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Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
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We are up and running!

So stoked right now, just got back from the arena after the first day of training and even though the wind made it a bit difficult for the riders, we have now seen that the kicker works and most importantly that the test jumps went well. As an organizer I am so nervous when the first guy hit the jump as judging speed on this thing can be pretty tricky!  Alex Aurdahl stepped up to the plate and nailed the speed right of the back and a few jumps later jesper threw off some huge double backflips!

Its funny with the JOI kicker, the boys usually always suck the first day as its a kicker that takes some getting used to, but by the end of the week the all seem to dial it in and crush it. Had a chat with Pk and he just sat the training out as he has been here for 10 years and always seems to find his groove in the last few jumps before the comp!

Feeling good about everything and I feel more onto of every detail so I think I should shut down my computer and rest for a few hours. But first I want to remind you to check back in the morning as we have a little fun video coming out… ;-)  Lots of things going on this week, but that just the way I like it!


Videoblog one-JOI

Just a little videoblog from yesterdays arrivals! Kind of fun to work with video again! ;-)

A little tired after a late night last night, but the wind looks like it has died down so it should be go time on the kicker in a few hours so that gets me excited!  Cant wait for what the boys will come up with! Stay tuned for more JOI undated, I have to book some last minute flight tickets, the best part of organizing! haha


JOI- Lets get started!

So its that time again when Åre village is filling up with the best skiers in the world to battle it out on the JOI kicker and BAC dual slalom! Today was arrival day and we picked the boys up in a hell, and RS6 and a RS7, seemed like they enjoyed it! ;-)

Weather wise things did not work out so well so we had to cancel the first training, but since we have 5 days of training its no biggie. That the beauty when you plan for the worst possible scenario! In a bit we are heading over to Bygget for a little JOI pre party which should be super fun, have not seen the boys in a while so I expect nothing but an epic night. Feel really good about this years event, things are under control and as long as the weather gods dont hate us completely we are going to have an amazing week, actually we are going to have an amazing week no matter what so life is good! ;-)

Crill is working on the Betsafe video blog so we will post that as soon as its done, full speed on updates this week so stay tuned!


The next big thing?

When I stared video blogging 10 years ago I did that as I wanted to show the audience what it actually took to get a single shot in a ski movie and how much time and effort it actually took to get that one blue bird day and the perfect shot. I had no interest in writing a blog as I almost failed in Swedish and English classes, but over the years I wrote a million e mails and got a little better at it. But when I realized that the views on video blogs went down as there was so much contact coming out everywhere, I decided to give a regular blogs chance as I think people wanted quicker info and the 5 mins video blogs got a much smaller audience. At first I took all the pictures myself but after a while I hired Bakke to follow me around as I wanted to increase the quality of the blog.

During this time I did not use Facebook much as I felt that whatever I put there would just take visits away from my own platforms, but when Facebook usage changed over time it worked great together. When Instagram came along I started using that as well while trying to combine all channels in the best possible way to not post the exact same thing everywhere.
Over the past few weeks I have read about Snapchat and their enormous growth but I have not seen a way for me to use it as I thought it was more or less an app for people to send stupid stuff to each other. Then I thought about how all the other channels have changed over time. Facebook went from status update to pictures but when instagram came along the pictures disappeared and was replaced by links. In the beginning Instagram was more raw and real than it is now, people posted what they did and did not care much about the picture quality, now its all perfect pics and a very polished insight to peoples life. So the way I look at it is that Snapchat could be the new "real" Instagram as people are always in search of new things. Just look at Facebook, when the younger generation started using Instagram more, the older generation was just getting into Facebook, now I see the older generation getting into Instagram as well when leads me to believe that the younger generation will be finding new platforms.
So I created an account a few days ago where I started to upload a bunch of random videos and photos that I would normally not use on Instagram or Facebook, I guess the fact that they are gone a day after they are posted means that you upload a lot more unplanned things which makes the flow more real. I would personally like to follow the people that I follow on Instagram on Snapchat to see the ”real” stuff so I hope that this is something that could happen in the future. 
I always find it interesting to follow social media trends and see how they can be used in the best possible way both for me and my partners. I have found that the key to finding success in social media channel is to not be to late on it as its always easier to create a big following if you are early with it. And a channel that is as real as possible is always a very interesting one.
So if you want to see the stuff I don’t post anywhere else make sure to check it out on Snapchat under Jonolsson1 
Here in Åre all is set with riders arriving today, have arrayed a hell, my RS6 and a RS7 for them to chose from at the Airport transfer so its time to get the 10th year anniversary started!

I do realize that we should have a few more videobog when I see this old video, it is a bit tough to have the time for it, but I promise that we are going to start doing these again! ;-)

The new Candide?

Over the years there has only been one Candide and he was the man, he had the style, the tricks and most importantly, he was just crazy and loved to do insane stuff! I don't think that anyone has matched the stuff he has done even if some kids might have done more flips. But when I saw this video of Jesper Tjäder, the only person I could think of was Candid, as this is something Candid and no one else would consider doing!

I remember when I sent Jesper a message on 5 years ago inviting him to come shoot with us in Norway as I saw something special in this kid. Since then Jesper has been killing it, but its not been until this year that he has really taken the big step, and with this crazy mega double backflip I think I would now rank him as my favorite free skier to watch, much tanks to him reminding me of the good old days when Candide ruled the world! Just have a look at this video and you will see what I mean, can't wait to see what Jesper comes up with next week!

Up here in Åre things are good, its great to get up at 6am on a Saturday and get to work as no one replies back so you get a ton of stuff done! That way I can ear up to the gym and do some rehab with a peace of mind, something thats been a bit tough over the past few days as its been non stop with craziness!


An EPIC day!

I think that this morning will end up on my top 3 best mornings ever list! Unfortunately I have to be a little secret on what we did as we are working on a video blog, but on Thursday you will find out what we did and I am sure that you will understand that I rank this day that high… ;-)

Spent some time in the hell mid day and took some pics of the JOI kicker that is taking shape.Its a little bigger than last year and this year we wanted to bring back the old school iconic shape of the kicker and so ar I think its look great! With the perfect weather today I did get a huge urge to hit the kicker as it just stood there with a mega soft landing…. ;-)

Got up at 04.30 so I am kind of dead right now, but at the same time sure stoked so I think that an episode of Entourage is just what I need tonight!


JOI is getting close!

When I look at my schedule I usually think that I have a smart plan, but most of the time things change and you end up with way to many things at the same time! Have a special project that we have been trying to get of the ground for a while that now seems to be coming together just when we are about to go into final preparations for JOI, so the timing is far from ideal as I really really don't have the time for it. Its however something super fun so incase it works it will totally be worth it! ;-)

At JOI things are looking good, kicker should be done today, so we have 4 full days of just fine tuning the kicker before the first training kicks off. So over all I kind of feel like I am in control of most things.

Got an e mail yesterday from a partner that wanted to know what event company we are using for the event production as they want their event to look just as good. And I felt proud to say that we do it all ourselves. Over the years I have put together a team that is fantastic at what they do and with this being the 10th year we have it pretty dialed in!

  • I do all the planning, formats, design of the arean and branding together with Bakke.
  • Håkan my manger doing the financial heavy lifting
  • Patrik Svärd and Magus in in charge of the branding production in the arena
  • David Ny and David Kantermo makes sure the kicker is perfect

So its a super tight crew up here, but I think thats the key to the success we have had over the years that we are all very close to the event and we are all involved to a certain point on all areas so we know whats going on!

Right now I have to book some flights for judges and put together the lodging lists and party budgets, not my favorite part of the event, but someone has to do it! ;-) Will run over to the arena in a few and shoot some pics so you see the progress! This shot was taken yesterday morning so a lot has happened since then and we will not stop shaping until the jump is better than ever!


Dubai World Cup

There we go, my mind is now put at ease once again after seeing the surgeon today. I might have been a bit more nervous than I have admitted on here with my stiches that are jumping out through the skin. To be honest its been a little hard to work and stay focused when thinking about why my knee was bleeding here and there. But after a visit at Sofia hemmet I feel good again as my surgen described it " as dangerous as a zit on the nose". So I guess I should stop worrying as much as I do! haha

Either way it feels good to be back on normal rehab schedule and know that all is well!

Below are some pics from our last afternoon in Dubai, went to see the Dubai World Cup which is crazy horse race with 10 million dollars in first prize!  Personally I did not understand the excitement in the race, but it was incredible to see the arena and all the people at this event, dressed up does not even start to describe it! ;-) It was an epic trip and I can't wait to back again! Think I am off to Åre in the morning to start working on JOI, so things are just the way they should be, in total full speed! ;-)


Water world

Most of the things we have done in Dubai have been very sweet, but I think that yesterdays boat trip did top it off! We had rented a 78 foot yacht for the day which we took for a cruise around Dubais waters. Was incredible to get to see the city from the water perspective and just soak in the sun all day! Once again my hat goes off to Betsafe for really going all in on this trip!

Got to Sthlm a few hours ago, seeing the physio tomorrow and mayby the surgeon as well as my body seems to reject the suture stitches that are supposed to be absorbed by the body, but mine seem to want to crawl out of my scar on a few places and one decided to become a bit infected so that kind of sucked as it will not heal up until its removed. So a little set back, but I am not swollen, sore or stiff so hopefully it will heal up fast once they are removed! But one thing is clear, I am not born to be a warrior, as soon as I see fluid coming out I feel like I am going to pass out from fear of what it is! ;-) Thankfully I have had some good SMS support so that calmed me down a bunch!

As our bodys are on Dubai time I think it will be a very early night for us, even if the flight was smooth I still feel kind of exhausted!


Sand racing!

So here is the next activity that we checked off the list here in Dubai, had heard about the dessert safaris but I just thought that it would be kind of a scenic semi boring dessert drive, not a full on manic tour up and down steep sand dunes where I was sure that we would flip over half the time! So this is something that I can recommend for sure, they truly go all in with their driving and it was amazing to sit along for the ride!

After that we had a great lunch with some camel riding and to top it of we all got a nice local outfit! ;-)

Will be back with an update from today as soon as I have imported the pics! To many things going on! haha