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Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Photos from Copygram


The streets of Berlin

So the reson for my little trip to Berlin was a shoot with Odlo for this upcoming winters products, I kind of thought we would take a picture or two and it would take 30 minutes, but when I showed up I realized that the huge production team was just for me… ;-) So the day started out with a fine tune of the hair cut i got a few days ago and I have to say that it was sweet to get a haircut outside in the sun! We then moved on to shoot for 9 hours straight, but the photographer and the whole team was great so it felt more like an hour and half! I am in no way a model, but when you have a team like this around, you better try your best to act like one! Think we got some super cool stuff in the urban setting (and the million light sources the worked with) So I can't wait to see the pictures! And if you ever think about what under layer top to get, there is only one, the Oldo top with the built in hood and face mask is just the best product I have ever tried on, so that one is more than recommended!

I am off to the airport in 20 minutes to fly south to Monaco, can't wait to finally get to sleep in my own bed and stay for a few weeks. Still strange not to be skiing yet, but I will admit that its nice to have some time on my hands! See you guys soon!


Vote for my lady!

Its crazy that my little lady started her blog 11 months ago and now she is on the cover of one of the biggest girl mags in Sweden! I guess I have always dreamt about dating a model and I think I can finally say that I am! haha. As with everything, hard work pays off and even if many people dont consider blogging to be a real profession I am so proud of Janni as she is incredible dedicated to do everything she does, working an average of 8 hours a day on this. So sure a little blog with a couple of updates a week might not be hard work, but 3 updates every single day, answering to all the comments, colabs with a lot of different brands does take a lot of time and motivation! I remember when we started dating and I would be on the computer while she was chilling and now I basically have to schedule time with her a month in advance as she is booked into a million things, not to mention how hard it is for her to put down the computer when we are off to bed. But I am not complaining, I am super pround and happy that I found a girl that gives everything she does 110%!

Now with Veckrevyn blog awards coming up I figured that it was my duty as her BF to ask you guys to help her out and vote for her, so if you visit her blog and like it, click HERE and help her win this! ;-) She is nominated in two categories "Lifestyle blog" and "Newcomer" and remember to press "Skicka" at the bottom om the form to send!

I am going for take two on my flight to Berlin today, this time I know what terminal and what day I am flying! haha Only issue now is the hand stand walk I did last week was a bit much for my neck, so now I am stiff as a metal stick and sore like hell in the top of my back and neck, not the best set up to have when you have to get on a flight! 


Super fail!

I think I should have travled enough by now to at least look at my ticket before heading to the airport! Jumped off my sweet Uber A8 ride at terminal 5 only to see that there was no flight to Berlin on the board, so I jumped in a taxi and went over to Terminal 2. I thought all was good until the lady at the check in counter could not find my name on the flight list, looked on my phone and realized that it was the 20th and not the 21st today! So all I could do was jump back in cab and head back to Jannis place!

So on the bad side I am an idiot, on the good side I get to hang with Janni for another day! So from everything bad comes something good! haha Lets try again tomorrow and see if I am more successful!



Its now been 5 months since the pictures below was taken when I took the stitches out and tried to learn how to walk! So yesterday I had my first real strength test and I have to say that I was a little nervous! 

  • Turns out my hamstring is at 105% (compared to the health leg) so I am fully back there. Guess its thanks to all the cross fit and the olympic lifts that I have done that all targets the backside of the leg! I remember that my physio told me that she was hoping that I would be around 80% now so I guess I have done my home work there!
  • My quads and the front of my legs does however have some work to do. I am at 68% there so I have to put in a lot of one legged exercises in the next month to catch up. But when you get it in writing in black and white its easy to plan accordingly!
  • Did a test where I jump on one leg side to side over a line and there I was 93 on the healthy and 94 on right my leg. So that part looks great.
  • Also did a long jumping test on one leg, and I think I was 182 on the left and 158 on the right (broken) But I think its hard to judge anything from this as I think I have always jumped a lot longer off my left.

Met with my physio and two surgeons and they all agreed that everything was looking really really good. They admitted that they had been a bit worried when they have seen my lifestyle for the last 5 months but they all agreed that I had done my home work much better than they could have dreamed of! Everything is super stabile and looks good, so now I just have to focus a lot on getting the strength up in my quad, but since I am already doing snatches and overhead squats I have great balance so this should be done in no time!

So things are great and I am happy camper! Off to Åre in 5 minutes for a few meetings in regards to this years event where I am hoping that we can get Åre on board to bring JOSS back, so I am now fully prepared with power points and stats, so wish me good luck! Back to Sthlm tonight and then off to Berlin tomorrow!  Time to get active again! ;-)




Yesterday was a great birthday!  Janni woke me up with breakfast in bed and after that we spent the afternoon cooking a fantastic dinner at Jannis dads place together with my parents, Jannis parents and her sister. Michaela! Come to think of it I have not spent my birthday with my parents in at least 15 years so it was great to get to do it finally! My mom said that the last birthday she remembers that we had together I was still young enough to have ballons hanging everywhere! haha. She also brought her little book that she was writing in when I was a just a baby to remember all the stuff and I guess I have always been a skier… 17 months after I was born was my first time on skis and I have to say that I was a little impressed with myself when I heard that! haha

Was very different to be in charge of the the dinner planning, I dont think I have ever cooked a nice meal for my parents as I mom always spoils us every time I see them! So I went all in and tried my best to impress her! ;-)


32 years old!

As I woke up this morning I did it as a 32 year old! Janni woke me up with an amazing breakfast in bed with everything I love so the day has started great! Having a full day off from training today as I am super tired in every single muscle! I do have a few Power points to bang out before I get to take the day off but I feel rested and clear so I am sure I will be able to crush them! In the past few years I am sure that I would have woken up hungover but I have to say that I really do prefer waking up fresh and ready to go. Parties are fun but I think I have now reached an age where I will save them for very special occasions as I have started to appreciate different things in life than what I did back in the day! 

Later on we are having a birthday dinner at Jannis dads place with Jannis family as well as my crazy parents who will drive down from Mora just for the dinner (720km round trip) So I think its clear that I have gotten the love of driving from my dad who likes to drive more than anyone I know! ;-)

Thought this video was a good one to post today as I found an old clip with a bunch of shots from the years of 2002-2007 (I think) But its so fun to see these old shots and think back on how amazing these years were! I might be 32 but I do have a lot of things to accomplish on skis before I am happy so I can't wait for the snow to start falling!


A way of living!

I have really grown to love the work out life style over the past 12 months. A year ago I hit the gym only to look good and to get strong for skiing, but not because I liked it!  Over the past year I have really started to love it! Its been a combination of the right initial coaching and motivation from coach Oscar, me realizing that is good for me but I think the min thing is that I have met a lot of great people that I work out with, so that the gym visit is not only a place where I get stronger, its also a place where I meet great people that gets me inspired to perform better in life! 

Training with Gustaf has been great as he was the first PT that actually got motivated and not wanted to punch in the face when he told me to go for another rep, and I always love our post work out talks. Getting to know Ako has also been great as he is a true inspiration when it comes to looking like an iron man, and lately when he has set up the wods he has incorporated a ton of stuff that is so hard to do that its helped me a a lot to find even more motivation as I see that the standard stuff is just childsplay compared to what can be done! In Marbella I work out with Henrik who is one of the most driven and talented business men I have ever met, so every time I get to hear about his projects I feel like I am doing nothing and aiming low with all my stuff! So meeting these guys on a regular bases helps me a ton in all aspects of life!

Today Ako said that he could come down and open the box at 9am for me, Gustaf and Henrik on one condition-That we would do the "Midline march" that they had on the cross fit games this year. When looking at it on TV it looks fun and very double but it took me 40 mins to sit up after the work out as I had a banging head ache as soon as I tried to do anything else than laying down! So a bit of a kick in the butt but once again, thats where I find the extra motivation!

3 rounds for time of:

  • 25 GHD sit-ups (worked well but was tough as hell!)
  • 50-ft. handstand walk (First round I walked great, but after that I fell hard on my face a few times) haha
  • 50-ft. overhead walking lunge (155 / 115 lb.) (I traded this for 10 push press and 10 pull ups to save my knee a bit)



About time!

Even though Janni has been telling me to get a hair cut for a while now I have been to lazy to get it done!  But when my lunch date rescheduled I decided to make time for it and cut of some of that fast growing hair! So now I feel presentable again! ;-)

Just came back from a great dinner, went out to eat something fance by never found nothing that appealed to us so we ended up with a Kebab pizza and some french fries, maybe not that fancy but amazingly tasty! So even if I try my best to eat good I have a really hard time to stay away from things like this, but with summer coming to an end I guess its ok… haha

In terms of productivity today we have come a lot closer to build one super mega kick ass car, so as soon as its all set and done I will let you guys in on the build process from the very start. I think this one will be the very best one I have ever built! ;-) Stay tuned for that one! Time for me to sleep!


Work it!

Finally awake again, slept like a baby all night but I did not wake up as rested as I would have hoped!  The session last night really took its toll on me! I have dowe quite a few CF sessions in Marbella but when Ako put the schedule together for me and Gustaf it turned out to be a lot tougher than the pervious ones! Not cardio wise, but I have never had a bunch of ring muscle ups in a work out, combined with a bunch of othe though stuff!

3 rounds of

  • 8 100kg Dead lift (changed this to 4 reps as I have not lifted heavy in a while)
  • 7 Ring muscle ups (Worked good the first round, but failed fast the on the 2nd and 3rd round, but I am finally getting a hang of the technique!) ;-)
  • 6 Overhead squats at 45kg (No problem at all, felt great besides that I forgot my lifting shoes so I had to go in soft borrowed running shoes)
  • 5 wall walks (push ups to walk up to hand stand (What a horrible exercise, looks easy but kills the shoulders and core!)

10 rounds of

  • 7 pull ups
  • 7 burpies
  • 7 thrusters (35kg)

It felt great to push hard again even if its still a little scary as I keep wondering how my knee will feel, but I am happy to say that once again I woke up feeling 100%, well that is in my knee, my back does feel the dead lifts as its had a long break from heavy dead lifts! Cant wait to do another session with Ako as he is not afraid to put in some seriously togh stuff, gray for the motivation as it teaches you that you really do suck when it comes to the real Crossfit stuff! haha


Early birthday gift!

As I am turning 32 on Sunday I had a nice little gift waiting for me at the Red Bull office when I went by yesterday! Have been running low on hats as I always work out in them and they tend to look less classy after a few mega sweaty sessions!  Another great addition was the travel pack, perfect to keep the shape of the hats in a fully packed bag!

As I am sure I will get a question on where one can by these I might as well tell you now that the only way you can get these is to get "pretty decent" on a sport and get a sponsorship with RB, so once you can get them, you get a ton of them and you get them for free… ;-)

Had another 14 hour day today with a ton of meetings and a Cross fit session to top it off, so right now I am here in bed totally dead waiting for Janni to come join me so I go to sleep and wake up rested, long day ahead of me again so I better get my 8 hours of sleep in order to perform as well as I need to!