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Not as planned

This whole fall I was pretty sure that I would be in Sölden racing, when that did not happen I though I would be in London hitting a big air kicker but that did not happen either. So instead I was stuck infront of the TV watching the race in Sölden, seeing skiers that I I have skied even with all fall doing very well. When that was over I got to watch the videos from Freeze big air and to top that off I found a blog draft from London as Oskar had already made it there when I missed my flight.

So the week end was not what I had planned for but I guess that happens. Have lived on the gym instead and built up on my motivation. More stoked then ever to get this ski season started and get back into race mode.

Things never turn out the way you plan so you just have to adopt as well as you can! Was however amazing to watch Ted kill it today in Sölden, taking the win with 2.75 secs, the biggest winning margin since the late 1970s… Nothing short of super impressive! 

I am right now trying to figure out if I should head north to Scandinavia to train or if I should head to Sölden, need the next few weeks to be good so that I am 100% rady for the EC opening in Levi!




8 Responses to “Not as planned”

  1. Jon says:

    Here’s a link to a few more photos just to rub it in what you missed ;) hopefully see you there this year? –

  2. Jon says:

    Makes sense now why I didn’t see you around… Missed Oskar also… You missed a good weekend…

  3. Nils says:

    Jon lika med Swedbank ekorren :) hihi

  4. driver says:

    Are you driving a Rambo-Lambo this winter?

  5. Jolou says:

    Send pics from finland ;)

  6. Jason says:

    shame everything didn’t work out dude – but you have a great mindset when dealing with such situations – onwards & upwards! :)

  7. The shot caller says:

    go to the place with the steepest runs and the best coaches with real world gates to practice gates and then make sure you can ski flat courses well too

    Better conditioning so you are not even winded after 5 races down same hill

    and coaches that time you etc and try to beat everybody by 6 seconds(smile)

    we love you no matter what

    You are in the drivers seat

    Game up

  8. Artem says:

    Jon, is it possible, that in the nearest future we will hear something about rebellion? ;-)

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