Jon Olsson
  • Pär Zandén

    At last , this vlog I’ve been weighting for a long time.
    Find your self and your own life whithout sharing nearly
    everything whith the hold world.
    My best regards Pär

  • Hi Jon,

    Big fan of yours. I can definitely understand what you mean. I run a few luxury digital businesses and the days either start melting together or just the memories start to fade in and out.

    I find that what’s worked for me are three things. And if I can pass these on to you and you can feel 1 ounce of more happiness, I have done my job here.

    1. Meditation – even for 5 minutes, meditation has helped make each day feel as unique as it is. Just being present in the moment. Planting your feet where you stand and notice that you are there. Calm App, Headspace, Breathe all good coaches.
    2. Scheduling time for reflection – You do some amazing things, but the memory is as good as how you remembered it. If you schedule a certain time of day to reflect for 10 minutes, rewatch some of the footage, think about how it made you feel, you will relive that moment even more.
    3. Journalling – I love the 5-minute Journal. You add a photo, answer questions about how you want your day to go and how it went (every day) you can even add a photo to remember it further.

    Hope this helps you become more happy!

    All the best in health, wealth and success!

  • The Shot Caller

    The Shot Caller has been following your blog you have been doing a great job and this blog stuff you are dominant
    Recommend blogs twice a week . and remember you are just a speck in the history of man

    I have something for you to do go see the gorillas silverback gorillas in rwanda . uganda or congo

    only about 940 remaining in world and they are amazing

    My other recommendation is to bring Hans your brother as a 10 year gift and film it

    Bottom line is you will never be happy buying more cars houses and more women
    The reality is you are a mountain NATURE man that is from a grounded loving family that is unpretentious and happy as well as competitive

    again go see silverback gorillas in uganda . rwanda or Congo

    God Bless and Praise God

  • SonaMahlin

    Did RD take the Lambo watch back?

  • Casper Sørensen

    Dude, you sound more relaxed and honest than last week! Your content is awesome but it should never tear you up. You are such an inspiration!