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Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Photos from Copygram



We it sure seems like we drove in the right direction! haha Got in to Vierli last night and I have tio say that it was an amazing feeling to drive on the small curvy snow covered roads with more and more snow on the trees the deeper into the mountains we got! Staying in a nice little cabin right by the ski resort, sure this is in the middle of nowhere but I think thats the beauty of it, I love it up here!

I did however wake up with a bit of sore throat this morning so I was kind of glad to hear that it was only night skiing today so i got to rest for a bit! Stay tuned for more updates from the winter wonder land, can't wait to go skiing and take a million runs to make up for the lack of snow over the past few weeks!


Video blog 9 – Lapoint surf camp Morocco

Now this is what I call extreme contrasts! We just arrived to Vierli in Norway after 2100km, full blown snow storm outside, felt incredible to get out of the car and be in full on winter! Crazy that we left Morocco 3 days ago and have had time to be in Monaco and Laax since then! haha

Hope you enjoy this little video, I hope the scenery comes though, this place was truly amazing and I can really recommend everyone to go! Thanks to Lapoint and Tarik for hooking us up down there! 


Team No Problem

If its one thing from my childhood that it seems that I really brought with me, its my dads attitude towards driving. If there is somewhere you want to go to and you can drive there, than there is never a problem!  I remember once when he drove me and Hans 400km to a ski resort to ski for a few hours and then 400km back that same night. 

So we drove up to Laax last night, went up the mountain this morning and when the park was closed due to wind (only the small park on the glacier is open) I got all bummed out and called Filip at Field Productions who I knew was in Vierli in Norway, and asked how the par was. He said it was two great medium kickers, but you could ski two sessions, one at day and one at night and the lift ride was super super short. This convinced me as I want as many jumps as possible under my belt, and left face it, glaciers are time consuming to get up on and they usually have long lift laps. So 30 mins after that we got down we were all packed up and on our way to Norway. 
My initial plan was to drive like the wind and make the ferry from Denmark to Norway, but thanks to a total shot down traffic jam on the Autobahn that costed us 2 hours that plan died. So this means an extra 500km via Sweden. Passing Gothenburg in an hour so have a hours left, not sure if we will stay and sleep for a little or just power through it! Fun with crazy plans like this though, feels crazy that we skied Switzerland this morning and now (23.32) we are in Sweden! haha Lets just hope that the drive pays off with some good jumps!

We have a destination!

After about 1000 texts, e mails and phone calls we finally have a destination! Flying over to the US was cut out as all the tickets we could find were pretty bad, and for only a few days it would most likely be more hazzle than skiing! Sierra Nevada would have been sick as I have never been there, but not enough snow yet. Andorra same thing. Austria has Hintertux and Stubai but since I have spent a ton of time there we opted for Laax instead. Just got a text saying its great so thats were we are going! By the look of this picture from 10 days ago I think its well worth checking out! Maybe not the biggest kickers, but since its cold up there I guess its just going to get better and I still have a lot of basics to get back so I dont need mega kickers quite yet!

One of my big goals for this year was to do things differently and see new places that was hard to find time for when I was competing, so heading up to Laax and cross another ski resort off my list will be great! Cant wait to get on a lift tomorrow morning!  But first some more e mails here in Monaco as its only a 5 hour drive up there! ;-)  Stoked!


Morocco – Monaco

Sometimes you find good flights and sometimes you find bad ones, today it took us 12h door to door from Morooco to Monaco so I guess thats one of the bad ones! ;-) Just got back from a great dinner where I had time to check up on the snow situation and it seems like Europe is really hurting in terms of snow and good parks. So right now we are debating weather we should book a ticket to the US tomorrow morning. Can't really decide as I would love to stay in Europe but at the same time I would love to hit some good kickers to keep the progression going!

Will decide here in the next 2 hours so either the next blog will be us packing the car or getting a taxi to the airport!  What do you guys think we should do? ;-)  




Yesterday we drove south and spent the day scoping waves along sand dunes, today we drove north and all of a sudden I felt like I was in Hawaii with big crazy hills! This place really surpassed all my expectations! Today we saw goats climbing around in trees in the morning, had fresh fish right on the beach, surfed an incredible sun set session and drove back home once the sun had set, a true 10 point day!

Had an amazing trip down here but tomorrow we fly back to Monaco where we pick up the car and drive north to the snow, love the contrasts that traveling offers! A huge thanks to LaPoint and Tarik for showing us this incredible country, can't wait to come back soon again! Should have a video blog ready when we land in Monaco so you guys get to see some moving images! ;-)


I know this post turned into a bit of a photo bomb, but I could not help myself! As the swell was tiny in the Taghazout area we drove south to try to find some waves. Love driving around this country as its culture is totally new to me and driving along the coast on sand dunes looking for waves was just incredible! Found some pretty good ones and it was great to get some lefts(as I totally suck on rights), Seppi has been filming all of it so a Videoblog is in the making! Not incredible waves but I guess one was powerful enough to snap Peters board! Ended the day in a small fishing village with a freshly grilled fish right on the beach, was a bit skeptical when I first saw the front of the "restaurant" but it turned out to be the best fish I had ever had!

Last day of surfing today so hopefully we will find some more waves! Does anyone know what the weather is doing in the alpes? Is Laax getting some snow? Have the car loaded and ready so all we need to do is to decided were to drive it! ;-)  


Achor point

When I woke up this morning at 05.50 I will admit that walking 20 minutes over to a surf break to put on a cold wet wetsuit was a little hard to pick over a warm bed with a sleeping Janni sleeping in it! ;-)  But I dragged myself out of bed and walked over, and I am sure glad I did, had the place to our selves for almost an hour and I can't say how amazing it was to be alone out there watching the sun rise over the horizon! Pulled down a few screen grabs from Seppis film camera so please excuse the quality, but I had to show at least a couple surf shots to show you have nice it was out there!

Spent the rest of the day chilling on the beach with the girls as my body was dead from the mooring surf. Got back to La Points surf camp where we are staying 30 mins ago. Amazing view from the roof terrace where you can see the village of Taghazout. Loving this place and all the things we get to see, truly a new experience for me!

A little road trip with a 3 time Moroccan surf champion tomorrow so I can't wait to see some more of this incredible country! 



Well we sure got a kick start to this trip, woke up at 6am and walked 20 minutes under the moon light over to Anchors point where we surfed alone for 45 minutes in the sun rise, just amazing!  I do wish that my arms were in better shape as I felt like one big noodle after 30 minutes, haha but I did get a few rides and had a ton of fun out there! 

Trying to make the most of it as we only have 3 more days here before we are back in the snow, so I guess the alarm clock will be set pretty early tomorrow as well! ;-)  As you can see this place is kind of scenic! 



Before I pack into my room at La Point surf camp here in Agadir I thought I would show you a few pick from our flight down here, was a super scenic flight down here, crazy contrasts between snowy mountains and red dessert hills!

Rumors say that its a great swell that is coming in tomorrow so I better get a good nights sleep so I am at least half way ready! Super stoked!