Jon Olsson

50 mm


Just got back to Jannis place after a fantastic golf round at Lidingö golf club!  The golf it self was far from good, but as you can see on the pictures it was still an incredible afternoon! Played with Jannis dad, his friend Tobias and Sebastian, and I think that their strategy to focus more on the golf was better then mine, as I was more stoked to play with the camera! ;-) I am terrible at doing things halfway so I was just running around trying to figure out what Bakke would have done if he was there, I must have taken 400 shots today and I had a real hard time to chose which pictures to post, so I hope its ok that there is a million of them! I really love the new 1.8 50 mm lens I was shooting with all day, shooting with real equipment sure makes a huge difference! 

I am off to Monaco in the morning where Oscar will pic me up and drive north to Saas Fee for another 10 day camp up there!  Super stoked to get back on snow!


  • Lasse

    Agree with Martin! Pretty good pictures! Do you use other equipment to catch these pictures than your D600 and a 50mm?
    – Lasse

  • Gumballfan

    Nice pictures Jon!

  • Hoans

    So i see yniq is not listed as your sponsor anymore?


    Bästa bilden enligt mig var den där de tre killarna står i högerkant varav den främre puttar på en golfbag. Sjukt snyggt skärpedjup och ljus i den bilen, bra jobbat bakom kameran. Blir kul å se mera av dina bilder framöver!

  • Martin Schütt

    Super nice pictures. Great light catching. Witch camera do you use?
    – Martin

    • JON

      I have a Nikon D600