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Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Photos from Copygram



I can finally say that I feel ok to run! This injury has been a very interesting journey so far. At times you feel like you get better everyday and sometimes it feels like nothing happens for months. I kind of felt like i could run 3 months ago, but not very well, so you figured that it would be ok 2 months ago, but it actually took me 6 full months before I felt normal running. It never hurt but it just felt a little strange, so that is why I am super happy that it felt great yesterday.

The only bad part is that it makes me want to go skiing, but I am going to try to be strong and wait it out until I am 110%. So right now me and Janni are off to St tropez for a romantic Sunday! 


Sunny Saturday

I think its about time for me to travel again. Being down here, chilling on the beach and doing the same things day after day are getting a bit tough to blog about!  But since this is what I am up to I hope that it will be okey for a few more days! ;-) Had another amazing day on the beach jumping up and down of the water all day long, after having been in a pool all summer in Marbella its nice to dive into the sea!

The first few years when I was here we would always spend the beach days on the beach just infront of my building, but after having found the MC beach club its hard to go back, sure their pizza is crazy prized, but its actually worth it! 

Off to a power walk with Janni in the sun set in half an hour and I figured that I would test my jogging skill a bit more today to see how that feels for my knee, everything else has been feeling great for the past few weeks so I am sure that it will be ok! Think we will have an early night as we are driving over to St tropez tomorrow, love the riviera right now when the summer craziness has died down a bit!


Our day

It sure helps to have you blogger girl around when you have your own blog, that way you always have a camera with you so that makes everything way easier! Below are some cations of what we did today!

Me and Janni getting ready for lunch after a nice morning where we had time to work a few hours and hit the gym!

Lunch at Spere which is in the Meteropole shopping mall. My friends have the best lunch restaurant in Monaco there so I end up coming for lunch every day! Always a chicken breast withs one curry sauce on the side and a little bowl of pasta!

Getting ready to kill a piece of pasta!

After that I helped Moody to pick up his car at Mclaren and I have to give it to the, they sure have nice view from the parking lot!

A fast wagon and a fast sports car!

Posing for the cam, trying to look cool! ;-)

Not a bad view!

And a nice girl!

And Janni infront of my building! Coming on 10 years down here now, can't believe how time has flied!

Off to dinner in a bit, not sure where but we are thinking Ciprianis or Budda Bar, can't decide! Hope you guys have a great Friday night!


Thumbball ep 2

Last night I went out to eat and I have to say that even if the food was good, I am not sure it was worth the cost. I just hate eating when I feel like I am over paying things so when i saw Warners Thumball and how he is trying to make it from New Hampshire to Miami on a total of 100 USD (including food, lodging and  transporting for 2500km) I felt even worse about my expensive dinner! haha I just love Warners amazing attitude and I can't wait to hang out with this man again, his amazing attitude to life just brings happiness to everyone! I remember one time in Colorado when I needed to go to Aspen so he told me to take his car, he was going the next day so I said that I can work around it so I can leave tomorrow, but he told me to go now as he wanted like hitchhike there…? ;-)

Picking up Janni at the airport tonight so I am really looking forward to that, have not seen her for 2 weeks but it fels more like 2 months! So right now its super cleaning time to make this place sparkle!



A few weeks after surgery I had a discussion about long distance relationships with a friend. I told him that Janni is the best and that we have never had a single fight, but he was not to impressed as he said that we dont see each other to often so its way easier for us. Now we have been able to hang out pretty much every single day for the past 6 months and I am happy to say that nothing has changed. Our record is still clean without a single fight in 3 years! The only problem I have now is that when winter starts I am going to be traveling like usual and with Jannis success with her blog she is almost booked more than I am, so it will be a good scheduling challenge in order for us to spend enough time together, but I guess we are just going back to the way things were before I got injured so we should be totally fin with some good planninge. I will however admit that its been a great 6 months to get a feel for "normal" life when you actually get to see your love for more than 5 days a month! haha

The good thing this winter is that i can follow Janni on her blog so I see what she is up to, but when I see pics like the ones she posted this morning it kind of makes me want to fly to Sthlm and see her! (And be her personal back stage photographer) ;-) So good thing she is doing down on Thursday so I can see her in 3D again!  Cant wait!


That feeling!

If its one thing that I missed over the past few months its that feeling you have when you wake up after a nice squatting session, sure it might suck to be super sore but at the same time it feels great! Went hard yesterday on the gym with front squats for the first time since the survey, up until now its been a lot of knee specific exercises which does not really give the the same feeling the next day. Left the weights pretty low as I am still in a phase where I dont know how hard I can push, so I went for a lot of sets and high reps instead and it seems like it did the job. My knee feels fantastic and my legs and ass are sore as hell! haha 

Worked out at the Meterople hotel gym and I can see why there was 3 Veyrons parked outside as the locker rooms felt like a 7 star spa with everything one could ever need, even a nice robe and flippers! (Not that I used them but it was a nice detail when I opened the locker) ;-)


RS6 with Milltek Exhaust!

So here comes a little mini video blog with the RS6. We had bigger plans with a few other cars but the schedule did not work out! Hope you guys like it, feels fun to work with video again and by the time the snow falls I think I will be back in it!! Thanks ot Milltek for being crazy enough to create a system like this and Stertman for a great installation!


Trying to be smart!

So this morning I read that Tom Wallish was back on skis and since we had the exact same surgery at the exakt same time I can't wait to hear how he feels. I know that I could start skiing now, but I also know myself pretty well and since my knee is feeling as good as it does, I know that I would have a super hard time holding back once I was on snow. So I am trying to take the smart approach and wait it out a bit longer. With ACL injuries you muscles are usually OK to ski after 6 months, but the new ACL does get stronger and stronger all the way until 9-10 months. So together with my physio we decided to play it safe and really wok hard on rehab and make sure to be 110% ready once I go back on snow. Usually not the way I choose to do things, but as I plan on skiing for many years to come, I figured that its better to give it a few extra weeks and head back on snow in late October. Although that seems really far away right now! ;-)

Off to the gym with a ton of motivation right now!


Video in progress!

This is what we were up to last night! Had planned to shoot the Huracan but we could not get the scheduling right so I thought it was about time to get some good sounds clips of the RS6. So we headed up to La Turbie as the roads up there are amazing and did a little filming. Seppi who was down here will edit the stuff tomorrow once he gets back home to Germany so should be online tomorrow night, nothing super special, but if you like station wagons that sounds a lot, I am sure you will like the video! haha

Just got back home after a great long meal at the Hotel Meteropole, so nice to have dinner early and talk about life!  But right now its time to get some knee exersizes done before I go to bed! Monday morning means full speed so I want to be fully rested and ready for all the week will offer!


Meridien breakfast

If its one thing I am really bad at that I know I should get better at its eating breakfast. I just have such a hard time feeling any urge to eat for the first few hours so I end up waiting a long time before I eat at all. I do believe that I am getting closer to change that, have been forcing myself to eat for the past few weeks and this morning I woke up super hungry so I figured that I would take the opportunity and walk over to Meridien and have a taste of their amazing breakfast! Their buffet is killer and eating it outside by the ocean makes it even better! 

Just hoping that I can keep feeling like this as I know it will be good for me to get a proper meal in the morning! Today I have a airport drop off, gym and work on the schedule, but its been nice to have a guest and the "human interaction" its been given me! haha Think I am one step closer to finding a great filmer for the winter so I am stoked!