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Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Photos from Copygram


Team Tourist

I will admit that blogging on a location like this with the company of Bakke and Wester is a whole lot more fun than a grey day in a city with an Iphone! ;-)  

After our little surf session we went home to our villa and chilled by the pool for a few hours, but as I was in need of a pair of sun glasses and flip flops we went for a stroll on the streets of Seminyak, love walking around here checking out all the special shops they have here in Bali that offer things you will not find anywhere else!

Will post a bunch more pics of our place tomorrow as the photo boys have ran around with their cameras all night taking epic pics, but right now its dinner time and hopefully a long nights sleep after that!


Surf team!

Usually I am a master of jet lag and how to sleep on flights in order to get into the new time zone right away, but on this trip I have been sucking!  No sleep on the plane, woke up at 00.30 wide awake, so ran e mails for 3 hours and fell back asleep at 04.30, not ideal at all!  But once we got down to the beach and jumped in the water I forgot all about it!

Today we hired a surf coach the get Janni and the boys going while I was chief photographer on my board! Small and perfect for them to learn and great for me to slow start things with my knee! So happy to have such a talented girl, Janni really crushed it today with a 90% stand up rate on all the waves! ;-) Looks like the surf is picking up tomorrow so I might have to try my limits a bit more, but fantastic to start like this!

I can't say how much I love this place, I think that once I quit skiing I might have to call this home for a few months every year! Chilling at the pool for the rest of the day as the lack of sleep is starting to take its toll, but if we stay awake today we should be good to go tomorrow! 


Air to Water

And we are finally here! Landed in Denpasar at 14.30 where we got picked up by Chandra Villas pick up service (the most amazing place ever, more pics on that tomorrow) Got changed real quick and ran down to the beach and rented a couple of boards for a sun set session! Waves were far from epic but it was amazing to jump in the water for an hour. Janni had her first day on a board and got up on her feet after 10 mins, I am saying that its because I am a great coach, but she thought I sucked and just pushed her into waves without telling her war to do! haha Good thing she is a tough girl! ;-)

Dead right now so we are off to bed, so stoked to be back on this island again!



As we had a couple of hours here in Bangkok I figured that I would jump in and say hi here! Had quite a long 10.5 hour flight from Stockholm and for some reason I only managed to sleep for about 45 minutes. So I am guessing by the time we jump in the water this after noon I might be pretty tired! haha Have another 3.5 hour flight down to Denpasar so I will do my best to sleep some more on that flight, but my head is already surfing so I will see how much I will be able to sleep! ;-)


Off we go!

Usually travel means work, so heading to the airport with 3 friends with nothing but sun and surf on the schedule feels amazing! Its me Janni, Bakke and Fabian Wester who are about to board a plane to Bangkok here in about an hour, so since both Bakke and Fabian are great behind the camera we should have about a million pics from this trip! I will try to take it easy on the surf front to be smart on my knee so i will try to focus on my surf teaching skills to see who of the three that will get the furthest in their surf carrer in the next 10 days. I figured that if Janni can get a hang of it, we can head on surf trips together which has to be the ultimate vacation!

Was fun to pack up my new bags yesterday and look through all the new details. Its one thing to design new stuff in 3D but getting the real deal is a lot more fun! ;-) Have a few limited examples of this stuff for sale at now in November before the main shipment comes in December. Hope you guys like it, I am happy that I am blessed to work with such a great team at DB, love taking ideas to reality!


Car Project 2015

I had planned on keeping this build a secret until we had some more to show, but since I think my blog has been a bit boring lately I changed my mind! ;-)  So say hello to the 2015 car project- RS6 DTM RR

Over the past few years I have had everything from Lambos to R8s to the Rebellion so figuring out what to go for next was not an easy task. But after having spent a lot of time in the RS6 I realized that its the best car out there, but I always like to put my own touch on things so over the past few month I have been trying to figure out how to improve it further. The answer is a complete DTM wide body carbon conversion by non other than Leif Tufvesson. A stripped race interior, the most extreme brakes Movit could produce, a new chassi and a full on mega engine build by Stertman Motorsport. The instructions to Leif and Stertman was simple- Build the fastest wagon possible, that can still handle 50000km per year and being snowed over and started in minus 20 degrees.  

So a few days ago Leif started the surgery and Per Nilsson was there to shoot some video and pics, felt a bit tough to see Leif cutting up a new RS6 but I trust him, so stay tuned for more updates, can't wait to see if we manage to build the Ultimate race winter tourer! ;-) Think its going to be a wild one! 


High tech!

Just came across the Audi RS7 a few days ago and I will admit that it was the paint job that cought my eye at first, super cool to see that the official Audi cars seem to have quite a bit of inspiration from the earlier camo versions I did! As I am am working on a new version its cool to see this and maybe there is some inspiration that i can take from this one! ;-) I do like a lot of lines on it!

Insane to read about the tech that is available now, pretty soon Gumball might be a walk in the park when you put Istanbul in the GPS and lean back for a good days sleep while we get to where we need to go! haha Last day in Sthlm so i am off to the gym to get my shoulders ready for some surfing!


Wrapping transformation!

Good morning Stockhom! I just woke up here at Jannis moms place just outside the capital where we spent the night. Had kind of a horrible day yesterday where everything that could go wrong went wrong. The roads in central London where closed so we got a 30 min power walk (with luggage) to the train station so got to the airport all sweaty. Then my passport did not match the name on my tickets, when we finally figured that out we had to pay 80€ in overweight… It was just one of those days…

On a totally different subject, I got this time lap video of when the Rebellion got wrapped before this years Gumball. Incredible to see what one can do with a bit of foil! Big thanks to Wrapzone for always helping me out last minute! Have been trying to figure out a new look for this year, but I have to admit that I have a hard time figuring out how to upgrade the current camo look. I kind of know what I want, but I just can't put it down on paper!

48 hours in Sthlm before we fly to Bali, so I think I might have to go look at some surfboards and board shorts! ;-)


Self analyzing

Today I am inspired, I dont know why, but I am just stoked and feel like I have a ton of energy! Love getting up early on Saturdays and work hard as I feel like I get a head start on the new week! haha  

In todays post I thought I would do a little self analyzing and let you know how I look at myself and what I think I am good at and what I need to work on!

In the Douchebag organization my main assignment is marketing and brand strategy, but I keep finding myself deep in the product development questions every day even if its not on my table. I would honestly say that analyzing things and figure out what works and what does not is my main strength as an entrepreneur. I spent 2 hours at the luggage department ot Harrods yesterday looking at every single pocket on every single bag. I think its the best place to find inspiration as a lot of these bag companies have bags in the 10-15 000€ range, so they have not kept any production costs in mind, they have just done what they wanted and priced the bag thereafter. I was however happy to see that there is a lot of things to be improved even on these bags, but some of the details they have are SICK! It really made me increase my standards for what Douchebags should be, but I need to find a way to produce it at a reasonable cost!

When I was walking around there I realized how lucky I am that I am able to work with something I truly love, I had looked through a million stores in London and nothing really excites me, but when I get to the luggage department I fire up and feel like I just entered a candy store!

I do think I am good at marketing as well, but I think that just as with product development my strength is to know what works and what feels right, I honestly think I am really good knowing how people will react to a certain message or picture. I have a lot to work to do when it comes to coming up with concepts and making them happen happen as i am very critical to most ideas and shoot them down way to often. But I of the opinion that no marketing is better than bad marketing. Its a bit weird how my brain works, no matter if I walk down a street and look at a sign or watch TV, my brain automatically analyzes everything which is a bit weird, but I think it teaches me a lot at the same time.

Kind of nice sometimes to sit down and analyze yourself, so now when I am done with that I should probably let go of the product side of things a bit more and get my marketing hat on! ;-)

Flying over to Sthlm this afternoon to meet up with Bakke and Fabian Wester who are both joining me and Janni to Bali on Tuesday, can't wait to get on that flight!


Back on skis!

Its now been7 months and 3 weeks since I had surgery on my ACL, so strapping into my ski boots yesterday felt amazing! A year ago it would have had to be a perfect blue bird day with perfect snow on the top of a mountain for me to get excited, now after this little break, all I needed was a little indoor slope! So having time off sure brings some positive sides!

Took about 10 runs and tried to jump on all the bumps I could see to get a feel for how things felt and I am happy to say that I felt good! A little sore in the muscles over the knee, but I think that was mostly from the past weeks work out regime, but the knee felt super stabile and I had no reaction after at all! I do think its good that I am off to Indo for two weeks as I know that the longer I wait the better it will be for me and my knee, but now I can't wait to go skiing for real again, more pumped than ever! After skiing I had some interviews with the english press that Odlo had brought there for their product presentation.

Off to lunch here in London with some friends today with nothing else on our schedule so it will be nice to just stroll round for a day!