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A full day!


I think thats what you call a long day!  Left at 07.30 this morning and got done with the last meeting half an hour ago at 21.00! Its always super hectic when I get to Sthlm as I rarely spend time here and when I do I try to get as much stuff done as possible! Everything went super well though so I am a happy man tonight!  Finished off the last meeting at Raw on St Eriksplan and I have to say that once again they delivered amazing food! To me this is the best restaurant in Sweden, I just love everything they have on the menu! ;-)

The weird thing right now is that I still have two days left in Sthlm and all I have left on my planning is a golf round on Sunday, so I am going to try to get a feel for how it is to have a real week end and NOT work all day long like I usually do! It might be Friday night and most people are heading out for a few drinks, but I am going to enjoy a night home in front of the TV with Janni and just do nothing! 


  • Jms

    I hear that you haven’t been to Magasinet in Fäviken. For sure the best restaurant in Sweden and really expensive.

  • Philip

    Vilka bilder du börjar leverera, är det nya kameran som är tricket? :)