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Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Photos from Copygram


Active day!

Just got back to Janni place after an active start to the day! Started with an Odlo event at NK where the new collection was presented to the press by the CEO Jonas Ottosson, super stoked on the new stuff they have as well as the super new stuff that we are working on! Ran over to K 25 for a quick lunch and I usually dont talk about lunch places much in my blog, but since I am a burrito freak and they have a great ones I thought that I had to recommend this place, super fast and great food (Kungsgatan 24). And when walking back to Jannis place I stopped by HTH as its about time to update the kitchen in Spain, so I walked in and had a look at all the stuff. Will not be easy to set the design as there is a LOT to choose from but at least I got the process started! Cant wait to have a nice new kitchen down there as thats what the house is really missing right now!

Have one last interview for the day in an hour and after that I think its time for another gym session with Gustaf to keep my mind in a good place! Stoked to have productive days though!


Try to remember!

Us humans are kind of stupid sometimes, we weak up after a party night feeling like shit and say that we will never party again only to do the same thing a few days later, same goes with work outs. I thought i had figured out that I feel good when I work out at least once a day, but over the past few weeks I have kind of been sucking a bit, and the longer its been since I had a good sweat the worse I feel, but instead of remembering that i feel good when I work out I somehow forget that and stay in bed! Today I broke the trend as I got to a point where I was tired and kind bummed about pretty much everything. Then when walking home after the gym I was back on track and felt great again! Well maybe not in my arms as me and Gustaf ran a short little WOD with 100 pull-ups and 100 push ups on time (17 mins), kind of killed me after not working out much in the last few weeks, but I do feel great right now!

So note to self: Stop being a P*ssy and make sure to get out there every day! ;-)  Gustaf had a good laugh at my "gym" shoes, forgot to bring shoes up here so I was stuck with my Zanottis! haha


The interview!

Wow, this question session really turned into a full on interview!  Had some time over on the flight from Munich to Sthlm so I hope you got all the answers you were looking for! I am off to bed, dead after a long day!


Do you still have Oskar with you, and if not, who are taking the pictures to the blog? Love it!

Oskar is with me here and there when he has some time off, but here in Austria me and Seppi have been taking the pics, so if those are the ones you liked I am happy! ;-) I guess helping Janni with her blog has helped me to get better at taking pictures!

Hey Jon! How was it for you to be told that your ACL was torn and do you think that in the end you will be stronger/feel stronger than before the incident? What is the best tip from you that is most important during the rehab period of the torn ACL.
Best wishes from skier with newly torn ACL.

You know, strangely I did not feel bad at all when the doctor told me this, I know its a huge risk and I went 15 years without any problems, so i guess I was feeling like I was running on overtime. It is what it is, and there is no reason to let things you can't change push you down! I expect a full recovery and I would say that I am at 90% now, both mentally and physically. The best tip on an ACL rehab is to just stay mellow and not worry to much when things feel weird and really listen to your body, I never did any rehab that was close to painful, I always let it take its time. I told myself 10 times during rehab that something was wrong and stressed like a manic for no reason, so enjoy the downtime and take it for what it is!

Who won the contest to be your new videoblog filmer and why did he win?

Seppi Morrison won the contest. It was super hard to make the pick as I got over 250 applicants, but in the end I loved Seppis work. What cought my eye was the artistic views that he had, the way he worked with the light the fact that his stuff was color graded, he had a drone, he lived in Munich and he had a well made website. A mix of all these things made him my top pick!

hi Jon, would be interesting to know more about your video guy – and see more of his other work and his gear.
Also, you might wanna throw in some trampoline and home cooking action into your next videoblog.
If the weather stays bad, do some random crazy, creative stuff like Warner and film it.

Will make sure to do a little blog about all the gear, great with the feed back on what you guys what to see. Me and Seppi are both perfectionists so its easy to ignore the down days as its hard to shoot them in a cool way, but if you guys like that stuff then of course we will do it! Banged out the tramp edit after your comment so i hope you liked it even if I sucked! haha

Agreed. A profile of your new filmer would be awesome. Would love to see his other work, etc.

Below is hes show reel from last winter! Will get him infront of the camera as well when we get back so he can say hi! ;-)

If you could live anywhere in Sthlm what area would it be, and what area of the city would you absolutely not want to live in?

Hmm, I dont know, I like Lidingö where Jannis dad has a house, I think I would go crazy in the city with parking and all the stress!

How is the remodeling with your house in marbella going?

Its coming along, working on small things here and there, mostly in the garden, got a million new ideas I Bali. Below is a little pics of the new driveway, far from finished but its getting there slowly! Once I get to Marbella I will take a ton of pics and show you guys the progress!

If you could live any where in monaco, where it will be? ( street, building, etc)))

I really love the building I am in right now (Le Bahia), so I think I would pick that one but maybe a slightly bigger apartment, but those are very hard to come by in that building! (Like a 20 year wait list or so! haha)

Do you like football (soccer)? have you ever met Zlatan?

I am not a huge soccer fan, I like to watch the big games but I dont have a favorite team or so. I have met Zlatan a few times, but only super briefly, he did give my Gallardo a tumbs up a bunch of years ago! haha

It would be nice if once your gear arrives you show us a little bit of what skis, bindings, boots etc. you use. I know you did a video blog about the boot-fitting but maybe also write a little bit more about that.
I really like the new video log, seppi is doing a great work and it’s really artsy. But as some other people already said the details and private life/fun stuff is missing. Back in the days you filmed way more not perfect and artsy stuff but that really gave people a look into a skiers life.

Will try to work on this when I get back to Innsbruck!

Since you skied a bit now maybe tell us a little bit more about your schedule and plans for this season 

Well, to be honest I am still trying to figure it out myself. I know that I want to start with a ton of park skiing, just to get the feeling back. Once that is working well I want to build a bunch of huge weird kickers all over the globe and film on them! I know that i want to head over to Japan for some power and I would love to head to Iceland for a bit, basically I am looking to do things that I have never had time to do in the past when my schedule has been filled with contests!

Did you ever count the km/miles you travelled over the years (no matter if with a car or a plane etc.)?

No I did not, but I am sure that it would be quite a bit! haha In cars I am usually around 100 000 km per year.

Which location would you call the “home of homes” and why (Monaco, Marbella, Stockholm)?

Home is Monaco, but its been nice to spend a lot of time in Marbella as well, but thats more vacation for me. Sthlm is nice as Janni is there, but I am trying to convince her to move down to Moanco. I do prefer the sun so I would rather fly there to see her! ;-) Home is however a strange despription for me as I have traveled over 3000 days in the past 10 years, so for me home is where I have my car and my computer!

How did you learn to do business/to set up companies, i mean you never studied at an university or something, is that right?

Good question. I dropped out of school and knew nothing, but I had ideas and the guts to try things. I crashed and burned in the beginning but you live and you learn. I do like to read a lot about social media on line so thats kind of the first actual studying I do! Check out “the next web” and “mashable” on facebook, grat account with up to date info on new social media news.

*** Interesting fact is that Facebook has a reach on my pictures of 10k (I have 102k like on my page) and if I upload a video I reach 100k. Interesting fact on how the facebook algorythem works.

You seem to be a big fan of Entourage and you stoked for the movie? and will douchebags be sending out those free stickers?

I am a huge fan, I watch an episode every singel night (might have missed 5 mights in the last 200 days) before I go to bed, I honestly think that I migt have seen the most Entourage episodes in the world (No joke) So I can't wait for the movie to come out!  As for stickers they should have arrived by now? I have gotten a ton of pictures of people using them! Yours have not arrived yet?

Hey Jon! I was wondering what motivates you in your life, and how do you stay so motivated?
Absolutely love that the videoblog is back!

I honestly dont knew, I just like to do things and when i do I want them to be perfect, I love learning new things and figuring out how to get better at them! And I guess the biggest key to my success is that I am super self critical, I am never happy with what I do and that keeps pushing me every singel day!

To send you a presentation and a business purpose, how can I contact you, or who?

Just shoot me an e mail at

When will you change the “Jon olsson premium partners 2014″ logo? Only 1,5 months left of 2014. Will there be sponsors also 2015?

Working on that, sure there will be sponsors in 2015 as well so I should probably get on it and change it up! We started building a new webiste but have been to busy to finish it so thats why these changes has been a little slow!

You own a phone right?Do you never look at your site on it? For someone who blogs so much thought you would get that sorted.

I know, I kind of think it works (I know that I am an idiot) so I have been sucking at changing this even if Janni says that I am terrible for not having fixed it yet. Also depends on the new webssite that is 90% built and since that was supposed to be online ages ago, updates on this one has been suffering! There is just not enough time for everything but I guess I should get the new site online!

What happened with your partnership with Yniq? Since you’re going back to Freestyle and that your goggles won’t need to respect FIS requirements anymore, why not collaborating with Yniq again?

I sold my shares in Yniq as I went into racing and now I am signed up with POC and super happy with that as it takes a lot of time to involved with companies and right now Douchebags is taking all the time I have to spare!

How does Red Bull compensate there athletes, Is it based mainly on how many followers you have on social media and how many big podiums you have ( a victory schedule) and how often you are seen in the media in other stuff?
Are there any other potential endorsement deals in the near future ?

I would say that it’s a combination of a lot of things that will determen your salery. How big the sport is, how much you win, how big your following is, how much TV time you get and of course social media is growing as well. Its different with all companies, but I am guessing that in the near future a lot of brands will base their endorsment deals on the size of the following, that’s how I look at it with Douchebags, a cool guy with 100k is better than a winning guy with 3k!

I was wondering if you ever went surfing (or even skiing) in Australia. If so, what do you think of it?

I did, but it was back in 2000 so its been a while, think I am heading back this fall though, looked sick this year!

A few months ago you asked advice for a new camera. What did you choose?

I have not gotten one yet as I have been focused on the videoblog. On Bali I got even more into photography so now I kind of want to get a full on mega pro set up! haha I did like the Sony RX100 Mark III the most of the small ones I looked at


My question is, don’t you think the RS6 is good enough as standard car?…….are you worried about the final aspect of the RS6, because I think when you are doing all these modifications you can finish with a horrible car like Jen’s BMW Z3 tuned.

I would be worried if I did not work with Sterman and Leif Tufveson. But I know these guys are the best at what they do so they will tell me if I tell them to do something completely retarded… ;-) I told them that I need to drive this car all winter long and start it up in minus 20 degrees! So yes, it will be extreme, butpriority nr one is to make sure its fully usable!

Why in your history car career you never bought a Ferrari?, maybe in the past times there are no good Ferraris, but right now the Ferrari F12 is a beast……LaFerrari no words about speed.

I don’t know, I do like the F12 and the FF but I have always been more of a Lambo guy when it comes to super cars, but who knows, maybe I will get one in the future!

When will you have ready the new tuned RS6 to see the modifications?

I think we are looking at end of January, depends a bit on how wild I want to go, trying to find the balance and be smart as well!

What is the plan with the RS6? Full-on racer or an compromise between daily and racer?

I will be a compromize, I love race cars, but as this will be my daily driver I will go nuts on some parts but leave some stuff in there to make it more usable. Thought about plasic windows with sliders as I LOVE that’s but I am going to try to skip that one as its not very practical in the winter! I will however be dissapointed if my Winter Wagon will not be faster than an Aventador! ;-)

Fastest you have been on a public road?

About 330km/h through Germany with the LP670. That was however a few years ago, now I like to be a bit smarter and keep it to modest speeds!

I would love to know how your RS6 project goes?

Its coming along, as soon as I have any cool pics I will share them, but only boring mock up design process right now! Should be ready for a second update pretty soon! Below is one little pick of the test work we did a few weeks ago, not the actual design, just a test on how wide we should go, but I think this looks wide enough? ;-)

Is it a new rs6 or is it your old one that you are rebuilding for gumball, and what is your idea with it ?

It’s the same one as I had, the idea is just to build my dream winter car and have fun with it! I want a hyper extreme car that I can use every singel day and put 4 people with ski gear in it!

Hey Jon. What are your thoughts on Tesla, especially the P85 performance model.

I have not really looked into it much, they do look great, but I think I will stick to V8s and V10s for a few more years as I am sure that I will spend my 40s in electric cars anyway! There is no denieing that is the future!

And how are you bringing your cars around? The one day you fly from Marbella to Stockholm and when you get to Monaco your RS6 is waiting for you in Monaco! Oh, and why are some of your cars registered in Sweden and some in Monaco?

I have nice friends that like to drive cars, so I buy them a plane tickets and they move the cars for me! ;-)

What does Audi think about  the build?

They actually love it, I never thought they would, but they are super supportive and helps me out a ton!

If you could only use one of your previous Gumball cars for the rest of your future rallies which would it be? Looking forward to seeing the RS6 finished!

Hmmm, probably the LP 670 SV, I loved that car!

How is the Rebellion doing? Are you going to drive it this winter?

Its chilling in Marbella, not sure if it will be driven this winter, I still feel sick when I get in it after the heat we had at Gumball, so I might have to let her rest fo a little longer! haha


If you could recommend three places in the world where we all should go to ski, which places would that be?

My favorite places are Verbier in the alpes, Åre in scandinavia, Aspen in the US but the best is heli skiing in British Columbia!

Why do you try to get back into freestyle? This sport’s athletes have gotten younger and younger.
Let’s face it – those who still compete in freestyle in their 30s just don’t have any other opportunities. You have got plenty.

Well to be honest I did not think of this, I woke up after surgery and I just had one thougt in my head, I wanted to jump big jumps again! Sure I do have options, but I have always followed my heart, and my heart told me that I wanted to fly high in the air again!

Go and win Big Air again at XGames. Show them who’s boss, Tony Hawk style

 Haha, that would be nice!  I know where I am at and I know where the spot is at and my first goal is to just get back to the level I was at before I quit, after that I will see where my skiing takes me!

Were you serious with your off-season training during your teens and early twenties? Did you even train or workout at all?

To be honest I hated work oust, but I was extremely active and did every sport there was. So I was not serious at all, but I was more active tham most serious people!

 Right now I am planing to book some ski vacation in Innsbruck next February. Can you tell me where exactly in this area I should go for great skiing?

I don’t know the area to well, but all the resorts around IBK are great so just try a few different ones!

Hey Jon, what would you do differently in terms of working out if you could do it all over again?

I would have been better at working on my core, I would have been more consistant in my work outs, I would have started cross fit earlier, I would have partied a lot less. But that’s all part of the process, you live and you learn and in most cased you have to try something before you know what works!

Did you ever hit Chad’s gap? Any trick over it?


I did, I was actually the first one to hit Chads switch, I did a few switch 180s and 8 switch misty 9s, but I kept going to big and never landed a trick. Tanner got his switch 9 and the and then came up short, so I saw the whole thing from the inrun and heard his voice bouche in the gully. Its the scariest thing I have ever down and I would never do it again, was full hard pack on the wall of the gap on the day we hit it. When Tanner hit the wall, his skis did not sink in more than 5 cm!

Ever thought about wearing a protective knee brace or do you think that would interfere with the overall feeling running down the slopes too much?

I saw that Russ and Wallish had hard braces but the physios in Sweden never menitioned this to me, so it seems like the strategy is a bit different in every country. I do think it feels good now and I have a soft brace (weight lifting brace) on that feels good, so I will stick with that for now.

Is it possible to do an indoor jump comp in Dubai or is the roof too low?

I looked into it and sure you can jump, but you cant have a real big air in there, a shame as it would have been kick ass!

Have you ever thought about producing a douchebag which one could use for freeriding? I’m sure with all your expertise and knowledge you could produce a practical backpack with some awesome designs and features. It might be an attractive additional product for your douchebags!

Its in the works, but if you want to build a stong company you have to focus on the big sellers in order to grow the company and once you have have you can trun you focus on more products, but so far we still have a lot of work to do before we are there, but I did order mateial to make a sample and start testing it! ;-) Any requests on a bag like this?

It would be fun to hear about what happened with your plan on taking JOI to NYC, think it’s on videoblog 13 when btw Crill is super small! Do you still wanna take JOI international or how does the future look like?

At that point I was young and crasy, I saw no problems in anything. Now I know more and if I would have known what I do now I could have happened, but a lot has changed since then and the money in the sport is a lot tougher to find, so hopefully that trend will change so we can bring this sport tonew citys, but right now its tough enough to finance an event like JOI that is a low cost event and 10 years old! The olympics was great, but the sponsor deals in this port is a lot less than it used to be 5 year sgo.

What is your next training target? As you are now into freestyle again will there a event/race you train to?

My first goal is to get back to where I was, my second goal is to progress and my main goal is to progress enough to where I surprise everyone that and old man can still do cool stuff!  I have no goals when iy comes to contests, for me its all about being happy with the level I can ski at!

Do you plan on hitting any rails (urban or park) this winter?

Rails. NO! but I do like the direction that the urban stuff has gone in the last few ears so I might try a few transfers and wall rides, that stuff looks fun!

It Would be nice if you talk about your equipment that you are using now you’re back in freestyle-mode!
I’am, like many others, looking for some new gear and it’s handy if you shared your opinion about what to look for.
Just looking for a nice set-up for this season. 

Will make sure to do an equpimpent blog once I am back in Austria with all my gear!

Will you design your own skies again with sweet looking babes 

I think the babe time is passed but I am working closly with Head on some new products! Love what has happened in tat company in the last 5 years!

Whats up with Oscar Scherlin? I remember the early videoblog seasons, you both were very good friends.
Everyone said that he will be “the next Jon Olsson”…
But then he immediatly changed all Sponsors he had together with you and I saw you guys never together again. What happened?

Its life, sometimes you have good oportunites and things change, Oscar had new better options and he went with them while I stayed on where I was! Looked like he was killing it down in Stubai so I guess it all worked out!

What is the biggest reason because you quit ski racing and restart with freestyle? Because of the results and future goals? Because of sponsors and so on or because of lifestyle? And what do you think about fis and all the rules that are in alpine skiing?

Reason nr 1 was that I woke up one morning and realized that I missed jumping! That combined with an injury that would mean a slow start to the new season and the fact that I did not really get along with the poitics and federations of ski racing made me make the call to follow my heart. Ski racing is mega fun and I do miss it a lot when I see videos of other skiers, but you cant get it all in life, so I guess I will jump for as long as I can hand maybe hit some more gate sin my 40s! ;-)

How’s the knee feeling after the first few jumps? Any soreness?

It deos feel great, maybe 8% sore after skiing, but now after a week of skiing I have to say that I feel better than before I hit the slopes!  So I am a very happy guy right now!

Do you already have some plans for a film project this winter?

As much as I love filming and making move parts, I also realize that its 2014 and I don’t think its smart to wait a year to release the stuff you filmed. Back in the day the ski moves was released in the fall and that’s all you had to watch all winter long, so then they had a huge impact. Now you have a new doubles or tripes on Instagram every singel day, so I think its smarter to work with 30 edits over a winter than a ski movie. I will however admit that the ski movie era was the best!  I wacthed  the movie “13” so many times that I broke the tape!

Will you have the same concept as last years JOI with Big Air and vattenfall alpine challange this year?

This year will be a like back in the day with just a Big Air, I have a few new ideas on how to improve the jumps and the arena and I need the space from the dual SL to do so. The main goal wil be to make the jump easier to hit with alower take off speed, I always want to progress the sport and the event to make it new and I think I have found a cool way to do so, but there is still a lot fo work before I have finalized everything! Super happy to work on the 11th edition though, who would have known thatit would be such a success when we started in 2005?


Travel time

As the weather here seems very unstable for a few days I figured that it would be a good time to fly up north and see Janni for a couple of days, as winter is approaching its good to rack up as many days with her as possible as I know that there will be a lot of travel in the next few months!

Had planned to bring the big bag to Sthlm as I was going to bring my boots and try out a few ideas with some boot fitting, but I just ran into Hans neighbor who works with that and he said he would help me with my ideas, so I guess that means a slight repack and a carry on bag only. Borrowing my mangers Q7 for a few weeks when I get back so i will drive back down here in a few days.

Off to Munich right now, will answer to all the questions on the flight as we edited the trampoline blog instead of shooting the answers on video, so see you guys once I land in Sthlm!


Videoblog 4 – Downday

As I saw in the comments that there was a few people wanting more videoblogs from the "normal" days and not just the epic bluebird days, so Seppi threw this thing together real quick. I think most of you would have guessed that I am pretty good at tramps, but what you see here is the level that I am on, and always have been on. So when I was inventing doubles on snow, I could still only do a back flip on a tramp! haha

Sleepytime here in Innsbruck, stoked to wake up to a new day with new possibilities, so I think I am going to set my alarm at 04.30 even thought all I have to do tomorrow is to drive over at Munich around lunchtime! Nothing like a morning session on the computer and a nice cup of coffee! ;-)



Today is one of those days when I feel really uninspired and to tired to do anything, weather outside is crap so have been chilling on the couch all day. So I figured that I need to do something today so I thought a little question session would be in order! So hit me up with anything you got and we will shoot the answers on video later tonight! Hope you guys are having a better day than me, I hate these kind of days!  Off to Sthlm to see janni for a couple of days tomorrow while we wait for this weather cycle to turn so hopefully that will cheer me up! ;-)


Videoblog 3 – Prime park sessions

When i first hurt my knee I thought it would take me a day to get back to full speed once I was allowed to go back on snow, but during the last few months I realized that it would not be that easy. When I first thought about Stubai I thought I could do a bunch of different cool tricks, but the closer I got, the more I realized that its going to take a while before I feel fully confident again.

But now I have to say that I am a little surprised how well everything is feeling. Two days ago I was scared of the mini mini kickers as I had no idea how my knee would react to the landings, but yesterday I hit the medium kickers all day and I could not feel a thing in my knee. I did however force myself to stay super mellow in order to slowly increase the level of my skiing as I think that a bad landing right now would not be ideal!  But as long as I can progress a little every single day I should be good to go fairly soon! Super fun to be back in the air though and slowly rebuild my air sense and speed judgement. Thanks to the Prime park guys for having such a sick park at this time of the year!


Finally jumping!

I think I can finally say that after almost 9 months off snow I am finally jumping again! The first videoblog we made was just on kickers once size up from a bump so I dont think that counts, but today I could not resist the sick kickers the Prime park guys had set up so I had to give them a try!

Seppi is editing a videoblog right now so once that is finished we will throw it online, but as you can see on the pics, we had a truly amazing day! ;-)



Weather world

Today was one of those days when we were super fired up to ski, got up early as we thought the weather would be pretty good, but when we got to the mid station we were met with the info that the park would be closed all day. So we hung out for a while and skied down after an hour. Not what we had hoped for!

So instead we went over to Wattens and hit the trampolines for an hour, shot it all on video so if we will get some skiing tomorrow we will bang it out in a VB. Stoked to be here trying anyway though, one can never change the weather, only be ready when it gets good and by the look of the forecast and the weather this afternoon, we should be ok! ;-)


Videoblog 2 – Head factory

As the weather did not let us ski today we figured that we would work on our video blogging and shoot a little video when we went to the Head factory. Since its been a while since we did Vblogs regularly its great to do a few now in the fall so we are totally dialed in when we get to do some cool stuff! Super fun to be back up and running again! 

I am off to bed, think we might get to go skiing tomorrow so I want to make sure I am rested! ;-)