Jon Olsson

14 hours


Now that was a pretty hectic 14 hours! haha For some reason I end up setting these crazy schedules, I really dont know why but I always find myself in plans like this. I think part of me needs to set it to get my schedule together but I also think that part of me really likes to set plans like this! Wrote a bunch of comments below the pics so check it out while I take a little nap! ;-)

Family picture in Mora at 16.00

Janni took the wheel for a while at 17.00 as I thought it was smart to rest for a while. Think Gumball has treated her well, she is really a great driver!

I now know that the Q7 3.0 disel is the best car in the world. It might not have the exhaust sound like the other cars I have, but when it comes to covering distance its incredible!

The police keeping the roads safe into Stockholm at 19.00

A quick shower and back in the car at 20.00

Tired of being tired? Yes!  Give me two please! 20.30

Boarding flight nr 1 from Sthlm to Ängelholm at 21.00

Scenary at 22.00

Arriving at Gumball party at 23.00

Peppes Bodega at 00.00

Me and the plateau that cut my arm open two years ago… (Sharp edge on the right side of the pic) 01.00

Peppes in full speed 02.00

Departure to Copenhagen at 03.00

Tunnel to Denmark at 04.00

Flight nr 2 to Malaga at 06.30 with Team Deler! And after this I think I passed out and my photo plan to take a pic ever hour today died! haha.

Great trip to Sweden but its fantastic to be back in Spain again! Trying out my golf swing tomorrow and then lunch at Ocean club with friends, but first A LOT of sleep! ;-)


  • Any plans to do the US Gumball 3000?

  • Adam

    Man, I sooo wished I could of been there. If it’s even possible to get in as a regular mortal. :)
    But, if you gotta work you gotta work. Love seeing you guys out and about again, training in all its glory but this stuff is a tad more entertaining to follow ;)

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