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Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
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See you later Bali!

I think I can honestly say that this has been the best vacation of my life! We have stayed at amazing places, had amazing food, hung out with great friends and had a ton of fun in the water, I dont think we could have asked for anything more! Most importantly I have been able to combine this with quite a bit of work so I have managed to stay super relaxed and not feel to bad about 10 days relaxed days on an island! 

Right now its flying time so I guess I will be back with a blog in Bangkok or when we land in Europe. Have a good 24 hour trip ahead of us so me and Janni got up early and took the bikes down to the water this morning to soak in the memories and make them last until next time we get back here!


Last dinner

I dont think we could have found a better way to spend our last night here in Bali! Me and Janni had an incredible dinner on the beach in the sun set, it might look like there was some ring involvement but we are holding off on that one for a while longer! haha Super thanks to Ametis helping me set this up! (If you ever do plan to put a ring on someones finger I think this would work really well! ;-) )

Hopefully one last surf session before we head over to the airport tomorrow, have been loving the chill longboard sessions here in Canggu! 

Also thanks to Mr Wester for putting up with two bloggers who needs pictures all the time! haha


Breakfast surf

I am very glad that I am off to go skiing in Stubai when I get back to Europe, if not I would be a little depressed having to leave this place tomorrow! Had a killer breakfast at home, worked on some DB colors for next year for an hour and then we walked down to the beach for a little surf session! Canggu is great for beginners so I coached Fabian in the water for an hour and got him standing up a few times! Unfortunately Janni is still a little under the weather but hopefully she should be ok for a little surf this afternoon, I kind of like coaching when its not epic surf, I just wish I was a little better at it, but practice makes perfect! ;-)


New night- New home

I feel like we are on a lodging review trip here in Bali, but when you stay at places like this its hard not to bring out the camera and write a few lines about them!

So we started at Chandra villas and moved over to W after a few nights, both incredible but in two totally different ways! Today we moved into the Ametis Villas which is located a couple 100 meters from the beach in Canggu which is a great surf spot. Just like the two previous places you can see that its just insane here, its like an modern Bali architectual exebition every day! I will leave this island with a million ideas for my house in Spain, I want it to have the exact same feeling as these places!

So if you like to be close to the surf (both beginner and expert) and stay like a king in a huge villa with a private pool at the same cost as a nice hotel room in a European city, than this is the place for you! Had a chill romantic day in the pool today as Janni was not feeling 100% . Right now we are off to dinner, menu looked amazing so I dont think we will go to bed hungry! Never want to leave this place!


Mental pratice

Its now been exactly 8 months since I had my ACL surgery. Before I broke my knee I thought that the rehab period was about 6 months as that was what I had heard, but I later learned that with an ACL patella graft you can usually take your first ski turns after that time, but a full recovery does take some more time. My physio has been super positive and said that my rehab has been great but its still taken me 8 months to get to where I am now. I feel like I am totally fine to ski and cruise around, but I feel like I still have some time before I can take a flat landing on a big jump after overshooting or coming up short.

The biggest part that I have left is to mentally feel like I am 100% and never doubt my knee, after an 8 months rehab period I think it will take some time to erase the doubts in my head.  I do think that a surf trip is the best thing i could have done as when you have a wave coming up behind you its very easy to forget that you are coming out of rehab and just act like on normal instinct, and the more times you do something without thinking of your knee, the closer you will be to a full recovery. In a machine you can get strong but muscles are not worth anything if your head is not ready.

So far I have had zero problems with my knee and I have never once thought about it in the water so that gets me very pumped up to go skiing when I get back to Europe!  But first I am going to try to get some more waves and repetition in my head! 



I think I have been to Bali 10 times now, last time was however back in 2007 or 2008 and I have to say that a lot has chained since then. Its still an incredible place and while I dont love that more surfers has found their way to the island it has brought some good things as well. Back in the day I used to surf Balangan all the time as it was usually very empty, I would always have my own board and drag it around everywhere. With the expansion of tourism around the island you can now find great board rentals everywhere and if you rent a board you even have your own photographer on the beach hooking you up with a few shots when you get back in. Today the waves was tiny so thanks to the rental service I could just pick a long board, something that would have been far from possible 10 years ago, so today it the change was good!

Me and Bakke had a super fun day in the water playing around, I never use longboards so it takes a while to get used to, but when you get the hang out it its super fun! Bakke even challenged himself with a feet manover while trying to jump out of the leach that was caught around his foot, have have to give him credit for riding this own out after having chilled on one leg like this! ;-)



Good morning!  I just got back from breakfast by the sea here at W and since we are on a "photo camp" here I had to show you what the morning looked like! As I said I have gotten really addicted to photography as I get to see what Bakke and Wester can do with their cameras every day, and since I hate when people can do things I can't, so i am really trying to soak up as much as I can from them! 

Off to Balangan in 15 mins, so hopefully we will get som good surf today! ;-)


Bali belly

You know those nights when you feel like you spend more time in the bathroom than in the bed, I had one of those last night!  Think I had a bad piece of meat at The Hanging gardens (ironically the most expensive (and worst) meal we have had down here) and about 6 hour later I started feeling bad and had a true horror night after that… So today has been a slow day, moved over to the W hotel to check that out for a few days and when I saw the pool area I ran straight down to the sun loungers where I fell asleep for an hour, woke up and had a killer Wagu beef burger after which I felt great again!

Right now I am laying here listening to the waves crashing outside. Just like Chandra this place is amazing and I love all the sick architecture they have here in Bali so getting to see all these places is super inspirational!  Have Balangan planned for tomorrow as well as I can't get enough of that place, lets just hope I get to sleep better tonight!


Monkeys and Rice

Today I am just going to let the pics speak, had an amazing day over in Ubud where we hung out with the monkeys (who are true criminals by the way! haha), had lunch at the Hanging Gardens and finished off with the incredible rice terrace!  Just an incredibly scenic and fun day!


Chandra villas

Good morning!  Slept like a baby last night so woke up super rested today! Decided to skip the morning surf today to get some work done, but its not easy to choose excel sheets over surfing! haha

We are off to Ubud to hang with monkies today but before we leave I thought I would show you a few more pics of Chandra Villas where we have been staying for the past few days. I have stayed at a few incredible hotels over the years, but this place is something else with a private chef, pool, lounge area, 3 big bed rooms (with open air showers) and incredible staff located about 5mins by foot from the beach. I would have guessed that this place costs a fortune but the whole villa (sleeping 6) is almost the same as a really nice double room in central Stockholm, so if you have Bali plans, make sure to check this out, its worth every penny!  (as you can see on Bakke and Westers pics!) ;-)