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Some great Friday news!

So today was the first time I left the couch since I got back from the surgery. I was a bit nervous to get in the car to go see the physio, but I felt pretty good in the passenger seat of the RS6 with Janni behind the steering wheel, but after 30 mins of check up at the clinic I felt about 100 times better!  

As I have mentioned, I have have been pretty worried about everything and when I saw the swollen and blody knee I was about as stressed and scared as I have ever been (I was so stressed that I could hardly handle the phone to call the clinic)(I know, I am a really tough guy! haha) But when we started to go though all the tests on the knee today to check how the movement and muscle control was I got the feed back that I was doing fantastic! I have full range of motion when extending the leg, very good muscle control over the knee, I can lift my leg up in all different angles etc. I had no idea if that was fully normal of if it was bad that I was not better, but my physio and surgeon was super happy with my results. So that was about the nicest news I could have gotten on a Friday like this! 

So I can really say that the last few days have had its ups and downs, but I guess thats part of the game so I better get used to it! Time for me and Bakke to work on the 2014 Gumball car designs so that should make the afternoon go by quickly!


7 Responses to “Some great Friday news!”

  1. Another skiier says:

    Hi Jon. Why did you decide to take new ACL from patella? Did Jens also had it taken from patella? is it common in sweden? why not from hamstring? taking it from patella makes your knee weaker? thats what i have been told.

    • JON says:

      Hey, I think that in Sweden 98% of ACLs are taken from the hamstring. But after talking to Sofiahemmets top guys, as well as Red Bulls rehab center they all agreed that Patella was the right way to go for me. Its a bigger surgery and rehab is a bit tougher, but the stability that the patella offers is supported to be a little better. Maria PH did however take the hamstring and she is back to the top again so both options seem to be good ones. Jens did also get the patella so we did the exact same thing.
      So no right or wrong, I guess it all depends on the doctor and what they prefer, but it seems like top athletes in sports where the knee is extremely exposed should choose the patella from what i have learnt! Patella makes the patella weaker, but the hamstring makes to hamstring weaker so both have their down sides!


      • Another skiier says:

        My doctor told me that hamstring grows back in time and I agree with this: “I guess it all depends on the doctor and what they prefer,”.

        I was not hoping for answer, but Thank you!

        • JON says:

          My doctors first reaction was that he thought I should do hamstring so it really seems like it does not matter much. Its like a BMW or an AUDI, both great but different!


  2. Manuka says:

    Poles????????????? Get well soon Jon.

  3. Driver says:

    How many poles was it?

    Another one of your Gallardo

    Ypu can use this too if you wish.

  4. Ohlson says:

    Sweet! Kör hårt(men lugnt)!!

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