Born in Mora, Professional Skier and alpine ski racer.
Jon Olsson
  1. San Fran – LA


    Another day and another drive! Jumped on the “tram busses” they have in San Fran that took us over to the grid. Looked over all the cars I cleaned and they where by far the nicest cars on the grid! haha  So I felt good!

    In the past I have been all about getting to places fast and making mega quick pit stops, but I think my “self improvement work” with stressing less is really paying off!  Yesterday I rolled with a big group and had nice long stops all day long. Not what I am used to but I had so much fun!  Have been rolling with Team Galag all week and yesterday we we joined by another old school Camaro and a couple Mclarens!

    Only downside of yesterday was the heat, had a hard time keeping the water temps in check so mid day we had to run the fan on full heat in order to help the engine temp, so its safe to say that it was hot in the car! haha Luckily the owner of the Camaro is LA based so he managed to have a look at it yesterday and it seems like it could be as easy as just a broken gauge and nothing wrong with the engine temp! Have a heat gun with me to check the engine incase the gauge goes up again so hopefully that will be able to tell us what going on. Jonathan who owns the car did take it out last night and drove it as hard as a car can be driven and did not have any problems so I think we have a good 50/50 chance of making it to Vegas! haha

    So lets hope that we have the luck on our side and make it all the way!  Cant wait to wake up tomorrow and not have to drive all day!  Can truly feel that the lack of sleep is taking its toll on me! ;-)



  2. Self tourture


    When you think of Gumball you think of a cool week with nice cars and tons of parties! The reality is however a little different! haha

    Two days ago we spent 16 hours in the car. Yesterday we flew (on the the craziest flight I have ever been on, with a huge party in the speakers and a million people running around) for 14 hours and finished the off with 5 hours in the car. To top things of I spun the wheels at the grid in San Fran and managed to put a dust layer on the cars that had arrived. Since I like to fix things if I have been a bit of an idiot I spent the next 3.5 hours washing the cars which was not that easy as we had to carry the water there in huge buckets (80kg)…  So it was safe to say that I was pretty tired when I went to bed last night haha!

    Got a couple hours of sleep and in 30 mins we are back in the car (our awesome 67 Camaro!) again to drive south towards LA. Crazy crazy week with absolutely no sleep but as you know I kind of love this stuff so on we go!


  3. Gumball living!


    Yesterday turned out to be a VERY long day! Spent over 15 hours in the car as we first had to take the ferry to puttgarden, then drive in convoys across Germany below legal speed, and then we got stuck in traffic for hours so we had a little Autobahn party… haha

    Finally passed the boarder to Holland and got a little to excited so 10 minutes later we were hanging out with a few very nice police officers at the side of the road! They mostly wanted to check out our cars but the judge wanted a bit more so we got a pretty hefty fine, but all papers still in our hands so besides the fine we are all good! Even got asked to accelerate hard out of the parking lot so the ploice could hear the engines! ;-)

    Got settled at the hotel room at about 1.30, slept for a few hours and now its time to head over to the Airport and fly over to the US!  Sooo excited for the upcoming legs, so far Gumball has been amazing this year!


  4. Epic Sony deal!


    As I am driving right now I scheduled this post!  As you know I work with Sony on all sorts of equipment and right now I have a mega deal to offer you guys!

    If you prebook the new Sony phone now you will get a Sony Actioncam for free with it!  I know that I am sick of phones dying from short battery time so I can truly recommend Sonys new phone it kills on battery time and is waterproof, so when you get an Actioncam for free with it, its kind of a no brainer to get this deal if you are looking to get a new phone! ;-)

    Check out all the info HERE and good luck with it! See you guys in Amsterdam!


  5. Gumball day 2


    Todays big mystery is how people have the energy to go out during Gumball? haha  I went to bed at 10 PM yesterday and I am still dead! Might have somthing to do with the fact that I have a super cold and feel like shit because of that, but I am still impressed by the troopers that can handle this kind of living! haha

    Super fun day on the roads with Helis in the air filming, a stop at Koenigsegg where I got to start up the ONE with Christian and the highlight was for sure going over the bridge with 15 cars and the help filming, cant wait to see the shots!

    Doing Gumball a bit different this year (well atleast yesterday) stopped at Kegg for almost 2 hours and had lunch, waited for cars that had to stay and fuel up. Kind of fun to be in a group which has not been the case for the last few years when all I want to do is get to my destination asap! haha  I guess the mix is what maxes it fun!  Off to Amsterday in 30 minutes so have to run!  See you guys soon!



  6. Recap chaos week!


    I know I might seemed stressed for no real reason, but sometimes I choose not to share 100% of whats going on as I want to see how things work out first.

    Last week was one of those times. On the way from Marbella to Monaco I blew the engine of the Rebellion, so that gave me 5 days to find a new engine, install it and have someone drive the car up to Sthlm.  48 hours before the Gumball start I had a new engine and Mass began his journey towards Sthlm in the car, turns out he had to hang with the German police for 6 hours on the way up, so not only did he drive Monaco-Stockholm (2780km) not stop alone in the rain in a race car, he also had to stop for 6 hours in the middle… One of the craziest drives I have even heard of but Mass is a trooper!

    So back in business again after a week of super stress! All I had left was to head to the garage in Sthlm and check a fan that was sounding bad. After many hours of testing and (overheating in Sthlm center) with smoke coming out of the back we finally thought we had solved it at 1 am (the morning of the start) but it turnes out that the car could not handle city driving and over heating again so we had to leave it behind.

    So right now my throat is dead and I can barely talk as I have not been able to sleep that well with everything going on!

    Was fantastic to sit down in the car and drive over to Oslo, had a super nice mellow drive and good nights sleep so feel a little better (still awefull though! haha)  Soon tome to get back in the car and drive down to Copenhagen!  So no time to rest! haha

    Hope that gives a little explanation for my lack of posts over the past few days… ;-) Make sure to follow me on Snapchat for hourly updates: Jonolsson1


  7. Finally!


    I have been a little stressed this week for a couple things I have not mentioned on here, but 5am this morning it all worked out!  So I am sorry for being a little short on here the past few days, but I had my good reasons… Will give you a full run down on what has happened tonight or tomorrow morning, but right now I have to run for Gumball registration and team a Betsafe photoshoot!

    Spent the day yesterday fixing my new tires and wrapping our film car. I get a ton of questions of what tires I run, they are regular Michelin Pilot Super Sport with Tredwear logos glued to them. Took me ages to find a good solution with design on the tires, but this works fantastic and only takes 2 hours to apply. Only down side is that you get super glue on all your fingers if you are clumsy like me! haha


  8. Rested!

    Published at Stockholm

    Now that was a great nights sleep!  Managed to bang out 11 hours so now I feel like a new person!

    So one of the things we did yesterday was a presentation at Sthlm Media Week. Me and Janni was brought in as examples of personal brands and how we work with social media. Normally I dont like to be on stage but when it comes to topics like this I like it a lot as I enjoy the subject. Its not easy to build a personal brand and I would not say I have a strategy for it, but I do analyze everything I do and the reactions I think I will get from it. I would say that the key is to have a strong base for what you do (for me skiing) and then add things around it that makes it interesting to follow a person. (for me Gumball, Cars, Travellifestyle, Camoflage houses and cars, Monaco, JOI, TV shows, Videoblogs etc). But its all different from person to person and everyone has to create their own identity through the things they do.

    Right now its time to head over to Östra Gummi and put some new tires on my car and then its Gumball media time so I better get my media face on and try to crush this day! ;-)


  9. Travel team!

    Published at Monaco

    There are 3 ways to get from Monaco to Nice Airport. Bus 12€, Taxi 95€ or Heli transfer 150€. Yesterday we had planned to be financially smart and take the bus, but after 30 mins by the bus stop I decided to call a taxi as the bus never show up. Turned out there was a massive accident on the highway to Nice, so that left us with one option to get to the airport… ;-)

    Made it to Sthlm late last night and today has been crazy, did not even have time for lunch so the baguette I had in the bag from Nice Airport was the only thing I had time to put in my belly! haha

    So right now I am going to take a couple of hours and rest as I am sure that tomorrow will be about the same! Gumball is fun, but doing it right takes a LOT of work!


  10. Everything in order!

    Published at Monaco

    And finally I think we have things under control, will land late tonight in Stockholm for a presentation at Sthlm Media week tomorrow and then its all Gumball prep, have to get my radio and film set up all dialed in time for the start so I dont have to focus on that when the flag drops!

    Just got a new F stop ICU for my Douchebag Hugger 35. For the past year I have collected more and more camera stuff so I thought it was time to step up my level a bit and not have all the gear just falling around in the bag! Fits perfect, so now my stuff is all dialed!

    Sucks leaving home, but its been nice to spend a some time here and just sleep in my own bed, but now its back to “change bed every night” mode and full speed! ;-) Gumball here we come!