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Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
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About time!

Even though Janni has been telling me to get a hair cut for a while now I have been to lazy to get it done!  But when my lunch date rescheduled I decided to make time for it and cut of some of that fast growing hair! So now I feel presentable again! ;-)

Just came back from a great dinner, went out to eat something fance by never found nothing that appealed to us so we ended up with a Kebab pizza and some french fries, maybe not that fancy but amazingly tasty! So even if I try my best to eat good I have a really hard time to stay away from things like this, but with summer coming to an end I guess its ok… haha

In terms of productivity today we have come a lot closer to build one super mega kick ass car, so as soon as its all set and done I will let you guys in on the build process from the very start. I think this one will be the very best one I have ever built! ;-) Stay tuned for that one! Time for me to sleep!


Work it!

Finally awake again, slept like a baby all night but I did not wake up as rested as I would have hoped!  The session last night really took its toll on me! I have dowe quite a few CF sessions in Marbella but when Ako put the schedule together for me and Gustaf it turned out to be a lot tougher than the pervious ones! Not cardio wise, but I have never had a bunch of ring muscle ups in a work out, combined with a bunch of othe though stuff!

3 rounds of

  • 8 100kg Dead lift (changed this to 4 reps as I have not lifted heavy in a while)
  • 7 Ring muscle ups (Worked good the first round, but failed fast the on the 2nd and 3rd round, but I am finally getting a hang of the technique!) ;-)
  • 6 Overhead squats at 45kg (No problem at all, felt great besides that I forgot my lifting shoes so I had to go in soft borrowed running shoes)
  • 5 wall walks (push ups to walk up to hand stand (What a horrible exercise, looks easy but kills the shoulders and core!)

10 rounds of

  • 7 pull ups
  • 7 burpies
  • 7 thrusters (35kg)

It felt great to push hard again even if its still a little scary as I keep wondering how my knee will feel, but I am happy to say that once again I woke up feeling 100%, well that is in my knee, my back does feel the dead lifts as its had a long break from heavy dead lifts! Cant wait to do another session with Ako as he is not afraid to put in some seriously togh stuff, gray for the motivation as it teaches you that you really do suck when it comes to the real Crossfit stuff! haha


Early birthday gift!

As I am turning 32 on Sunday I had a nice little gift waiting for me at the Red Bull office when I went by yesterday! Have been running low on hats as I always work out in them and they tend to look less classy after a few mega sweaty sessions!  Another great addition was the travel pack, perfect to keep the shape of the hats in a fully packed bag!

As I am sure I will get a question on where one can by these I might as well tell you now that the only way you can get these is to get "pretty decent" on a sport and get a sponsorship with RB, so once you can get them, you get a ton of them and you get them for free… ;-)

Had another 14 hour day today with a ton of meetings and a Cross fit session to top it off, so right now I am here in bed totally dead waiting for Janni to come join me so I go to sleep and wake up rested, long day ahead of me again so I better get my 8 hours of sleep in order to perform as well as I need to!


Full speed!

Its safe to say that I am fairly dead right now!  Started the day with a gym session at Delta with Gustaf and mr Bakke. Started out with a few machine exercises to test my current knee strength and to my delight I can say that my hamstring is now just as strong as my healthy leg. I was hoping for 80% at best but I was 100% equal on both legs so that was fantastic! About 80-95% on the other exercises so all good things today!

Finished off with a tough home made "on the minute" wod:

  • 8 pulls first minute
  • 8 dips second minute
  • 8 knees to elbows (hanging) third minute

Times 8. But halfway though Gustaf added 150m rowing every 4th minute and increased the reps to 10. So a nice wake up call here in Sthlm!

Off to lunch meetings now and then seminar with Red bull where I have to be on stage for 30 minutes to tell my story, should be fun but things like that always makes me a bit nervous… ;-)



Best of summer!

As I just arrived to Sthlm after a nice little flight from Malaga I figured that a little summery of the summer was in place!  Was fun to look though the blog and see what we have been up to!  So decided to pick the highlights of my summer for the blog today as all I have on my camera are pictures of a plane! ;-)

We have done a million morning PWs but this one was by for the best one, just and epic route with the best views one can find in Marbella!

Another highlight of the summer was the fishing trip we went on. Was fantastic to get out on the ocean even if we chilled in the front rather than fishing! haha (highly recommended if you are in Marbella, as the price of 500€ for 10 people is very affordable compared to a lot of other things in the area)

The installation of my pool bed was a well placed investment as I have slept numerous hours on the bed during the hot hours of the day. Its even been used over night by our guests so the home build idea turned out to be a great one!

Swimming in the ponds in Benavis was also a great one, pools are nice, but nice clear creek water does beat them any day!

The fact that I have played a lot of golf is pretty clear if you have followed this blog during the summer! I have really enjoyed it and even if I have not lowered my handicap a lot I did play 9 holes on par so i feel like I have become way better at golf, but I will admit that it will be nice to take a break from this as it takes way to much time away from work and training!

Having Crilliboy on a visit down in Marbella was great, its impossible to find a kid with better energy! Lots of plans in the making together this winter so with some luck we will be having him around a lot this year!

And I guess a summer is not a summer without a couple of visits to Ocean club! Its always a blast but its good that its 11 months until I will go again as it tends to get pretty intense when we do go!! haha

I am alos happy to say that I have made some huge progress on my knee this summer, have mixed Crossfit, rehab and Pws about 6 times a week but now its time to get back into the gym to work on the heavy weights again! Can barely feel a thing right now so I think its time for the 6 months strenth test very soon!

We also spent a few days on Nikki and after their renovation the place is great, but I think its better to go for lunch than "day party" as I have yet to go when the place fires up! 

Planthing the new palm trees was a huge challenge that the Douchebag crew helped out with. The only sad thing is that my gardener placed them to close to the neighbor so the weight has now pushed the fence down into the neighbors garage space. So now they have to come up again and a new wall have to be installed to keep the ground in place. Sucks bad as I was so happy to install them! haha

The visit to my childhood home in Mora was another great one!  Mom always cooks the best food and it was great to hang out with the whole family!

So I think its safe to say that its been a great summer with tons of fun memories, but now its time to get back into work mode and start crushing again! Work hard- Play hard! But right now I am going to hug it out with janni and have one last chill night infront of the TV! ;-)

Hope you guys had a great summer as well!


Last day of summer!

If its one thing I admire my girl for its her motivation to take car of her blog no matter what. I try to do my best, but when I have a big night out I am just useless for a few days. That combined with the fact that I have to fly to Sweden tomorrow and have a million things to do before I leave has left this blog empty for a couple days now! When I was younger I felt a little bad for a few hours the day after a party night, but now I feel like I am down and out for 48 hours! So I am kind of looking forward to going back to work and living a healthy life for a few months.

Since its the last day down here I made sure to squeeze one last golf round in with Sebbe who I play a lot with down here, since he is a scratch golfer its great to get some tips, but its also frustrating to always find your ball 100 m shorter than his all the freaking time.. haha I have to say that a 7.45 am round was the perfect way to end the vacation down here. My back is a bit tired after a million rounds the last few weeks but I can feel that I have improved a ton so I can't wait to play again with a fresh body!

So tomorrow we fly to Sthlm for 10 days, thought about staying 3-4 days but since its my birthday on the 17th of Aug Janni convinced me that I had to stay for that and who am I to say to my little girl! ;-) After that its off to Berlin for 2 days before I fly home to Monaco for a few weeks which is going to be super nice!



Questions and answers!

I think the following 3 pictures describes my personality pretty good. I start out small and financially smart, but the quest for perfection takes over and I end up with a full blown extra everything outcome. It does not matter if its a garden, a jump, a car or a bag. It always needs to be perfect in my world for me to appreciate it! Sure I might not reach that gaol at all times, but I try to at least give myself the opportunity to reach there! ;-)

As you can see the place is a total mess right now, but I think its going to be amazing once its done! 

Drove Janni to the airport this morning so now I am all alone down here. (Well besides Jannis family) So now its golf and Crossfit 24/7 on the calender. That is when my back deciders to get better, I think that the last weeks intense workouts was a bit tough on my body as I have been "chilling" with work outs like that for the past 5 months. But I had a great massage so I hope to be ready to go full speed tomorrow again!  

Machine nr 1 that was brought in, perfect for the plans that we initially had.

But with the new plans a new machine was needed and they brought in machine nr 2.

But when I wanted to move more stuff around we had to go for the biggest one they could get up into my garden! haha

Below are some of the questions and answers that you guys posted. I tried to answer as much as possible and will keep trying to answer all comments as I guess that will make you guys comment more which is super fun for me!

It would be really interesting to read more about your business projects, how you are managing them, how you are handling the workload there and so on … so kind of work hard – play hard.

This is a bit of a hard one to explain as its a million little things that takes up most of my time. Douchebags is the biggest project that takes up most of my time. There I am in charge of marketing, brand strategy as well as product development together with my co founder Truls. So this takes a lot of time, but its also one of the things I enjoy the most in my life so I am not complaining at all!


JOI also take a lot of time as I always want to progress the event and make it better! There I am not really in charge of anything but I love to get involved in everything… But as I said its the small things that takes up a lot of time. sponsor contacts, blogs, random fan mails, car projects, new possible business ventures etc. I would say I get an average of 20 e mails per day now during the summer and about double to tripe during the winter. I try to have enough time planned everyday so that I can answer to all of them within 24 hours, but sometimes when I travel a ton or the internet is sucking I do fall behind. 

Post some video from the golf course

We never ended up filming on the golf course as Crill was way to hooked on playing, but I do promise that the videos will be coming back soon, that is one of the things I am working on the most these days. (And it gives me some extra time to work on my swing! haha)

Tell us more about your next step as a skier. It’s hard to keep up with the younger skiers in Bigair as well as traditional racing. So what’s tt
he next goal for you – as a skier – when you go back in snow again?

I will be back on snow again in October as I want to give my ACL about 8 months before I get back on it., I think its better to give it an extra month or two and be 100% ready than to just get on snow asap and cruise around. So as soon as October 25th comes around I will be looking on the world map to see where I can find the best skiing for the moment and then get back on it in full speed! As for where I am going with me skiing I have a fully outlined plan that I am super excited about. Exactly what it is will be kept under the wraps for a few more months as I want it to be a bit of a surprise, but I can say its something that I have always wanted to do but never had the time for! ;-)

Give us more info on the Rebellion

Well, I think most of the info is out there on the web. But its a custom built car by Leif Tufvesson in Sweden, former chief engineer at Koenigsegg. Its a tubular chase with a carbon/glass fiber body. A V8 for street use and a V10 for track use. Its an amazing car but its also extremely tough to drive as its just like a super sized go cart! I dont have any acceleration numbers, but considering it has the same power as a R8 or a Gallardo but its 500kgs lighter I am sure its pretty fast! The next step on thet car is to get an AC in it and try it out properly on a race track. But for now I am going to let it sit and focus on some new concepts!

How about some food posts!?

That would be easy to add more into the blog, but I have to say that I am in no way a role model in this matter. I do try to maximize my protein intake but the times I eat varies way to much and I tend to eat a way to much junk food. Usually I get a lot better once I am back on snow again, but in the summer I kind of suck! 

House is really coming together but you need to work on that entrance door. It really doesn’t do the rest of the house any justice.

I totally agree, huge changes will be made to the whole house, but I wanted to start with the garden to give myself more time to really figure out how I wanted the house. In 2 months the garden and outside areas will be 100% so its soon time to start looking to the interior!  Fun but far from a cheap adventure! haha

Keep on blogging your day to day. It may seem like you are doing the same thing everyday but to the desk jockey that visits your blog daily its still inspiration to get out of this rat race. You have a great program dialed in!

Thats good to hear, easy to forget when I am alone in fornt of the computer thinking about my life!

Great job with the house. Still missing that trampoline from the roof tho.. :P

I know, the only problem is the the poolis not deep enough so I think I would have to change that before I build the trampoline if I dont want to keep my friends alive! haha

Why dont you go to the Ascari Circuit with the Rebellion bring some friends in other awesome cars, attach a few GoPros to it and do a few laps.. Would be fun for you to drive and for us to watch.. ;)

I would love to, but I think it would be better to do a proper shake down in Sweden with Leif around so we could nail the wheel angles etc. But once that is made it would be sick. Have been up there and its a killer circuit!

For instance you could give us some information about the workouts you are currently doing.

The way I work now is that I do about 5-6 cross fit sessions a week and a bit of rehab  and PWs on top of that. I find that Crossfit is great for my knee as its a lot of different movements and a lot of body weight stuff. I find that normal rehab is a bit too boring to me as it seems like I am not working out when I am just doing the little strict exercises. So having crossfit as a base and then adding the stuff I feel like I dont get in there is a perfect combo in my eyes. Have a strength test in 2 weeks so I guess we will see how it looks! ;-)

It would be even greater toget some new information about the Gumball Plans or about any new car-building ideas?

I always have a ton of new plans, but as always I like to keep it a bit secret until I have really set the plan for it! Have a few  meetings in regards to this when I get to Sthlm so after that I should know more, but if all goes to plan, we are going to have one sick ride next year! (with a proper AC)

Jon, please be kind to your faithful follower from day one videoblog in Zürich and tell us soundtrack of the video from Gumball. At least the outro song is a real killer :)

I will ask Crill, what Gumball video are you talking about?

I would absolutely love it if you made a post on how you´ve build your brands like Douchebag and what you´ve learned over the years of doing so.

Well, to be honest I did not know anything 7 years ago when I started with things like this, but with time I have been in enough projects where I have crashed and burned to learn enough to finally start something that works well. I love to start up ideas in markets that I know and have the knowledge on what is missing. I think the key is to have great partners and work with people that compliment you. As well as being very realistic when it comes to sales etc. But in th along run its hard work and attention to details that really makes the difference!

Not going to New zealand This year?

Nope, no NZ this year as I am still recovering from the ACL surgery. Sucks to not go, but I will admit that I am not going to miss the 40 hour trip over there! Fells strange to have all this summer time on my hands, but I guess that in the past 15 years I have barley had any so I have some catching up to do! haha 

See you guys tomorrow!



Water world

Now this is a day where its much easier to blog! Yesterday we rented a fishing boat together with Jannis family and went out on the water for 3 hours, was a fantastic idea as we have had about the same routine and activities all summer, so getting out on the sea for a few hours was great! I have never been the lucky one to catch fishes so I decided that I was just going to watch and soak in the view and the sun. The other guys did however manage to pull up 5 little fishes. What did however interest me was the "full day trip" they offer where they guarantee a mega catch in the 2 m size, so that is something that we will put in the calendar for the september visit here!

Crushed a crossfit session this morning and I am so happy that my knee is holding up as well as it does! Did a ton of Snatches and heavy dead lifts on yesterdays session and I can't feel a thing which is a bit strange as I would say that a squat snatch should be about the toughest thing I could do to the knee right now! ;-) So I am super motivated to work out every day as I feel like its fun again and I get to push hard and get stronger! I did however rip my hand open on pull ups this morning so I need to go buy some good and tae it up for tomorrows session! 


Life update

As it seems like the Spanish gods does not want me to have a good internet connection I figured that I would do a proper update on my life now that I do have internet! I really appreciate all the questions and suggestions and will answer to all of them tomorrow!  Makes blogging much more fun!


So this is what I will be up to over the next month and a half, feels like a good plan but its really strange to have all this time on my hands, I am so used to be in NZ or the glaciers at this time of the year!

  • -11th of Aug Marbella (Janni is leaving on the 6th so after that I will be on a golf and crossfit mission)
  • 12-20th of Aug Stockholm for physio tests and Janni hang out!
  • 21-22th of Aug Berlin shooting for Odlo
  • 22-5th of Sept Monaco (100% work and rehab training)
  • 6th-20th of Sept Marbella (to oversee all the construction down here)
  • 21st of Sept- Back home to Monaco


I guess the schedule brings us right into the knee status. I am happy to say that I feel great and I am now at the point (5 months and 2 weeks out of surgery) where I basically dont feel that I have been injured. I did my first heavy crossfit sessions last week and I did not feel a thing in my knee when I was done so I guess thats a great thing. Sure there are still some strength missing, but I am happy that my knee does not freak out when I push it! I think the whole ACL thing is so strange, one day you feel like crap and you feel really far away from skiing, then 10 days later you feel great. The progress really comes in steps so you have to be patient on the periods when you feel like nothing is happening and just wait for the improvements!

Session 1

  • 30 hanging power clean 115 pounds
  • 30 front squats to push press 115 pounds
  • All on time and every time you put the bar down you have to do 3 burpies

Session 2

  • 60 Double unders (or 120 regular jumping rope)
  • 50 Wall balls
  • 40 Dumbell snatch
  • 30 Pushups
  • 20 pullups
  • 10 wallclimbs
  • 20 pullups
  • 30 Pushups
  • 40 Dumbell snatch
  • 50 Wall balls
  • 60 Double unders (or 120 regular jumping rope)

This week I will be focusing on a bit heavier lifting as last week felt great, will be interesting to see how that works!

Winter plans

And I guess the knee brings us into this winters plans. To be honest I have not had time to do much planning as I have been focussed on getting my me better and before I knew how that would feel its been hard to set any plans. Now that I see that I am getting close to being healthy its to to start setting plans. I do get the question a lot if I still ski and if I am going to continue and to me the question is quite funny as I have never every thought about quitting. I love skiing way to much and I have much more to give, so to answer that question I can say that I am going to ski more than ever this winter. Where how and when is something I will work out now that I know more about when my knee will be good!  But I can promise that its going to be a good winter and with some luck on the upcoming meetings we will have the videoblogs back in business!


The house plans keeps growing for every day!  We have now destroyed the whole garden to prepare for a new updated one with a new perfect lawn, a putting green over seeing the golf course and a bunch of new palm trees coming in! Feels great to get everything done in once so I can check that of my list of things to do and start looking to the interior of the house! 

I love to see the truck go nuts and flatten the garden. Will be a lower step around the palm trees where I will put a nice putting green!

Before the rebuild the lawn had a slight decline all the way down, now its going to be nice and flat!

Cut out and prepared for concrete floor on the backside of the house for an outdoor gym!

Cut down bushes by the side of the pool so the view is opened up, love to cut down things as it makes a huge difference in just a few hours! (And yes, the pool tiles are green but it is next on the list to change ;-) )


Golf has been great, lowered myself to 15.7 the other day and I feel that I am really making huge progressions in some parts, I manage to do some great shots from time to time but I still have to many shots that ends up far outside of the course so that is holding my score back a lot. Having a ton of fun with it though and I think I am about to take a big step in my game in the next few weeks. And when Janni leaves I will live on the course all day long so I hope that by the 11th I will be a golf pro! haha 

I love the sight of 3 balls within 12 feet of the hole after 1 shot. I landed a nice birdy on this one! ;-)

Me and Jannis dad Rickard! We are both at hcp 15 so its super fun to play together!

Los Naranjos

Rickard setting up!

Me on the way to a terrible shot that landed just after the ladies tee! haha

I guess that was all for today, will be back with the answers tomorrow before we get on a fishing boat at lunch, will be super fun even though I have never been lucky with fishing, lets just hope tomorrow will break the trend!


The art of moderation

If its one thing I am bad at its to do things halfway and settle for moderation. The plan for my house this summer was to do a tiny bit on the fence by the entrance and right now the excavator rolled in to dig up the whole garden… haha I have this thing for perfection and even if the garden I had was nice it was not perfectly straight and modern looking, so I decided if there was ever a time to fix this it was now when we had all the machines up here. So maybe in a few weeks I will be able to look at the garden and feel good about it! Janni thinks I am crazy and asks me why I can't just enjoy this beautiful house and chill. Thats just not me… ;-)

As for blogging I have had a hard time lately as I feel like I am doing the same things every day and its hard to know what to write about. So if you have any suggestions on what I should post on here while in Marbella feel free to give me some suggestions(or questions)! Its much easier to blog when I run around the world so in 10 days it should be much easier as I am on the move soon again, but for now a little help would be killer!