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Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Photos from Copygram


To many pictures!

The first day we had in Japan was great, but it was nothing compared to the second one! Oscar snapped off over 900 pictures today so I am going to use the fact that it will take a while to go trough all of them as a great excuse to get some sleep before blog about it! Spent 7 hours skiing non stop with sled toes today so right now I am so tired that I am about to cry! haha  (I am not very good at functioning at all when I am overly tired) ;-)

See you guys in the morning with a bunch of pics! Lights out here in Niseko, Japan after what could have been the best powder day I have ever had!



In my book this was pretty much an epic day, so talking to the locals here who says that January has been weird and not very good was actually a bit funny! haha If this is not very good, whats this place like on a really good day? Got up early and tried to find as much pow as we could, some of it was tracked out from yesterday but as you can see it was still pretty freaking good! 

So fun to explore the mountains here and figure out this place! Have snowmobiles lined up for tomorrow so thats should be even better as we would like to get some more stuff on video which is a little hard when you have to chase untracked stuff in the resort! 

Completely dead from a long day on the mountain which together with Jet lag is a deadly combination, so I am off to a hot bath in order to be ready for tomorrow! Japan rocks so if you want to see this place as well, I can really recommend you guys to head over to Xtravel and let them help you out, has been 10 points so far for us!


We are in heaven!

I think we just arrived to heaven!!! I can't remember last time I saw this much snow!  When we turned around the corner to Freedom Inn that Xtravel had booked us into it almost felt like we were in a movie, simply breathtaking with all the snow!

Wake up call in 6 hours so have to to get some sleep! 40 cm of fresh today so it could be alright tomorrow! ;-)  


Touchdown Japan

And we are finally in Japan! Had a lovely flight over thanks to a nice SAS point upgrade!  Have about a million miles that I never use so when I fly SAS I always try to get an upgrade and this time we were lucky! Right now we are waiting for our flight to Sapporo, but all flights today up there have been cancelled due to HEAVY snow, so we we will have to see what happen, but as long as thats the reason, I am totally OK with it! haha

If we do get to fly, we have a rental carwaiting and about a two hour drive up to Niskeo where we will stay the first 4 nights. As I honestly did not know anything about pow skiing in Japan I contacted Eric at Xtravel who organize trips there, so they have hooked it all up for us, feels good to know that we are in safe hands up there! ;-) Cant wait to go explore the deep snow!


Ready to go!

Finally a minute to rest! Been running around all day collecting gear, but now I think I have it all, a big thanks to Alpingaraget for always helping me out with anything I need! Extra stoked on the new Head Thrasher boot, its a full on free ride boot that is developed at the race department at Head, so not only does it have the look, it has all the tech that Head has to offer in it! Its been a long time since I was this stoked to go on a trip, can't wait to really get to experience Japan!  I have been twice before, but as most place I have visited over the past 10 years, I have arrived, competed and not seen much at all. I think thats the thing I like the most this year, that I am relaxed and able to take in everything I get to see and really take the time to appreciate it!

I am sure you guys have noticed on the blog that I am very positive to life at the moment. If you would have dived into my brain over the past few years I think you would have found a lot more insecurity about what I am doing than I have shown. I have not slept that well and I have had quite a bit of anxiety even though things have been going well. Not sure why but I guess I have not known where I wanted to go in life. That almost all gone right now, both thanks to the fact that i am back doing what I love with no pressure, but also because I have a few new projects that is about to be launched, so the transition from skiing to normal life in a few years feel much more in place. I finally feel like I have a clear plan for the next 10 years!

A little personal blog, but sometimes it feels good to just write down my thoughts in here! Time to sleep, a good 24 hours of travel tomorrow!


Orange kitchen!

Since a lot of you guys wanted to see more "behind the scenes" stuff on the blog and not only perfect ski days I thought I would show you guys my wonderful kitchen here in Monaco! haha Its probably built in the lat 70s and even though it gets the job done it would be nice to give it a little upgrade! In the past I have not cared as I have had most of my meals at restaurants, but with my recent cooking stoke, I think its time to upgrade it!

Made some sweet potato in the owen, garlic spinach, salad and moms special chicken, tasted better than it looked! ;-)

This trip we have only had one meal outside the apartment as both me and Janni have been on the computer 12 hours a day, but its been a great trip with health living and good food! Off to Sthlm tomorrow as we are all flying SAS to Tokyo on Saturday, (Bakke, Janni, Seppi, Bakkes GF), so this means a little extra flying for me, but I rather do that then fly alone from Nice! Super mega pumped for this trip!


Night working

I never thought I would be in bed at 00.17 AM stoked to work. Over the past 10 years I have always been a morning person who do my best job between 4-10am as I feel rested and nothing disturbs me. I have never been able to work at night as I feel to tired to deal with anything, and to stupid to do anything smart. 

The last few weeks have been a bit different as I have been able to get some sort of work done later in the day, but today I am breaking new ground as I am still feeling fresh and stoked to work at midnight! So I tried to figure out why I feel like this and the only reson I can think of is that for the first time in 10 years I think I have most of my things under control. Not just my inbox, but all the things I need to do in order to feel calm. So the question is if it was this simple to find more time to work? Was a little planning and structure all I needed? Sure hope so as I love these extra work hours I have found! Have gotten a ton of stuff done and my inbox is empty (this does not mean you should send me an e mail! haha) and I feel ahead of the game!

Eiter way, I think its time to put down the computer and try to get some sleep!  Lots of meetings on the schedule tomorrow!


New year, new goals!

As you know one of my new years resolutions is to work out every single day no matter what. I know that a big part of that is getting the right energy in my body, so that is why I am very happy to announce my new diet supplement partner Fitnessguru. I have used their products for a while but mostly when i have been in Sthlm with Janni and stolen some of the stuff she had from them, but now I will be able to have all their products with me all winter long. I know that easting right when I travel as I do is far from easy so having a shaker and a bar in the car will make a he difference when it comes to sustaining energy levels on long days, and I will need it in order to keep my new years resolution! If you have yet to try the products you can find them online on make sure to try out the bars, they are by far the best ones out there!
Had a killer work out on the beach with Janni right outside my building, not my favorite kind of work out as there are no bars or heavy weights, but its good to do a million body weight exercises to push the mental side of things sometimes!  Most of all, feels great right now when its done! (As you can see the color of the water was crazy today for some reson, actually the real deal and no crazy PS job! ;-) )



Even if I have rolled into Monaco a million times it never gets old! I love this weird little country!  

Left Sthlm and the snow at 05.50 this morning and landed in Nice and the sun at 10.30 (39€s later, love Norwegians winter prices) after a nice scenic flight! As pretty much everything is closed in MC on Sundays I have done the best I could with the food I had in the fridge but tomorrow its grocery getting time. Have become really stoked on cooking lately so I am going to work on my food skills this week! Healthy, cheap and fun! Cooked this for Janni last night, one of my better dishes so far!  Practice makes perfect! ;-)


Work out mode!

If its one thing that I have realized is more true than I would have thought when I first heard it, is that you become a lot like the 10 people you hang out with the most. So the few days I spend in Stockholm I try to hang out with Gustaf as he helps me build the healthy side of my life! (and we always have great work discussions as he is also running I cant truly reccomend that you guys spend 5 mins to think about who you hang out with and think about if they match what you want to be more like, I have found that it truly makes a huge difference in life! Had a great work out last night with a ton of Snatch technique training and a murder crossfit WOD this morning! Cant hold my arms up right now, but I feel so much better after two days of working out than two nights at a night club which would have been the case a couple of years ago!

Have a taxi booked to the airport at 5am tomorrow to head home for a few days before Japan as I have a few meetings to take care of! Super stoked to start the renovation plans there as well!

Over all I just have to say that I am just so much happier this year than I have ever been, I feel like I have learnt a ton about myself and managed to stick to what makes me happy! ;-)