Jon Olsson

17 Hours


Despite my best efforts to slow my life down it keeps on going in the same insane speed! Over the past 18 hours I have driven 1 000km, slept for 2 h and had a great GS session here in Åre on the new skis. Will get back to you on that later when my brain works again!

Stoked we drove to Åre though, totally worth it as we had a great session!

Time to sleep for a few hours before we move our asses into the gym!

Go go go!


  • Adam

    Oskar, what camera / lens / post editor are you using for these shots? They all come out amazing.

  • Måste bara credda oscar för alla bilder, fyfan vad duktig han är bakom kameran!

    Alltid lika kul å följa bloggen Jon, keep up the good work!

  • easty

    amazing photographs as ever !

  • Sven

    Epic pics!

  • oskar bakke is king!!!

  • Harry

    Man those shots!! Keep em’ coming

  • johann

    oskars shots are amazing. he’s doin a great job!

  • Alex

    Show us a pic of the car ur driving ;)

  • PiA

    Oskar, I’m loving the landscape photographs in these last posts! They are making me realise I need to get back home to visit soon.
    Keep up the wicked life Jon! :)