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Paul Ripke JOI snap shots

During JOI a friend of mine came up to Åre and snapped some super cool shots, so since Bakke is at home and you are stuck mostly wth my facebook updates I thought it was a good time to post them, check out all of Pauls shots here!

Today is a sad day as Janni has to fly back to Sthlm for work, its been amazing to spend more then a month together so it will truly suck to see here leave, but I guess if you feel that way after constant 24/7 hanging, things are pretty good! ;-)

I am here in MC today, tomorrow I will be meeting up with Bakke at a Ring, and thats not any Ring! Its the Nürburgring where a bunch of Audi R8 V10 are waiting for us! Not a bad plan for Tuesday! ;-)


2 Responses to “Paul Ripke JOI snap shots”

  1. ©bruno says:

    Some truly great shots by Paul.

    peace out,

  2. Luiz says:

    So I hope you´ll get to know the old real Ring ;-)

    What do you think about 24h Race at the “Nordschleife” in May? :D

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