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Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Photos from Copygram


Childhood memories

As much as I love to travel and I feel quite at home in hotel rooms, there is nothing like waking up in the bed a grew up in at my parents place in Mora! Got in late last night, had a nice little walk down to the beach in the sun set and I have to say that its fantastic to be back ”home” for a day. Walking by the hills that I thought was huge when I was a kid and we rode snow racers down, only to see that the "moster hill"l I remember was only 3 meter high, seeing all the wood that me and Hans used to bring into the house to heat it with, the lawn on the backside where we used to have an ice-skating rink sure brings back a million great memories from my childhood!

Have grandmoms funeral at lunch today, then back to Sthlm at 4pm, flight to Ängelholm at 9pm, drive to Båstad at 10pm, party in Båstad at 11pm, taxi to Copenhagen at 4am and a flight back to Malaga at 6am. So its going to be a long day, but after the great sleep last night I am sure it will be fine!
I also spent two hours with my physio yesterday and I have to say that I have been a bit nervous the past few weeks as I have not seen her in 7 weeks due to all my travels to Dubai, Monaco and Gumball. I have tried to do my best, but there is always weeks where things dont feel great and you start to wonder if everything is ok. 
So when she grabbed my leg and did "the ACL test" my heart almost stopped, only to kick start hard again when she said its all looking great! Once we established that we went through a bunch of new stuff and tested things I never thought I would be able to do at this point. I even did 4 full depth pistal squats on a balance plate (one legged squat) which I never would have dreamed that I could do right now! So the little grey cloud I have felt hovering above me because of the uncertainty is now gone and I feel like a million bucks!  Rehab is easy, but the mental game has been way tougher for me, but I think its starting to turn now that I know that me ACL is stabile and I can handle everything I should and a bit more! ;-)

Betting with X

Had totally forgot about this bet me and X did during the Gumball, but unfortunately I was reminded when World Of Betsafe sent me the video that Crill has been working on! haha

The bet was: First from the Airport in Skotland to London. As you can see I was pretty confident, but when we got stuck at the Edinburgh checkpoint for 2 hours thanks to a police escort that took us into the city the completely wrong way I knew it was over. So we went from first into the city to dead last out of the city thanks to a total stand still at the over ful grid!(I even considered going down stairs with the Rebellion to get out of there, thats how frustrated I was!) After that I knew there was no chance to beat X who had made a wrong turn by misstake on the way which in the end it got him away from the police escort so he rolled in smoothly and left the check point 2 hours ahead of us.

I do have to say that X is a bad ass driver so even without the two hour hold up it would have been tight no matter what! Still one of the best Gumball days ever with great driving and 500000 people in London so no regrets here. Rematch next year and that time I will not get stuck at the check point so we get a real challenge going! ;-) I need to win my money back! haha

Travel time!

So its travel time again! This time its a mellow short trip which feels like a 5 min cab ride compared to Gumball. 
Flying to Sthlm tonight, physio and meetings tomorrow before we drive to Mora and spend the night there at my parents place. Grandmoms funeral tomorrow at noon and right after that we drive down to Sthlm from Mora (3h) fly to Ängelholm at 21.00, drive to Båstad with expected arrival around 22.45 for the Gumball party at Peppes. Leave for Copenhagen at 04.00 to fly out at 06.55 to Malaga. So I guess I once again set a pretty tight schedule, but I want to make sure I get back here as soon as I can as I love it down here, and as you can see on the pics, rehab here is about as nice as rehab can be!
Will be great to see my physio as its been 6 weeks since I last saw her. My knee feels good, but its so hard to know how hard to push it, what things to avoid and how to interpret sertain feelings. I need to push hard so I am bound to feel sore but not to sore, thats the balance that is so hard to find. Over the last week I feel like I have been taking it very easy but I still feel a little tight in my knee. Not sore at all just tight but I have been told that a cold can give you that feeling as you have an infection in your body. So having someone look at it and being able to ask all the questions I have will be great as I tend to think a ton about everything I feel!

Morning views

Sometimes its good to have a girlfriend that can’t sleep past 8am that wakes you up and drags you out on a morning walk, cause once you get out it really is the best way to start the day! Morning walks are always nice, but with the scenery we have down here is just amazing! I think PWs can sometimes be a bit boring as it does not really give you a good work out, but when you have lots of steep ups and downs and a knee that is not yet 100% its great, especially when you have all the crazy villas to look at when you are walking!
Have a few e mails to go through today even though I have decided to try to let go of work on the week ends, but as we are heading over to Nikki for lunch, chances are that I am not the brightest guy tomorrow morning! haha So I figure that its a great trade off to do a great rehab session and work a bit today incase we end up staying long at Nikki. Will see though as we have been terrible at partying this summer, but it would be nice with at least once fun afternoon at Nikki!
Off to Sthlm for rehab check on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then up to Mora for my grand moms funeral on Thursday with a late night flight to Båstad and the Gumball party on Tursday night and then back here on Friday, so it will be a bit of a hectic week, but it feels good to get a check up on the knee and some new exercises to work on as well as seeing my family in Mora!

Rebellion video

Since I have had horrible internet for the past few days I had totally missed that World of Betsafe had published this video of the Rebellion during Gumball. It sure is a sweet car but as you can see on a few of the shots I was sweating like a mad man in there! haha

Seeing this video and the 6 wheeler next to it also makes me realize that more flashing lights are essential to next years Gumball car, do we have any lawyers out there that can tell me what I can do legally in terms of flashing lights? I get that blue police lights are not very legal, but what about a lot of orange, red or white strobes, is there a way to be on the road with that in a legal way? ;-)

Chill Saturday here in Marbella, took a morning walk as my cold is better and since then we have just chilled at Jannis dads place and right now I think I am heading back to the couch, started watching Califoniacation last night and man is is good! Only on season 4 so I have a lot of episodes left to see!

Hope everyone is having great Saturday!


Free stickers!

Ok, I have now gotten way to many mails about these stickers that we had on our Gumball cars (and a million comments after Deadmou5s post on Instagram) So instead of answering to every single e mail, I figured that I would just let you know that if you send an e mail to with your adress we will send these stickers to you for free! This way you all get the stickers you need and I get less e mails so I have more time for this blog!  Everybody wins! ;-)

I also had a little contest on Instagram to win of the Gumball bags where I got 6000 comments, so it seems like the intreats for a Gumball bag is pretty big, will get to work and see if we can produce these in a bigger scale! As soon as I know I will keep you posted!

Have had a cold for the past few days but I think its finally giving in a bit, I truly hate being sick as I want to get back to hard core training!  But at least I am getting some work done as we drive down to Jannis dads place five hours a day and just work on the computers. Kind of feels like I am going to work which I think is great as it helps me relax when I am at home. So maybe I should just skip my own internet and keep doing this? Its horrible to not have internet at home, but its does has its befits as you actually life quite a different life when people are actually talking to each other instead of steering down into their phone! haha

Off to Nikki beach for lunch in an hour, stoked to see the rebuild they have done!


Car project 2015

I think I finally figured out what I will do for Gumball 2015 in terms of cars (at least I narrowed it down to a few ideas), wanted to wait for the Gumball 3000 route announcement  before I made the call, but since the start is in Stockholm I need something that really stands out!! Its something that I have always loved and always wanted to build, combined with something smart and practical. So in my world this could be the ultimate car, that is if you are a bit crazy! Its something I know has not been done, but if anyone can get a guess what it is I will give you a ride in the car! ;-)

I have not had a real car project in a while now so I am stoked to get started on this. The big difference this time is that I am going to be smart when building a car and not dump a fortune with companies that promise the world and deliver a car that is unusable, something that I have come across way to many times. So in terms of car building/look I have talked to Leif Tufvesson who built the Rebellion, when it comes to power and handling I have talked to Stertman Motorsport. Both of these companies have always delivered top notch work that has been on time and on budget. So I am excited to start this build with a real plan and a real budget instead of just going nuts without a plan as I have in the past.

To make this build easier I thought about doing a full render of the car design, so I though I would check on here is there is anyone that would want to trade a ride in the car for a 3D rendering of the body of the car, I am quite clear with the design so it should not be a ton of work. So if you are out there with some great 3D skills, shoot me an e mail to with a few examples of your work and I will get back to you!

Stoked to get this going and get the preparations for Gumball 3000 2015 started! Below are the cars I have had so far on Gumball, which one do you like the best? ;-)


Gumball 2015

Well that was about as good as a Gumball route can be! Next years rally will be from the land of the Vikings to Las Vegas! The route incorporates several amazing cities; setting off from Sweden's capital, Stockholm (home of the Swedish blonde), the route heads west to Oslo – this will be the first time Gumball has ever ventured into Norway – then we're driving south to Copenhagen, the famous Danish capital where Gumball is already incredibly loved! From Copenhagen the route takes us through the Netherlands to Amsterdam for a night of Dutch partying before we fly all 100 cars and participants out to the west coast of California to continue on the journey from San Francisco down the famous Pacific Coastal Highway to Los Angeles, before an incredible last stage through the desert to end up in Sin City! 

EDIT: (After valid comment asking how they will do with the German part as well as why its 1900 miles) 

Germany is a good question. Will see what I can find out on this and give you an update! Norway and its police fines is a also a slight concern (Will be tough one to even go 1mph over the speed limit)

1900 is good, this year was 3800 and we almost died! The problem is that you have police everywhere so you can’t do much speeding if you dont want to be cough, and if you are caught, you loose a lot of time! So lets say you drive 1000km in one day and you are pulled over for 2h in total and then you have 100 000 people into a city and that takes an extra hour, then you are stuck with a lot of hours to drive every day and you can’t even go out for dinner as you are so exhausted!

3000 miles in 7 days on a normal trip is doible, but on Gumball it takes at least 30-40% longer and that is a bit tough!

Will keep you posted! on the German solution!

This year was good, but I think this will be even better!  So stoked that the start will be in Stockholm as I am sure the crowd will be crazy there! 

The question is, can warner follow up and hitchhike from the US to Stockholm next year? haha There is a lot of fun people out there, but none comes close to Warner, can't wait to see all the episodes from his epic Gumball journey! Check out the teaser below!


Bags and palms!

There we go! Finally some time to blog! The last few days have been great but I will admit that its been borderline to pushing the work load to far, but when you are really into something its hard to quit when you are tired!  Have started meetings at 8am and usually finished off things at around midnight, sure its not all been set up proper ”meetings” but Douchebags is all we have talked about for the past few days 24/7, I even came up with one concept in my sleep while dreaming, thats how fast my head was spinning! Main focus has been new products, a 5 year plan and how to maximize a marketing budget, so its been really fun to nail down all these things instead of just talking about a few great ideas and randomly picking them at random times!

So right now I feel a little sick as I have been in 7th gear at full gas for 5 days, but its totally worth it as its been the most productive 5 days of my life! 
The best part about the Douchebag meeting down here was that I had great manpower to help the gardener set a few new palm trees that I had ordered. I was kind of useless as the trees must have been close to 1000kg and that is not something you want to lift before you are 100% in your body! But it was great to get all the palm trees in there. Its a bit funny that I am the garden person in my and Jannis relationship, I love to spend hours at the garden center and look at the endless possibilities! So maybe no man points for that, but I do love to slowly keep upgrading this house into something I am proud of! I will however admit that getting these things in there was a bit tougher then I would have though, so I am glad that I picked smaller palm trees as I have no idea how one would plant a big ass mega palm! haha
From now on the blog will be back in full speed so check back ever day for new updates on everything from business to cars, lots of new things happening!

Focus on the right things!

Our Douchebag meeting down here is now half way and so far I have to say that its been a super inspirational 48 hours. The one thing that has really caught my mind is that I have to get better at prioritizing as I have a million things on my plate. But with the speed this company is growing and the potensial it has I have realized that I need to divert even more focus towards this. Its however not the easiest thing as I have a lot of other things I need to have time for as well, but as soon as this meeting is over the first thing I am going to do is to sit down and look over what takes the most time out of my days and find ways to be more efficient and focus on the right things in life instead of giving everything a mixed focus.

Internet is still terrible so this week end will be a text week end, but as soon as I have a minute over I am going to find a way to get it up and running again as I hate it when I can’t stay updated on everything and keep the blog flowing.
Besides that things are great, my knee feels great and I am surprised how well its handled the Crossfit sessions over the past few days only 4 months out of surgery, sure its a long way to go, but it feels great to be able to work out properly again as an addition to the rehab stuff! I did however need a day off today as we did the following yesterday morning! 
First part
70 hand stand push ups in 10 minutes.
Main part
100 Wallballs (I did these with straight legs to save the legs)
100 Pullups (finally getting a hang of the kipping rhythm)
100 ring dips (Sucking bad at! haha)
100 dumbell snatch (Easy but trying to be nice to my legs so a lot of upper body)
1000 m rowing (have done a lot of rowing so I am getting ok at it, but yesterday I saved my knee and rowed with locked knees)
(to be completed/divided by two people as fast as possible)