up to over the next few months, lets just say that I will spend some time on airplanes! ;-)

    • 1-8th of Aug.  The Yacht Week in Greece with Janni and a few friends! Never been so cant wait to spend a week on a boat!
    • 9th of Aug. Oldo shoot in Berlin
    • 10th of Aug. Track day at Hockenheim
    • 11-21th of Aug. Marbella, finishing up the gym and set all the renovation plans for the winter
    • 22nd of Aug. Red Bull flugtag Gothenburg
    • 23-28th of Aug. Monaco and get my winter stuff together!
    • 29th of Aug-. 17th of Sept  Skiing in Australia!  Have not been on a pair of twintips there since 2000 haha. Super pumped!
    • 18th of Sept-4th of Oct. Hawali, suuuurfing!
    • 5-14th of Sept. LA, surfing and hopefully some race car driving!
    • 15-17th of Sept. Hockenhem Audi TT race!
    • 18-28th of Sept. Monaco!

    Sounds like enough stuff to do? haha Crazy but so much fun stuff to look forward to! Skiing, surfing and driving, just a dream come true to plan such a trip!


  8. Car thoughts!


    A couple of months ago after Gumball I was all set with my car plans. I wanted something crazy fast that was road legal. Now after a bunch of track time, I am not so sure about my plans anymore. When you have driven a real race car like the Radical all road cars seem pretty slow on a track compared to that, even the Rebellion. (much slower gearbox and far from as well tuned for the track and not set up for slicks. Going fast in a straight line is fun, but I think I have come to the conclusion that its more fun to be fast in the corners.

    So instead of looking at crazy HP numbers for my next car I am more and more shifting my focus towards suspension, cages and brakes (and of course an insane body). The ideal solution would be to have a GT3 car that I could just hammer down lap after lap on the track with and then drive home!  What do you guys think, full race car (still street legal) or high way monster?

    EDIT: The reason that I want to take a street car and modify it (not buy a Radical) is because I dont think any fast race car is built to just show up and drive. I feel that anything that is built strictly for the track it will require quite a few hours from a mechanic. With a street based car that is tuned in the right way, I think you could drive a lot more with less head ace! Talking to Stertman about solutions right now to see how wild I could go and still have an reliable car… ;-)

    I do kind of love the all in factor of this 9ff, maybe not the full design, but the idea to really go all in and take a kick ass road car and turn it into a race machine with carbon door-sides, metal floor etc etc! ;-)

  9. Time out!


    There are good days and there are great days! Lately I have been fortunate enough to have a lot of the great ones! Together with a few friends we rented a boat yesterday and spent the day on the sea, swimming, playing around on the jet ski (Jannis dad jumping and going nuts haha) and just had an amazing day!

    Cruising back in we went past Ocean club where they had a champage spray Sunday, in the past I would have probably been there and partied my ass off. The crazy thing is that a sun bed in there on one of these Sundays would have probably set me back more than a day on this boat did. Crazy to think it took me 32 years to figure out that there are a lot of smarter things to spend money on than on clubs! haha  Oh well, you live and you learn!

    I think you have noticed latetly that I have been very positive. I have never felt as good as I do right now! With not a single hangover (or drink) in 7 weeks I have worked more than ever, worked out more than ever, but at the same time I have never had as much fun as I have had over the summer!

    But when you do things like yesterday you have to make sure to work just as hard, so will look myself in a dark room today and really get down to business and make things happen!  Work hard, play hard! ;-)


  10. Change of plans!


    Our plan for today day was a little boat trip, but once we got down to the port in the morning and met the captain he quickly explained that it was to windy to have a pleasant day on the sea. So that was a bit sad but luckily we had some friends over at Ocean club so we just walked over there and spent the day there!

    Still on the non alco program and I am loving it more and more, had a killer day down there just like always, but walked away with just a few bottles of water on the bill and drove the car home. No real plan for how long I will kept this going, but the way I feel now I cant see myself ever drinking again. Will be interesting to see if this mentality stays or if “party Jon” comes back! haha

    Watching Cross fit games live in the couch right now, so cool to see what these guys can handle! Super motivational for the upcoming sessions! Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!