Jon Olsson

950hp Snowplow!


I know you guys have asked for a couple of sound clips of the RS6 so I thought it was time to give it to you! The day we went out to shoot it, the weather had rolled in hard over Åre so it made our day a little different… haha  I have done a few crazy things in cars, but smashing through snow like this was one of the weirdest things I have done as I could not see a thing while I was under the snow! (we had people check the road so we knew that there was no other cars) I was a bit worried how the car (and all the carbon) would handle a beating like this, but I said f*ck it, I did not build this car to roll around to car shows, this car was built to get me anywhere I need to go, no matter what the weather is like! Although I have to admit that the snow was a little deeper than I thought, but at least now I know that I have the worlds fastest snowplow!

Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed this crazy day! As a little bonus Betsafe is giving away a Gumball experience so if that sounds interesting ;-) click HERE to enter the contest and maybe I will see you guys in on of the Gumball cities!


  • snowpreacher

    Hej Jon,

    Läste just i Åreidag att årets JOI blir det sista.

    Citerar “Årets JOI blir det sista, säger Jon Olsson i en kommentar till Åreidag.”
    Länk för vidare info:

    Planerar du något nytt till nästa år, eller överger du åre helt?

  • LifeOfLife

    This blog is turning into one big silly marketing place for a handful of sponsors.

  • Osos

    Jon, a quick tour of the RS6 with snapchat would be amazing!

  • SonaMahlin

    Hos come the car is on Monte Carlo plates? Would it not pass in Sweden?

  • Autobahnlover

    Would love to see how well the RS6 performs on the autobahn! 950HP together with quattro AWD have to be insane in terms of accleration :D please make a video of that! (y)

  • Ronnie

    A cool car in tough landscape and a serious production. Well done!
    Will there be any information from you about the other car you were showing during Elmia carshow? Of course I talk about the white LP640. Whats the purpose with that car? I mean if your Audi is the snowplow and the Rebelion is the IKEA wheelbarrow. Whats left? A Murcie lawnmover perhaps..

  • Tim

    Snow car > Show car

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  • Sander

    Freaking awesome! It sure isn’t just a show car!
    I’ll be at Gumball at the ArenA in Amsterdam, will you be there as well?