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Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Photos from Copygram


5 years ago!

I think one of the best things about having a blog is that you can look back and see what you did a few years ago! Looked though my archives this morning and found these old pics from about 5 years ago when we stopped by the Maldives for some surfing on the way back to Europe from New Zeeland! Over the past few years the ski racing have been taking a lot of time so have not had time to surf at all, but seeing this makes me want to be smarter with my time so i can back in the water! 

Off to Monaco in an hour with Janni, has been a great few days in Sthlm with fantastic weather which is nice as I spend less and less time in Sweden, so I guess we were super lucky to have this kind of weather when I did stayed for a few days! ;-)


Last night

When I sat down to look though the pictures from last night I realized that both me and Janni had been incredibly bad at taking pics all night long! (No pocket camera) :-( So now its tome to get after it! haha

Was a fun night to see the awards and hang out with all the ladies, Janni did not win anything this time but I am still proud of her! Having lunch with my brother today which does not happen to often so I am stoked to se him, and then its cleaning time as we head back to Monaco tomorrow!



So knee test nr two is now made after almost 7 months and I am getting there! Hamstring is 100% like last time but in some parts I have made some serious progress. In the exentric quad tests I went from 69% to 87% which is great, but I had made less progress in the regular quad tests, not sure why but I have been pushing it pretty hard the last few weeks so I was a little sore when starting to push from 90 degrees (where on the eccentric you hold against from straight to bent knee), so hopefully I can improve that as well for the next test.  All numbers where up about 10% since last time so it seems like I have been doing my homework!

Feels great to do these test and get clear results to where I am and what I need to work on! getting very close to being ski ready and even if I could ski right now I think its smarter to focus on this and get back to skis when I am 100%! Right now I have to suit up and go pick up janni for tonights event so I have to run! 

Later slater! 

Camera testing

I know I asked for advice on a pocket camera, (super thanks to all the advices!) but instead I happened to get my hands on a small full format one. Not what I was initially looking for but it will be fantastic to compare this one to the normal full size full format cameras. Had a long chat with Bakke about this camera and he says he loves it but thought I should also have a look at the new Sony A7S that is launching now which is supposed to kill both in pics and video in low light!

Either way, my first impression of this one is fantastic, I feel like I get the same qual as the big cameras but in a much smaller package, sure I could have a couple more lenses, but its great to just get a feel for it before I make up my mind!  Will do a bigger review as soon as I have tried it a bit more!  But stoked to get a medium size option!

Knee test at 13.00 today so I am pumping myself up with a few e mails and a Red Bull! haha After that I am escorting Janni to the Vecko Revyn blog awards, so really hope you guys gave her a vote so she wins something, I know my lady is a very competitive one and if she does not win I am stuck with a angry girl so keeping my fingers crossed! ;-)


Red Bull Tuesday!

Now that was a long but great day! Met up with a big part of the Swedish Red Bull team at Hotel Clara at 9 am. Started off with the history of Red Bull for an hour, so cool to see what has happened every years since the started the company! Moved on to Red Bull marketing for a couple hours and finished off with a Social media clinic for the last few hours. We then moved on to an hour of rib boat cruising around the archipelago and finished off with drinks and dinner at Papas!

Was super fun to have a full day with the team, both to improve our marketing skills but most importantly to meet everyone on the team, normally we see each other for an hour or so here and there, but spending a full day with everyone was super fun! Got back home at 11pm after quite a few drinks only to be met by a text from my manager asking if I could join him for a few meetings at 8am. So needless to say I was a little tired this morning but its been a good morning so totally worth it! ;-)

Knee test tomorrow so I am going to ride the bike a bunch today so I am prepared to improve my results from my last test! 68% on my broken knee last time (on the quad muscle), so lets hope that its closer to 80% now! (physio hoped for 75% but I always want to aims higher)


Pictures and cameras!

Today I came to the conclusion that I need to invest in a new pocket camera. I really enjoy blogging but when you sit down without pictures (or iphone pics) it kind of sucks. When I no longer had Bakke with me I got myself a new full format camera and when I am skiing it works great as its easy to throw it in the back pack, but now that I am running around town its way harder to bring it with me. 

Today I did however bring the big boy with me when me and Janni walked over to the super market to get dinner. We have borrowed Jannis dads house as he is in Spain, so its great to have this opportunity and get out of Jannis small apartment! Flew up here first of all to check out MSI, but since Janni has the Veckorevyn Blog awards on Thursday I decided to stay around and support her before we fly home to Monaco. But when the weather is like today its not so bad to spend a few extra days up here! ;-)

So any advice on mini cameras to get? I need one now, I hate when my blog is lacking in pictures!



Sleeping man

I dont know what has happened tp me but this week end I have been sleeping a good 10-12 hours a night!  Normally I wake up rested after 8 but for some reason I have been able to sleep a ton, no idea why but I guess my body feels like it needs it!

Last night I followed the Swedish elections for the first time, have always been skiing somewhere and not followed it in the past. I am sad to see how ignorant  a big part of the Swedish population are and I can't believe that so many people can't see how well Sweden has handled the last few years compared to most other nations. I think when you dont live in Sweden you look at all of this fairly different and its interesting to read the international thoughts on how this election went down. All I know is that racism is unacceptable and I think that hard work should pay off, with the new government thats not going to be the case. I think that is sad!

Not normal for me to comment on anything political in this blog but I just had to get a little though in there as that is all I have been looking at for the last few hours! Still in bed next to Janni working on e mails but now its time to get up and prepare a presentation on social media that I am hosting with the Swedish Red Bull athletes tomorrow. I know what I am doing but its been interesting to read up on things a bit more and learn even more about how to do well in social media!

The last episode of Warners Thubball is now online as well and I have to say that I am impressed with Warner for making it halfway across the states for less than 100 USD! Now that is something i should try to get better at! ;-)


MSI Madness

There we go, back again after a little Saturday break from the blog! Went out a little on Friday night, had planned for a short dinner but somehow that turned into a bit of a party when Crill arrived! Then straight off to MSI in Uppslaa yesterday morning!  Was fantastic to see all the guys throw down in real life. It look impressive on video, but its so much cooler In real life!  I just can't believe that they do what they do with a landning thats made of wood!

Just picked up Janni at the airport so right now we are going to cook a mean Sunday dinner and watch a movie! So I will see you guys tomorrow!


Huracan review

I know I said that we were going to do a video on the Huracan, but we never got the timing right to do it, so I figured that I would at least share my thoughts on this car!


  • My first impression was not great to be honest. I do like the over all look of it, but I think it really needs a set of black wheels and black windows and a proper lowering kit to look they way I think a Lambo should.
  • When I sat down I was really bummed that they did not change the seat set up from the Gallardo, whick always had a pretty bad space for your head if you are more than 175 long. I am 180 and I had to slide down a bit in the seat in order for my hair not to touch the roof. A clear minus in my book.
  • I am still unsure of the blinker on the strewing wheel. When you need to over take. When you turn the steering wheel, the paddle shifters stay in place, so that means that since you have to keep your hands on the wheel to reach the blinker its far from the gear shifter. So either you skip the down shift or the blinker if you want things to feel smith and nice. Maybe this is a matter of getting used to, but I did not like this system on the Ferrari FF either. I guess I just like it old school when I drive hard or I just dont have the coordination to do more than two thing at once! haha
  • Acceleration wise in a straight line it feel much slower than the Mclaren and does not offer the same "tummy tickling" experience.
  • At first try the car feels to automatic and boring to drive


  • Love the down shifts as it gives a great after banging noice. (that nice rapid fire banging) Very rare to see this on stock cars.
  • Its just as easy as an Audi A3 to drive in traffic so you can let your girl friend drive it any day!
  • Interior wise its a big step up from the Gallardo and its al super nicely done, (besides the seats)
  • After a few days and some seriously hard driving I did however change my mind about this being a boring automatic feeling car. This car is one of the easiest cars I have driven when it comes to pushing a car to its limits without being scared. I would lever drive the Aventador or the Mclaren like I drove this after only a couple of hours in it. Its mega easy to feel what its doing, the breaks are fantastic and its honestly AMAZING to drive. Possibly the best road car I have driven. So I am happy that I had a chance to drive it for more than a day as it really change my mind, I do think that it would be even better with another 100hp after having been back and forth in this and the Aventador! But I guess you get what you pay for. ;-)

Cant wait for the Super Leggera version of this to come out, hopeful it will look more extreme and have a few extra horse power! 



Join me on Saturday

As I told you I am heading north to check out the Martin Söderström Invitational in Uppsala on Saturday and it turns out that Red Bull is sending a shuttle van from central Sthlm to the event so I got them to agree that i could use the seats on the way there and bring 6 blog readers with me! So if you want to join me on Saturday to Uppsala, just give me a short comment of why you should be invited and I will pic 6 winners! Will be pick up at RB office at Odenplan at 13.00, full VIP in Uppsala and we will be back in Sthlm at around 20.00.

Personally i can't wait to see the event as they guys are a bit crazy in the head! (and I love crazy people) So who wants to come with me? :-)