Jon Olsson

I really need to Blog more! I keep showing a million shots on the camera but the all just go into my computer and never gets shared! But now when I do push export and get them on here I realise how fun it is to shoot and share the epic memories that we get to experience!

I guess the shots below does not need more explanation than what you see in the Vlog, shot them all on the 100MP Phase One camera, the Rolls Royce of cameras! Kind of crazy to run around with a huge camera all day, but when you hear the shutter open and close and see the pics it take sits 100% worth it!
I think I deserve an Instagram husband award for most committed BF carrying around the beast all day! ;-)

Hope you guys like the pics!


  • Vikas Rathore

    awesome!!!!!! photos lots of love from india

  • esther

    beautiful photos

  • David Lezcano

    The photos are incredible! I love that you are sharing them here and not keeping them locked up on an SD card.

    Keep up the incredible vlogs and I hope to see more photography!

  • Timo Komi

    I must admit that I think your Vlogs is getting better and better. I’m impressed as hell! Keep up the good work guys!

  • Håvard Sjursen

    You should post more of the Phase one photo from the trip on the blog! Such an Amazing camera!

    • Edith Minet

      Yea I agree the pictures are sick!!

  • Daniel Sword

    Epic Photographs Jon! love watching you vlogs too. You’re really setting the benchmark for quality videography on youtube. Mr Ortega is a keeper! have an awesome summer!

  • Hi, Jon! I really like that you have both exclusive content on the blog and you have the hero YouTube videos.
    Really enjoying both the video and photo formats you have going on.

    Keep up the AMAZING work and come to Canada (not just Whistler haha)! We would love to have you here.

  • Edith Minet

    Hej Jon! Super snygga bilder, ljuset är helt otroligt!! Undrar om det är kameran eller stället? Eller kanske båda, haha! Btw är inte helt säker men jag tror du laddade up två exakt samma bilder ;) Have fun, är redan jätte nyfiken på att få se nästa vlog! xx

    • Mia

      Jo det stämmer, två var samma.

      Hej Jon! Superläckra bilder, jag gillade speciellt den du laddat upp två gånger. Är det kameran som gör att himlen blir i den färgen, eller har du redigerat den på något vis?

      • metrickid

        Det är redigeringen…

  • Ellie

    Hey Jon
    I love the pics you really have a great talent for it…
    I love photographing too and that’s why I started blogging. So I have all my pics on my blog and more space on my computer haha.
    And I can write something to it so I really can keep the memories!<3

  • Sohn Gottes

    Loved the vlog. Benjis edit is soooo good. the b roll stuff is candy. Greetings from Germany! I think we all can feel you arent as exhausted as back in the vlog a day times.