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Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog
Photos from Copygram


Planning Bali!

I honestly can't believe that we are off to Bali next week, its for sure the trip that I have been wanting to do for the longest time without actually getting to it. I guess the long flights and a packed schedule has just made me stay in Europe for way to long! Back in the day when I did not have any business to attend to and did not know what a gym was I went 9 times in a few years, so its really a place I love! Now when I am 90% done with rehab, I think its perfect as I know skiing will be harder on my knee and this is a great warm up for that, so I think its perfect timing!

Since I have not been there in many years I was a little unsure of where to stay, so we booked a few nights to start with at the Chandra Villas, the place looks amazing so I can't wait to see it! As you know I am a bit of a garden freak with all my plans here in Marbella so I am sure I will get some great ideas from this place! (I have 30 plants coming in for the house today! haha)

Last day in Spain today, off to London tomorrow for a press meet and great at the Snow and Rock, so today is packing up and cleaning day! Feels good to take it easy as I am still crushed from the obstacle course! haha


81 minutes of pain!

After yesterdays work out  I realize more than ever that there is training and there is hardcore training. Ako and Alex had booked the group in on the obstacle course at Mikes Gym (sickest gym ever), I figured that it would be a fun little session. Turned out that it was a little tougher than that. Just the walk though/instructions of the course took us 2 hours, we than started the timed run and it took me 81 minutes to complete it.
Most of the pics are taken on the walk though so we still look decent, but i can promise you that it was hyper tough once we started the timed run! I felt like I did OK on most of the stuff, but on the weightlifting part (strong man stuff with flipping tires, lifting stones, bench pressing with logs, climbing ropes, thawing stones over net etc) I was a little to weak for the weights so it took me a long time to complete the stuff as most of them was max lifts for me, but I made it though eventually. Felt great on the balance, climbing and crawling though!
Lifting bars at a gym is one thing, but this stuff is a million times tougher, so stoked we went but I can honestly say that getting out of bed this morning was not fun! haha Great test on my knee though as if I can do this I am fairly ready to do anything! ;-)

Feeling strong!

I think that I can for the first time in 7 months say that I am feeling strong and healthy! Sure its not 110% yet, but I am getting really close! It might seem like on the blog that I dont work out much, but I do work out a lot more than I write about here on the blog! ;-) Now I can finally start to do everything and feel confident while doing it, so fun to be up and running again after 7 months of slow living!

Today Henrik put together a great CF session with a bunch of different exercises.

  • Started with chest. Bench press  60kg 12/9/6/3 (with extra push on the way down from partner) and the same amount of hand release pushups right after the sets without rest.
  • Then a ton of core, sit ups with balls, roll out with bar and leg lifts with side push from partner.
  • Death by burpies. (2 burpies first minute, 4 minutes 2nd minute, 6 burpies 3 minute and so on. Made it to 16 burpies in a minute before then clock outran me! 
  • Ring muscle ups (just technique training)
  • Finished of with skipping rope (max rep in 5 mins where I got 549) Not great in any way, but very happy that I did not feel a thing in my knee as my calves were dead!
  • A ton of stretching to finish things off!

So things are great, I am super happy and a little proud that I seem to have been good to my body during the rehab period! Feels like perfect timing to get back on skis in 3 weeks! Mega poring rain here today so we are going to take the rest of the day and write a few e mails and watch a bunch of episodes of Lost! 


Booked to Bali!

I have been wanting to head back to Bali for a long time so 5 mins ago I decided that now or never as the next few months/years will be packed with a ton of skiing! Heading back on skis on Nov 1st so I figured that a nice mellow longboard trip could be a perfect warm up for my body! So far I have lifted heavy, done a lot of running but I have yet to do many things where I am not in full control, so I think this could be a perfect way to increase the intensity of the rehab before its time to ski again!

Either way, more than stoked as I have been to Bali 9 times in the past but I think its been 5 years since I last went! The pic below is from the Maldives a few years ago, can't wait to get out there and rip!  (or suck! haha)

If you wonder why my blogging has been sucking its thanks to the fact that our internet is still sucking hard down here in Marbella, but I will do my best to keep updating at least once a day!


Morning death!

Normally I like to plan my heavy training sessions in the afternoon, but now that Ako and Alexandra are down here in Marbella coaching a training camp, me and Janni figured that we would join them for a few sessions!  First up was a hill interval sprint at 7.30 in the morning. It was pitch black when we left the house, but by the time we got to the top the sun was just peaking out! Even though I could barely breathe or stand up when I got to the top of the 6th interval it felt great to push it hard again. If my knee does not react to this it will be a small miracle as we ran on an uneven gravel road, running both sideways, backwards and sprinting forwards! With the walk up there the whole session took 2 hours, so it was not a mellow one! ;-)

Have session nr 2 planned this after noon at the cross fit box, so its perfect that have a training camp down here to really kick start the real training and not get stuck in the rehab stuff!  Happy but VERY tired right now!


New clothing sponsor!

Lot of new things going on right now! ;-) With my Freestyle comeback I will now live a totally new life and be able to wear what I want at al times, gone are the days when I am tied down to National team outfits and speed suits!  So its with great pleasure that I announce that I will from now on rock Odlo outerwear. I have previously worked with Odlo on under layer and training clothes so I have seen that they are a great company who is really ready to make a push on the outerwear side as well. So for the past few month we have worked on a collection that will hit the stores next winter. The stuff on the pics below will be out in stores this winter so as you can see they had a great base to start from when we sat down with the designers! I always strive to find a look that works just as well in the pists as the parks and power and I really think with this set up we have fund a great combination that I feel great in no matter what I do! (Well maybe not during the shoot on the pics below as it was 28 degrees out! haha ;-) )

As I have been stuck in speed suits over the past few years I have been tied up with what I use under the ski clothes, but with Odlo working with a ton with layers I have now a perfect set up for the winter. Love the neutral colors on the outerwear and using the layers to bring out some color!

Hope you like the stuff, I am super stoked for this winter and I can't wait to get out there and use all this stuff! Skiing is now 22 days away! 


Off we go!

Its time to get going again! This time we are off to Marbella to check out the progress on the renovation at my house there. Been graat here and its been incredible to chill on this island, spend time on the beach, have nice long breakfasts by the pool and work a bunch! Spent the afternoon yesterday in Ibiza town and strolled around with Janni, was super nice to get to see that part as well!

Feels a bit strange to have all this time on my hands at this time of the year, but I guess all I can do its to appreciate it and enjoy the last few weeks while I am on injury status. Even had a quick look at a trip to Bali for some surf before I kick off the ski season, anyone that has been lately? How is the surf crowd and weather in late Oct? Would love to get a week in over there! ;-)


Getting old?

Three years ago I went to Ibiza for the closing week end and all I want to do was to go to every single party. Now 3 years later we have yet to go out a single time here in Ibiza. I am not sure if its because I am just getting old and boring or if I just appreciate waking up rested watching the sun come up of the ocean more than a late night, but I do know that I feel good. I guess most people come here to party but there is really two ways you can do ibiza on, it really is an amazing place even if you dont hit the clubs! 

Last day today as we fly to Marbella tomorrow, so we are going to spend the day on the beach as we always get stuck at the pool in Marbella! 


Win to Fail

Yesterday started out great with a fantastic day on the beach, stayed out there for a good 7 hours so my nose is a little pink right now! haha Had lunch at El Chiringuito which was fantastic, one to recommend for sure! So until that point all was great, then I got back to my room and realized that my phone had not joined me back from the beach, tried my best to get it back for an hour but I think someone just got themselves a new Iphone.(luckily it was semi broken so could have been worse) (so family and friends that wants to get ahold of me, call Janni or e mail me! ;-) ) Then we went to shoot some shots for Jannis blog and I managed to drop the 85mm lens which hit the floor hard enough to break. Got back to the room and figured that I would maybe check if there were any flights out of here, figured that there would be a great cheap 40 min flight to Malaga but the fail continued as I could not find any decent way to get out of here… Finally booked a flight via Mallorca on Tuesday so at least we got a bonus day as I was planning on leaving Monday.

So being spontaneous is fun, but for the future I will at least check return flights before I jump on a plane somewhere! haha Hopefully the luck will trun today but right now its raining out so I dont know…


Good morning!

Just thought I would show you the view from our hotel room!  As usual Janni woke up at 7 without an alarm(she always wakes up super early!), but since I had promised to join her for breakfast no matter when she woke up I dragged myself out of bed and went downstairs, and I have to admit that it was kind of worth it as the breakfast was amazing!

So this is our view from the Hard Rock hotel, great place to stay if you are going! Today we have planned to head over to El Chiringito for lunch which I have heard is fantastic, but before that I think we are going to try to get some sun and milk the last out of the summer! ;-)