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The TNT way of training!

What do you do when you don´t have a coach? You head up the lift and set a kick ass course with a couple of friends!

Set myself a sweet 28m distance course and worked on my turnes all afternoon. Then we forgot to pack up in time so the lift closed and we had to go through some hazzle to get our backpacks down that was left at the start. Finally got of the mountain at 5.15. Really long day so I am going straight to bed! 

Heading down to Geneva to pick up Janni tomorrow morning, so stoked to have her back with me!


7 Responses to “The TNT way of training!”

  1. R says:

    Okej, Jon och Oskar.. De e jätte “häftigt” att köra lens flare på ett par bilder men kom igen, nu börjar det bli löjligt överdrivet…!!!

  2. Petter says:

    I thought you said you hired a full time coach a couple weeks back? Whats the deal?

  3. David says:

    Hey! I have to things on my mind. First, the little red colmar logo, the classic one, start using it more! And, Me and a friend is going to catch a flight to München, then rent a car (purpose is skiing) and we were wondering if you have any recommendations. We have been to the alps many times, but wanted to know where the worlds best freestyle-skier goes. It would be great to hear from you! :)

  4. Casey says:

    Why dont you get a coach Jon? it would sure make your goals come quicker.

  5. Christoffer says:

    Halloj Jon!

    Vet inte om du har märkt eller läst men Lambo skall tydligen komma ut med en ny SUV!

    Kanske du får en bil som både kanske är snabb och praktiskt då? ;)

    mvh Finland

    • Christoffer says:


      “An SUV could be cool, but it would have to be the fastest on the planet and look extreme,” said Andrew Romanowski, president of the world’s biggest Lamborghini owners’ club.

      Låter ganska bra! :D

  6. Jon says:


    Hör av dig om du behöver hjälp med att sätta eller dra bana, filma eller nåt annat. Jobbar som skidlärare i Verbier, men är ledig till och med fredag.


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