Jon Olsson

1 week


Its now been a weeks since I had my ACL surgery and I have to say that so far its been easier than I expected. Today I was able to walk fairly normal across the hall at rehab, not because I should this early on, but its good to see who I walk to see what we need to work on.

Janni has been kind enough to be my privat driver this week and Oskar surprised me with a car wash of the RS6, its always nice to roll around fresh so thank you Oskar! Made my Smart crutches match the car even better! haha Feels great to be able to step up the rehab and get going again, have spend 23 hours a day in the couch with the leg on a few pillows, something that I will continue doing even if I can move around as prio 1 right now is to get the last part of the swelling down, but the physio was mega happy with the progress so that was incredible to hear! 

Have had a few JOI meetings here in the couch so thats coming along fast, will be shooting out updates over the coming weeks so stay tuned for that, right now I am dead tired so I think I will fall asleep pretty soon here!


  • Oliver

    Aj aj aj… Motorlampan lyser :'( haha… ;-)

  • Mrgrasselli

    Tjena jon nu när du rehabar kan du inte ge oss läsare mer specifik info om dina bilar, typ rs6 vad har du gjort med den, fälgar planer mm. Du är grym. Krya på dig

  • GuitarSlinger

    Gotta be honest here . Don’t get me wrong … the RS6 Avant is cool and all …. but I’m really missing the R8 ‘ snowmobile ‘ The R8 being the epitome of winter driving madness … in the very best of ways . Whereas the RS6 … even in ABT tune … is a bit …. how shall I say this … pedestrian in comparison . Here’s hoping for another round of madness in your garage sometime down the road .

  • simon

    Du är en grym inspirationskälla! blir alltid lika taggad på framgång, träning, resor och roliga leksaker när jag läser din blogg! keep up the awesome work! hoppas på os 2018 nu bara ;)

  • Marcin

    Hi, Jon put Janni shortcut ( ) under her name instead of smartcrutches :)

    Greetings and have a fast rehab !!!

  • Primoz

    With your foot up on the dash like that, if you get into a car crash a torn ACL will be the least of your worries. Airbags are a b**ch.

  • John

    Hey! what’s the brand of the shoes u are wearing??
    Keep up the hard work!

  • Johan

    Ser rätt fånigt ut att du ska ha olika reg på bilen när du laddar upp dom.
    Ibland oretuscherad, ibland inte. Varför?

  • Maximilian Enholm

    your car is a beast !

  • Mathieu

    Love the pic with Janni, the RS6 and the redbull. It should be their next commercial for the Sugar Free ! Keep up the good work on rehab !