Jon Olsson

36 hours


Right now I am sitter here on a train from Göteborg to Stockholm after some seriously long 36 hours.

It all started yesterday at 10am yesterday when we drove out to Stertman to work on the camo layout on the cars. Then we had a "wrong code" in one of the dampers and as we were not able to fix that we had to find a new damper for an Audi R8 V10 in about 2 hours. An hour and a half later Audi Smista had hocked us up (took one of one of their new cars) and we had a new one on the way. This threw our time schedule over board and we had to work all night with this, even with some great help from the Autostripe guys it still took us way longer then expected and I left the garage at 7 this morning. Slept for an hour before we met up with Top Gear for a cover story shoot. Finished with that at 13. 00 so me and Bakke jumped in the cars and drove south to Göterborg as we were shipping the cars from there, made it there with a margin of 5 minutes, jumped back in a cab and made it to the train station with 2 mins to spare.

Needless to say I am beyond dead but I am so happy that all is in order with the cars and they are on their way to New York, but most of all I am so super mega stoked that the R8 is finally done. The super charger totally transformed the car to a whole new kind of monster, its just insane how crazy the car is, the only thing I can compare this to is a Koenigsegg, thats how insane this is! Will get some videos as soon as we get the cars in NY, the sound is stupid! ;-.)

A huge thanks to everyone involved to make the cars come alive!

PPI for a super sick carbon body and a kick ass interior!

STaSIS for all the 800 hp wip lash accelerations! ;-)

Autostripe for their 24h work all night service!

Mr Cap Haninge for the 15% crazy dark windows!

Audi Smista for their Sunday damper delivery!

And most of all to Stertman Motorsport who as been beyond helpfull with everything, they have truly done an amazing job and I can easily say that its by far my best tuner experince ever, top notch all the way!

Only 25 more mins to Sthlm and then its time for me to get a ton of sleep! I cant wait, my head is spinning from todays insane accelerations combined with total absence of sleep! ;-)


  • meiadois

    sick!!! if you had some interior shots, we will appreciated!

  • Gabriel

    Ok, I guess it’s really that time of the year now when I can stop hitting your page, as the blog is really just about cars anymore for a couple of weeks.

  • Looking good. I’m curious to the sound.
    What happened to Tokan, why isn’t he working on your cars? Or is he maybe the head mechanic at Stertman?

    peace out,

  • Dude

    How does ownership work with these cars. Jon always talks about “we” and i never quite understood who holds all the pink slips. Is there a collective ownership that owns all the cars together?

  • Fredrik

    The foiling this year is way better than last year. Red was really boring. A car looks always best in black or white and this black with camo edition is awesome!!

  • easty

    loving the new camo look ! gutted i wont see the cars on the start line this year. I was a GUMBALL 3000 crew member last year in London and loved every second of it. To actually do the GUMBALL must be epic !

  • The Shot Caller

    please get a filmer to film you when you pull up to places to get the reaction from the people

    so maybe one car with filmer gets there first sets up to film the peoples reactions to when you pull up

    personally I loved the rebellion

    and a really loud color of the lambo

    when do all the endorsement stickers get put on?

    PS way to create execute and then finally elevate

    can’t wait to see you and hans and the play by play of the lionman

  • Driver

    The cars look awesome! Even if the roof box is kind of a TM for you, I think the Razor will look better without it…. I saw the Lambo at Tegnerlunden in Stockholm yesterday morning and I must say it loks really neat!

    What happens with the Rebellion? Wasn’t it supposed to take part in the Gumball? Will it be your daily driver until you leave for the Big Apple? Or will you go skiing until you fly over?

  • Any chance some of us New Yorkers can get a sneak preview of the cars before they head to the starting line? ;)

  • sickest cars out there!
    I just started my new blog, check it out for news in the ski racing world!

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  • JobReinbergen

    Did you change the R8’s headlights to clear ones? I thought they were blacked out at first hand? Anyway, sick duo which are going to deliver tons of joy in a few weeks.


  • Oskar

    Jon, COME ON!! At some point you have decide how bad you want to pursue a succesful career as a alpine racer, because there is no way you will make it with this extremely stressfull lifestyle! While you are working your ass off, and dont get me wrong i fully respect your commitment to JOI, gumball etc. your competitors are training, preparing and testing for the next season! Cut the half solutions, and go all out on whether it is you want! BTW you are awesome

    • Lukas

      I’d ditch the alpine racing.

      He has got the best life anybody who likes snow and cars can dream of!

    • JON

      I know, I am off to Folgefonna on Thursday for 3 weeks to live in house with nothing but skiing in my mind… Need to learn how to plan to make this work better… ;-)

  • Per Sandén

    Vad hände med Ultiman?

  • Larry

    Nice headlights on the Audi.

  • Frank

    Some wallpapers would seriously be nice!!

  • John

    I want these cars so bad!!

  • Jon

    Is this for Top Gear England? Will you be able to publish a link when the article is released?

    • Driver

      Top Gear has a Swedish edition

  • Jordan

    Do you think you could possibly post some pictures in wallpaper sized format? I would love to use a bunch of your car photos as wallpapers on my computer, but I like to use the correct size images. If you could post some 1920×1080 and 1920×1200 images for download that would be great! Thanks!!