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Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Photos from Copygram


Team snow on the golf course!

It seems that golf has become a very popular sport in the world of action sports, in the past a few guys played golf in NZ when we were there for the pre season training but now I feel like everyone is picking up this little sport!

Right now I have Gjermund Braaten and Crill staying with me down in Marbella and their golf stoke is impressive! Teed off at 8.15 this morning and had an amazing morning round at Los Naranjos! Its kind of crazy that we play the same course every day down here and not get sick of it, but the laid back attitude and great staff just makes it feel like a golf course should do. I like to play and have fun with friends, not get told off by a marshal that my shirt is hanging out to much… So if you like to have fun and play a relaxed round of golf, LN is the place to play down here!

Played off white tee today and had a few good holes which was nice as last time I played I wanted to kill myself as I sucked super bad! Its kind of insane how up and down golf can be, one stroke you kill it and the next you can't hit the ball. Imagine if it was the same in skiing, one day you do a nice double 10 and the next day you fall off the lift 3 times in a row… haha ;-)


RS6 delivery truck!

I am the kind of guy that if I want something I want it right away! So when the furniture store told me they did not have any delivery times yesterday I put the good old RS6 to use! Turns out its not only the loudest car in Marbella, it can also trasport 2 tables, a golf bag and a bed without a problem! haha

The store owners thought we were some of the strangest customers that had come through the store, but they did have a big smile on their face when we drove off! As you can see on the pics mr Crill and his GF Isabelle is down here visiting so we are having a great time in the sun! As rent for their stay Crill has promised to give us a little video blog on the golf course so stay tuned for that!  Time for me to get back to my driveway construction, it seems like its getting bigger every day! haha Cant wait for it to be finished! 


Productive in the summer?

The best part about my job is that I can be anywhere in the world and get the job done as I am not tied up to an office in one place. I love it and its fantastic to have this kind of freedom. The only downside to this is that I am never ever 100% off work. Sure I might take a few days away from the computer but as soon as I do that I feel like I am sucking. So finding a balance between work and summer is something I struggle with every single day.

Now that we have internet I know that I feel so much better when I start the day with a few hours on the computer and then chill on the afternoon. I think the key is to get up early every single day, work out, work and then play around in the afternoon! That way I think I can enjoy my free time a lot more even if it means that my alarm will be set for 7am all summer long!

Started the morning with a hike around the hills, found a new trail that took me and the girls (Janni, Hannah and Isabelle) 75 minutes to walk. Super epic views and with the small trails it kind of felt like we were hiking in the hills around LA! Later on it also took us on a few desserted roads that seems to have been build for a huge new establishment that has been put on hold a bunch of years ago, but whenever they start it up again I think its going to be a killer area as its super close to Puerto Banos but with an insane view!


Surf and Turf

I will admit that its a bit easier to blog when you spend the day at a beautiful place like Nikki beach then when you work on your driveway and take pictures of broken concrete! ;-) Spent yesterday at Nikki with a bunch of friends and had an amazing lunch! If you ever go, make sure to take the surf and turf, its the best lunch I have had down here(and not as expensive as I would have thought)! Think we left at 8 and went back to my place and had a few drinks until 1am. So I am a little tired today but thanks to a great indian meal at midnight and a lot of water I feel pretty good!

So I think I am going to head down to Los Naranjos for a golf round, have been playing with Alex Noren for the past few days and learnt a ton so I think I have my golf stoked back again! Its just incredible what small little tips from world class players can do! I just have to make sure to get Alex down here again soon so I can get some more tips! haha


Online finally!

Well thats sure took us a while! Its funny once you get used to Internet at modern places you are so used to good connections that you take it for granted. Here in Marbella they have just discovered fiber but its only in the very center of Marbella. Where I live the normal lines are full (net enough lins for all the houses) so I can't get a normal ADSL line. So first we went for satellite internet but that was crazy expensive and seemed to not be worth it. We then looked at a similar solution but cheaper but they never called me back. So the only option we were left with was a 4G connection.

So we are back online but I am guessing that the Apple TV we bought will not be used much as I doubt the speed will be good enough! But who cares, at least now I can read the news, answer to e mails and get this old blog up to speed!

The good thing about our internet dip is that I had plenty of time to work on house plans. Ended up tearing the whole drive way down to make it wider, move the gate and put a new concrete surface on the whole thing. Building cars is fun, but I think rebuilding houses is my new favorite hobby as you are not throwing your money away with all the updates that you do! Cant wait for the driveway to be finished, I have a really hard time to enjoy this house once I have my eyes set on a new update! 

Think we might head over to Nikki for lunch today, but first some rehab and upper body! ;-)


La Zagaleta

Down here in Marbella there are a lot of exclusive areas, but there is one place that beats them all, La Zagaleta. Its a fully gated community of 150 villas about 15-20 minutes from Puerto Banos, I had never been in before, I have however seen the mega villas from the golf course so I have always wondered what its like up there. Today I got to go as a friend was looking at a place up there. So we drove around and checked out some of the most insane houses I have ever seen. I mean it was like in a movie set, it was just out of this world!

A little out of my price range as its the most expensive area in Europe, but one day I am going to get myself a villa up there as I can't think of a better view to wake up to! A nice little push on the motivation to work even harder even if I am hungover on a Saturday! ;-)


Golf and Internet

As you know I have been working on getting a good internet connection in my house here in Marbella for a while now, but it seems like its easier said than done. I have done my research, decided on a few different options but every time I decide on something and give them the go ahead, I wait for them to call me back for an appointment to install the system they all seem to disappear… I have now made one last attempt to book an appointment on Friday so lets hope they show up this time! Its getting a little togh to stay up to date in the world and blog when you have to jump in the car and drive to get connected!

The godo thing about the lack of internet is that I have had some time to get back on the golf course! Played a morning round at Los Naranjos and I have to say that its hard to think of anything that could beat an early morning round with a few friends! Golf wise I kind of sucked, but we had a tight match that was settled on the last green so that kept the game alive the whole way! Playing solid at 16 in hcp now, but I need to get under 10, that would make me feel a lot better! haha

Dinner at the house tonight and more golf tomorrow, getting the urge back to get good at hitting the ball!


Fantastic Saturday!

The days down here are usually really nice, but yesterday was a little better than average!

Started out with 18 holes at Los Naranjos, managed to scrap up 36 points (at 16 in hcp) so I got 4th at the Naga golf tournament. Not expected since I have only played 9 holes in the last 6 months, but I guess that when you dont think to much its a lot easier to play! Had planned to be in Oslo for PK Hunders golf tournament this week end, but as I was unsure of how my knee was doing I ended up not going, but when yesterdays game worked as well as it did I wish I would have gone! Next year I am coming for you PK!

After that we spent the afternoon at Ocean club, I have not been able to decide if I like OC or Nikki better but yesterday the place was packed and the wibe was great so right now OC us ahead of Nikki in my book! ;-) Left around 8, treated myself with a great massage and got home in time for the bronze match!

Today its a bit grey down here so I think we will have a movie day and chill inside, still a little tired from our all night Båstad trip so I think a chill Sunday is just what we need so we are fully rested for a new week!


14 hours

Now that was a pretty hectic 14 hours! haha For some reason I end up setting these crazy schedules, I really dont know why but I always find myself in plans like this. I think part of me needs to set it to get my schedule together but I also think that part of me really likes to set plans like this! Wrote a bunch of comments below the pics so check it out while I take a little nap! ;-)

Family picture in Mora at 16.00

Janni took the wheel for a while at 17.00 as I thought it was smart to rest for a while. Think Gumball has treated her well, she is really a great driver!

I now know that the Q7 3.0 disel is the best car in the world. It might not have the exhaust sound like the other cars I have, but when it comes to covering distance its incredible!

The police keeping the roads safe into Stockholm at 19.00

A quick shower and back in the car at 20.00

Tired of being tired? Yes!  Give me two please! 20.30

Boarding flight nr 1 from Sthlm to Ängelholm at 21.00

Scenary at 22.00

Arriving at Gumball party at 23.00

Peppes Bodega at 00.00

Me and the plateau that cut my arm open two years ago… (Sharp edge on the right side of the pic) 01.00

Peppes in full speed 02.00

Departure to Copenhagen at 03.00

Tunnel to Denmark at 04.00

Flight nr 2 to Malaga at 06.30 with Team Deler! And after this I think I passed out and my photo plan to take a pic ever hour today died! haha.

Great trip to Sweden but its fantastic to be back in Spain again! Trying out my golf swing tomorrow and then lunch at Ocean club with friends, but first A LOT of sleep! ;-)


Childhood memories

As much as I love to travel and I feel quite at home in hotel rooms, there is nothing like waking up in the bed a grew up in at my parents place in Mora! Got in late last night, had a nice little walk down to the beach in the sun set and I have to say that its fantastic to be back ”home” for a day. Walking by the hills that I thought was huge when I was a kid and we rode snow racers down, only to see that the "moster hill"l I remember was only 3 meter high, seeing all the wood that me and Hans used to bring into the house to heat it with, the lawn on the backside where we used to have an ice-skating rink sure brings back a million great memories from my childhood!

Have grandmoms funeral at lunch today, then back to Sthlm at 4pm, flight to Ängelholm at 9pm, drive to Båstad at 10pm, party in Båstad at 11pm, taxi to Copenhagen at 4am and a flight back to Malaga at 6am. So its going to be a long day, but after the great sleep last night I am sure it will be fine!
I also spent two hours with my physio yesterday and I have to say that I have been a bit nervous the past few weeks as I have not seen her in 7 weeks due to all my travels to Dubai, Monaco and Gumball. I have tried to do my best, but there is always weeks where things dont feel great and you start to wonder if everything is ok. 
So when she grabbed my leg and did "the ACL test" my heart almost stopped, only to kick start hard again when she said its all looking great! Once we established that we went through a bunch of new stuff and tested things I never thought I would be able to do at this point. I even did 4 full depth pistal squats on a balance plate (one legged squat) which I never would have dreamed that I could do right now! So the little grey cloud I have felt hovering above me because of the uncertainty is now gone and I feel like a million bucks!  Rehab is easy, but the mental game has been way tougher for me, but I think its starting to turn now that I know that me ACL is stabile and I can handle everything I should and a bit more! ;-)