Jon Olsson

12 hours of travel


When I left Sthlm this morning I felt that I had a nice little shot trip to Saas Fee, but it seems like it took us 12 hours from start to finish, so I guess my perception of a short trip has changed over the years!  It went super well though so not complaining at all. Flew to Nice where Oscar picked me up with all the gear ready to go. I have to say that its nice to be Bakke and enjoy the passenger side with a camera in my hand, rather than always driving everywhere!  As we had empty Italian highways we had to try the top speed of the Q7 and its nice to see that the narrow new wheels we have has helped it a bit! ;-) (The nice rims are still broken and left in Russia since Gumball).

Time to hit the sack as the alarm will go off at 04.30 tomorrow, super stoked to get back on snow!


  • Flo

    pics are token by bakke? :)))

    very nice, keep up the good work !!!!!!!

  • Erik

    Great pics Jon

  • Frederik

    Thumbs up for the pics! Your skills are improving quickly!