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Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Photos from Copygram


Random stuff!

Well, today was not an epic day, the light was so flat at times that I could not even see the snow under me on a straight air. We tried to wait it out but it was just one of those days!  So we went back "home" and worked some more after a few hours on the mountain!

Took a few more "random" shots today to mix the blog up a bit  as I am sure that you are sick of me only posing in ski gear on the mountain! haha Cations below!

Almost weather, thought the sun would break through but it just was not strong enough today!

I did however get to mount up my new skis today, love neon yellow so really stoked on my new weapon for the next year!

I have some things in my life in full control, Seppis car is however not one of them… haha Think it needs a cleaning asap!

And I guess the same goes for our room, not cool that we arrived last night and have already managed to spread all of our gear across the room!  Super sweet place though!

And guess whats in our fridge? haha Taco time here in Austria! Praying for som sun tomorrow!


From summer to winter!

Cant believe that this was yesterday afternoon now when I am packing up the car in full winter here in Austria, but I love the contrasts! Weather looks good so I am so pumped to go skiing today!  When I am in Monaco I spend way to much time on the computer and never stop thinking about all the things I have on my todo list. I think the fact that I let go of everything when I go skiing is what I love the most about it, it really is my form of meditation that keeps me balanced!  

Time to go learn some cool stuff! Back with more winter pics this afternoon!


A filmer and a friend

When I was walking over to dinner last night I came to think of what my life would be like it I did not have a filmer with me. I guess I would be a one man show traveling alone all the time and no one to hang out with, as my rehab/comeback schedule is a bit different than most skiers who either compete a ton or spend the whole winter filming in the back country.

So I am so happy to have Seppi with me, both as a filmer and as a friend!  As we spend every single day, all day long together is pretty important that we get along and so far we have made for a killer team, both on and off the slopes which is just as important!

In a couple hours we are back in the car and off to Flachau again for a week, weather looks ok, so hopefully we can bang out another good videoblog, have every single camera charged so maybe its time to take my "selfie stick flip" virginity this week! haha I know we have been slacking on the videos down here in Monaco, but since we both have spend 95% or our time on the computer its not been that much to film, but now with Flachau and Sierra Nevada it will all change! ;-)


New adventures!

Today was a bit of a weird day!  Set the alarm for 6 am an worked like a manic all day, but I just kept having the feeling that I did not get anything done and I felt useless, not even a run along the water helped me today. So I said fuck it and went downstairs and had a glass of wine at Cafe Ariston to just relax a bit. Then I got an e mail confirming that what I had been working on for a few months was now a done deal. You know I like new companies and I work with a few already but I have had discussions with a new start up that is just awesome that I now closed my investment in. Will be a couple of week before I can say what it is but it really turned my day around and now I am just super pumped!

Love when shit days end in a great way and I can't wait to get this started, its really a kick ass concept thats just amazing so I can't wait to see what the future brings with this! Just had to jump in and let you guys know as I am so excited! Just feels like I won a big contest! haha


Almost there!

Building a new website always seems like such a great plan, but as with everything it takes up way more time than planned! haha Pretty much done with the new one now though, just a couple of updates logos and tweaks left! Been working on my car gallery the last few days, so fun to see all the cars I have ever owned! ;-)  Stay tuned for the new site to drop (mobile friendly this time). Will keep updating it with more old stuff over the next few weeks as more and more old pics re dropping into my mail every day! Hope you guys will like it!

Grey here in Monaco today so it will be a full work/work out day! Need to get everything ready before we head to the snow again!


In a rut?

Ever since I left for Japan I feel like I have been in a bit of a rut, sure skiing has been awesome and I have gotten a ton of work done, but I have felt a little low on energy. I guess all the jet lag and traveling got me to start eating bad, sleeping weird hours and slacking on my work out regime! I think once you fall into this rhythm its so hard to get out of it even if you know whats wrong, but when you come down from the mountain exhausted after 6 hours of skiing, its not that easy to pull yourself up and go to the gym or to cook good health food. 

But since I came down to Monaco I have really tried to turn this around and work on all aspects to get back to that killer mode back. Today was however the first day that I felt like I am almost there. I was dead tired after a 4am wake up call and a 6 hour trip from Sweden, but I dragged myself out there and worked out harder than I have in a long time, and I realized that the more I sweated the better I felt!

I am sure a lot of you guys recognize these dips and know how much they suck, I know I need reminders sometimes how good you feel when you do things right so I guess I was hoping that this blog post would inspire at least a few of you to remember how good it feels when you take the time to do things right! ;-)  


Back at home!

Well that turned out to be an intense week end, 48 hours ago I did not even have a ticket and now I am back here in Monaco after a trip to Sweden! But the 11 hours it took me to get back and forth was totally worth the 31 hours I got to spend with Janni! ;-) Had a great dinner last night with Ako and Alexandra at Un Poco. Had been there once and it was just as good as I remember it, for sure one of the best restaurants I have been to in the last year and maybe even the best service I have had at a restaurant, so if you are in Sthlm, make sure to try it out, their tasting menuy is just incredible! Stole the pics from Alex blog, so fun to hang out with these guys, always happy and stoked on life!

Right now I am off to the gym to see how my knee is feeling, has felt 100% 98% of the time, but a couple times a day that sore feeling comes back, but now I am sick of it so we are off to Flachau Winkl on Wednesday so hopefully it will be 100% by then, have not been this bummed to not be able to ski in a long time, just loving it right now!


Checking in!

Was going to have a computer free day and spend every single minute with Janni, but since she had to throw a blog online I thought I would jump in and say hi! ;-)  Landad at midnight last night and flying back at 5am tomorrow morning. Might be the shortest trip I have ever done to just hang out with Janni, but I know that we might not see each other more than a few days in the next month so it was totally worth it!

Not in love with the weather forecast for the next week, but my knee feels better every day so I think we will have to ignore the weather and just drive back up to Flachau, was so fired up last week so want to keep improving and learning new things!


Mr “Lets just do it”

So this morning I wrote a schedule for the next few days, but then today when I was out running a great song came on in my head phones I realized how much I missed Janni and the fact that I will not see her in a while since we are both traveling a ton right now. So I stopped right there in the rain, called back to Seppi and asked him if he could find me a flight to Sthlm tonight so that I could see Janni for at least a few hours this month! So I am off to Sthlm at 19.45 tonight, have yet to book a ticket back here, but I have a lot of meetings on Monday here in Monaco so I think it will be a 24 hour trip, but life is to short to not go for fun random trips so I am stoked that I am crazy (stupid?) enough to fly to Sweden to see my girl for 24 hours! haha

So see you guys in Sthlm tomorrow morning, or back in Monaco if I end up taking a morning flight! ;-) Knee felt ok while running which was great but I think it needs a few more days before its really to take heavy landings again!


We have a plan!

So finally our plan for the next few weeks has fallen into place, have been working on it for a while and yesterday I finally got it confirmed that we can head down to Sierra Nevada and ski for a three weeks! I have always wanted to see that place as I have heard so many good things about it from all the people that drive up from Marbella (only two hours fro there). Plus the fact that I have never been there, and as you know one of my goals this year was to see new places so I am super stoked to see what its like to ski in Spain! From the few shots I found on Instagram the park looks epic and it seems like that place is heaven when it comes to backrops on pictures!  What makes this trip even more fun is that Simon Dumont will be joining us, so it feel like I am time traveling back to 2005 when we used to ski a ton together, think this could be a super epic trip with great skiing, awesome food and maybe some golf if the weather gets bad up on the mountain! ;-) the Ultimate ski trip? 

So my schedule for the next few weeks will look like this!

  • 21-25th of Feb Monaco (exact dates depends on the weather in Flachau)
  • 26-3rd of March Flachau Winkl
  • 4-27th of March Sierra Nevada
  • 28-30 of March Odlo shoot
  • 1st of April  Secret event (Will tell you guys more soon, but some super exciting stuff)
  • 2-5th of April Monaco Rest up before JOI
  • 6-19th of April Åre for JOI

How cool is this on the top of the mountain! I want to build a jump in front of this thing!  Would be great for Instagram likes! haha ;-)

Awesome backdrop!

Two pics from the World Cup finals in Sierra Nevada from 2013!