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Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Photos from Copygram


Knee update

Since its been a while since I update my knee status I thought it was about time to do so now!

Spent the first few hours of the day with the physio and I asked Maria to tell me what I should tell you guys when it comes to my status. Her answer was: It looks realy really good and you should be stoked! So it seems that I am ahead of the curve which makes me very very happy! Will go through a regular rehab session when I get down to Monaco to show you what I am able to do and what I am working on, but over all I can only say that I have actually been really really light on the rehab. I have however moved around a lot but the nr 1 priority has always been to make sure I don't push it to hard which seems to be a great strategy so far!

After that I went over to a production meeting that ended up lasting 7 hours, so I now feel like I know what to do over the next few weeks as well as the coming months, lots of exciting stuff!

My plan to fly down to Monaco was just thrown out the window, I am now booked on a flight to Zurich at 8am tomorrow morning for some meetings, but after that I will make it down there and shut of my cell phone and computer so that I can avoid any more unexpected meetings for the next 10 days! ;-)


Best in show award!

Ever since I started getting into cars I have always had my eye on the big car shows in Sweden and its always been interesting to see all the new crazy builds out there. So when I got a text an hour ago that the Rebellion had just won the best in show award on the Elmia car show I was super stoked!  Its allwas been a bit of a dream for me, so to be able to add that to my collection of trophies feels amazing! It would however never had happened without Leif Tufvesson who has done an incredible job building the car as well as Bilcity for bringing the car there and making the show appearance happen!  So thanks a bunch boys, super proud and very excited to start planning something new… ;-)

I had planned to fly home to Monaco after the physio appointment tomorrow but I have been super sick today so I might have to wait a day as I hate flying when I am sick! Cant wait to get down there and stay in one place for 10 days, no matter how hard I try I seen to be traveling around a lot more than planned! haha

Pictures by Oskar Karlsson


In the spotlight!

I have to admit that if its one show that makes me nervous its the live Nyhetsmorgon show, I never care about media and I feel calm as a cucumber at all times, but this one gives me butterflies in my stomach! No idea why, but maybe its because Janni always streams the show when we are traveling so I see it every single day. Either way I think it went well today, never easy to fit a lot of stuff in a short amount of time. Anyone that saw the show? If you did not, you can see it HERE.

Been chilling at Jannis dads place all day and in 70 minutes I am going to try to find TV12 to see the JOI show, can't wait to see all the old images! 



A few months ago I though it was a bit tough to get motivated to run as I am far from a good runner and it was much easier to hit the gym. So when I signed up for the Wings for Life World run I knew it would be a challenge. 

This has however changed now that I have been on a super slow walking pace for the past 2 months, all I want to do now is to get healthy enough to be able to run. They say that you can usually start jogging after 3 months and I can feel that its getting closer, but its funny how things change when you can’t do something. I wish I would be healthy a bit earlier so that I could do the World Run as I think it would be great to have a clear goal with my running, but since I will not be able to do that I hope that you guys will sign up and run for those who can’t. Such a sick idea with one race in multiple nations with the start at the same time and a finish line that catches up to people so you have to run as fast as you can not to get caught up right away! I love when people come up with new different kind of events, and this is for sure one of them!
I think that my head will work about the same when it comes to skiing, I have been able to ski non stop for the past 20 years and as with everything you can start to loose a bit of the stoke when you do something to much. So to be honest I think this break will be great for me, I can already start to feel how much I hate not being on my way to Folgefonna for some spring skiing and the fact that I will be missing the Red Bull home run tomorrow is something that I don't even want to think about, for sure one of the best events of the season! 
I just got out of the gym here in Sthlm, starting to feel some serious progress now so that keeps the motivation super high!

In control!

I know I told you guys that i think its true luxuary to be at home doing laundry and coocking food, but yesterday was even better than that!
This fall there was a water leakage in my appartement and since then its been a little bit of a mess here as I have not had time to really re organize the place after the rrenovation. So yesterday me and Janni spent the whole day going though every single little space, throwing away old stuff, cleaning and organizeing everything.

So for the first time in a couple of years I finally feel like things are 100% under control down here.

No matter how much I try to work on my computer to make sure I am on top of things it really doesnt not matter if your home is somewhat of a mess. A big clean out might not a big deal to most people that stay at the same place most of the time, but when you live all over the place and you have no idea where you have all the stuff it really feels great to have it under control! I even got so inspired to fix things that I cut my own hair once the appartement was done! Haha

Right now I have to fly to Sthlm for the week end so check Nyhetsmorgon out at 10.15 tomorrow! But most importantly, check out the JOI TV show on Sunday at 19.00 on TV4 sport or 17 on TV12. Cant wait to see the show, will be epic as half the show is about the 10 years we have done JOI so there should be some sweet memories on there!


Beach time!

I just  got back home after a few fantastic hours at the beach, fell asleep right away even though I have been sleeping 8 hours a night for the past few nights, so I guess my body is still abbot tired from the JOI week! Feels good to have a few chill days though, even if it did not last as long as I was hoping. Got called in for a Tv interview at Nyhetsmorgon on Sunday so have to fly up there for a day to get that done, but as its one of the biggest Tv shows in Sweden its totally worth it! Check it out at 10.15 if you are in Sweden!

Hitting up Top marques right now so I will back back with a ton of pics from the car show, always interesting to see what they have there! ;-)


The ultimate luxury!

Its kind of funny that I have come to live such a crazy life that a dishwasher, a washing machine and home cooked meal is what I call real luxury!  This year has been crazy with travels all over the world and a injury phase where I could barely move around. So coming home to Monaco and just living a normal life is what I have come to appreciate the most!  

Got to MC last night and me and Janni walked over the the grocery store the first thing we did and had a great meal in bed in front of some Game of Thrones episodes! Today we looked up a Cross Fit gym here in Monaco as the regular gyms are pretty average and with a 40€ price tag for a 1 hour session I felt like I wanted to find something new to make sure that my training did not suffer. The CF gym here was small but had everything needed. I altered the session so it would fit with my knee but it was nice to be in a training environment instead of doing rehab on the floor at home. So that felt great!

Have a few more e mail to tie up JOI but before that I am going to go load up the washing machine… ;-)



Time to move on!

With JOI now in the box its now time to move on and start planning the rest of the summer!  Off to Monaco in the morning and when I land there I figured that I would spend a few days to get the best possible plan together! Kind of strange to not be on a glacier all spring, so I don't really know what to do, but I am excited to try out a new sort of spring and to be honest it feels like time will fly by as Gumball is approaching fast!

See you in the sun, time for me to get some sleep, totally dead after the past few weeks so tonight will be an early one! ;-) Make sure to check out all the pics from the final party at the JOI blog! Some seriously good times!


10 years!

Wow, just wow!  I can’t believe how much this sport has progressed over the past 10 years!  Every year I keep thinking that there is no way that the riders can push it harder, but every year they surprise me and do things that I never thought was possible! Switch triple front, triple back, triple 16, unnatural triples, just insane stuff!

The 10th edition of JOI is over and some more fantastic riding is in the books! From an organizing stand point this is the year that I am the most happy about, we stayed on time though out the event, new tricks was landed on the Big Air side and the racing was tighter than ever with tow Olympic gold medalists on the start field, so I just want to thank everyone that came out and made this event possible! Thats what pushes me to keep trying to improve this event year after year!
As for what the future holds for JOI we will see what happen, but there is a lot plans being town around, so make sure to book your trick to Åre and come join us next year!  Make sure to check out all the videos and pics from Bakke HERE!
Time for me to pack up and drive to Stockholm, had planned to fly home tomorrow to finally get some rest, but the tickets to Monaco looked awful so I have to figure out what to do, have a Nyhetsmorgon appearance on Saturday so have to be back in Sthlm by them, but after that my schedule is wide open so i can't wait to just go home to Monaco and only focus on my rehab, have tried up here but with 14 hour work days its been tough so that is nr 1 on my focus list right now!

The final show down!

I can't believe how calm I am right now!  this week has been so different than the past few years. Usually I am about to die at this time thanks to stress from all angles. Right now I have an empty e mail inbox and I feel like I have every single detail under control! I even felt like a very un needed person during the qualifier yesterday when i was sitting there observing everything, but I guess that shows that you have done the preparations right!

the only tight thing I have right now is the last few ski races that we are picking up in Sälen and flying them in last minute as they had a ski races that they had to attend there. So we are prepping their skis on the start where we will drop them off so that they have enough time to train!  So I am checking winds etc to try to calculate the flight time and it will be a tight one, but thats what you have to do sometimes!Q

Qual went off last night with tons of triples being town so i can't wait for tonight!  Make sure to tune in if you are not in Åre!  JOI LIVE at at 19.00 CET