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Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
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8 long hours!

I usually like driving, but todays trip was a long one! The first part in real winter conditions was actually the best, but after that it was just terrible, snow mixed with rain, fog and a ton of traffic. Was stuck behind a snow removal truck at 40km/h for 30 mins and almost lost it. But we finally made it to Sthlm, so now its time to get some sleep! Will miss Norway and Vierli but I really look forward to a few days of good food and spending time with Janni and her family down in Marbella before we get back on it again!

Videoblog from the last few days in the making so stay tuned for that one! Been super fun to take a few more steps towards feeling comfortable in the air again!


RS6 decisions?

Okey, I usually never ask for advise on my car builds but on this lovely sunday I will make un exaction as I really can't make up my mind. ;-) Have placed an order on my ADV1 rims, but I have yet to decide on the color combo, so I wanted to hear what your thoughts were? Gold? Black? White or red Michelin text? I love the black look but at the same time I am tempted to try something new. what do you guys think?

Cant wait to take delivery of this car, it was sick before so I can't wait to see what it will look like once its had all the upgrades!  The camo is not the way its going to be, but I like this color scheme so I think I am moving in the right direction! (body kit wise this is not the real design, just an early mock up I did a few months ago)

Dumping again here in Norway, the plan is to ski one last session tonight and then drive over to Sthlm tonight or tomorrow morning to catch a flight down to Marbella to see Janni for a few days over the holidays, but I am so happy I went up here, jumping is feeling better and better so I am super happy!


Pow Pow

When we drove up here I was hoping to be able to hit some jumps, never did I expect that we would be doing anything like this! So stoked that we decided to take the drive up here. Waking up to now snow every morning here in Vierli and really living in a winter land sure gets me in a good mood. I do love surf trips and beautiful beaches but nothing beats a cabin deep in the mountains with a couple of friends!

Bakke and Marcus Olsson came up here for a couple of days to ski with us (and deliver some new wheels) and I am sure glad they did as Bakke is slightly better than me behind the lens! (just imagine these pics if he had edited them as well!) haha  Enjoy what we got to see and do today!  Thanks Bakke and Olsson for a fun couple of days!


Top Moments of 2014 -Part 1

Good morning! Today i thought I would share the days/activities/trips that I enjoyed the most in 2014 when I looked back through my blog year. Perfect as I dont have any pics from yesterday. It seems that the more focused on skiing I get, the worse I get to documenting it! haha But we are filming a video blog so I hope that makes up for it! So happy to be up here in a mountain cabin and just ski every single day and wake up to the snow removal truck is just the best! Today we are extra stoked as we have had close to a meter over the past few days so we are heading to Rauland ski center for some pow skiing, the car is all covered up in snow outside so I think today could be a fun one! 

First throwback will have to be the early morning golf sessions in Marbella at Los Naranjos. Starting the day with a hot dog in the little hut at Los Naranjos and then see the sun rise at hole two is incredible. Cant wait to hit a couple of balls over the holidays! But first a few pow turns! ;-)


Floating among the flakes!

Now thats more like it! Spent a couple hours on the jump yesterday to make the landing a little steeper and after that I felt much more comfortable! I will admit that coming back from ACL surgery and not having jumped much over the past few years will take some time to get comfortable with. The least bit of flat landing feels uncomfortable as the impact gets bigger and i can feel it in my knee, not a lot but enough to have it in the back of my head. But I am feeling more and more comfortable with my knee every day and with a ton of gym over the holidays I hope I will feel great once I get back on snow after new years!

Super fun to have Mr Bakke with us (who came to the rescue with new wheels for the Q7), both hitting kickers and snapping of a few shots, always more fun to blog when I get his pictures! haha Even though he only gave me his B shots! ;-)


Videoblog 10 – Finally some winter!

So there we go, finally edited and ready! Can't believe it took Seppi this long to edit and upload this I mean we got in last nigth which was at least 11 hours ago! haha (And he had time to get a full night of sleep!)

Super fun here in Vierli, feels like when I was 12 years old and out night skiing on a thursday night after school, love that we are back to basics with friends!  Hopefully I will feel a bit better in the next few days, my body was way to slow to do anything extreme yesterday, but it was fun to be back on rails again, think the last time I slid a kinked rail unnatural was back in 2007! ;-)

Happy people here in Norway! Love being up in Scandinavia, if you grew up here it just has something special!


Mini RS6 update

Thought it was time for a little mini update on the RS6 DTM build! Just a couple of random pics but at least its something! haha

The front and front wheel arches are all done (with more shapes in the lip as you can see) and being moulded up in Carbon in the next couple of weeks, as well as all the winglets and sideboards. Still working on the rear, but should be done in the next week or so. So in mid Jan the car should be fitted with the new body panels. Its then shipped to Stertman for the rest of the upgrades (engine, suspension, brakes and super Gumball lights). Thinking of keeping the interior stock as its a little to nice to mess with, but somehow I can't help that I really want buckets and a cage in it! haha Not sure why I have such a hang up on it! ;-) Will make up my mind in the next few weeks! 

Super stoked on the build though, can't wait to drive this thing!


Back on my feet!

Thanks so much for all the comments, I really appreciate it!  Sometimes when I spend an hour editing pics and writing a blog and get no comments I feel like I am just talking to myself! haha So keep commenting more, I read it all and I like to hear you thoughts! Great feedback, makes it much easier for me to keep trying to improving everything!

Feeling a little better today but still a light fever and a runny nose, but I was so sick of doing nothing so I went out for a few runs anyway! Was fun but I felt really sore in my whole body so I hope that I will feel better soon as I want to push myself a bit more than I could today. Night skiing tonight so maybe a warm shower and some tea will get me ready for that! Either way its great to be out in the fresh air up here!

Super fun to hang with the Field production crew who is here testing their new drone and just having fun for a few days, been way to long since I met most of the guys, great to be back in the freestyle world again seeing all my old friends! 



I was really hoping that I would wake up and feel better today, but instead I am feel aweful!  Slept for 12 hours with a little break in the middle of the night when I could not sleep at all. My nose is jammed and my throat is sore and a little fever to top things off. So I guess I should try to stay in bed today even though its sunny out, frustrating!

So I have a question to you guys, me and Janni looked at our web stats last night and it was fun to compare them and see the differences! On a monthly bases we have almost the same amount of unique visitors, but on a weekly bases she has more than double to visits. Of course she blogs a lot more often so that will make visitors come in lot more often, but I figured that I would ask you guys what I could change in the blogging to make it more interesting to check out the blog a little more often, do you want 2-3 updates per day, more pics, more thoughts, more tips? ;-)  What would you guys like to see more of to make this whole thing more interesting? (Dont say car updates, they will come when I have something to show, haha) 

Let me know, I really like blogging but sometimes you are to close to things and you can't see what is interesting! 



Well, if it was snow we wanted we came to the right place! haha Full blown snow storm out there today! Got to ski for a bit but since I have been feeling  little feverish the last few hours I just went out for an hour, but with the short lift lap that still gave me about 20 runs! Hit the two line kicker for the first 15 laps and then I even had a little look at the rails! haha Been a long time since I last hit a kinked rail, but it was super fun!

Will try to get a ton of sleep tonight so that I feel better tomorrow, but I am stoked we came out here, love skiing under the lights with a fast lift lap, not to mention that the lift is 100m from our place, a little different than the 2 hours missions you have to get to the parks in Europe! Norway for the win! ;-)