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Going West

As Mr Olsson is behind the steering wheel training for Gumball I guess I can make a short blog. : )

As you can see we have a long trip to beautiful Norway. It feels great to leave all the car and gumball stress behind us that has been taken way to much of our time the latest weeks.

Our awesome shipping company, Bellville Rodair, has been super helpful with everything. I can tell you, it is not an easy task to get two cars into American! Our guys at Bellville just sent me a mail with photos from the loading of the cars. They said the container is now on the vessel that leaves for NY tomorrow. Lets hope the pirates will stay away! ;-)


5 Responses to “Going West”

  1. JRG © says:

    Thanks for the pics Oskar, awesome to see the cars a last time before departure :)

  2. Sebastian says:

    Jon you are the king!!

  3. JobReinbergen says:

    Driving the Q7 right now?

  4. Mark B says:

    Oskar, nice blogging skills!! Cars look sweet. Cannot wait to see them driving the streets over here!

  5. Per says:

    ser bra ut…hoppas de kommer fram helskinnade… :-)

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