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Answers part 1!


Thanks for all the questions!  I love looking through them and get a better understanding to what I should focus more on in the blog and what you guys are interested in! Divided it into two parts as there was a lot of them! Hope you guys enjoy the reading! My toe is feeling a bit better so driving up to the snow in a couple of hours! Pumped!


It makes me super happy that a lot of you likes the pictures that I take, I try my best to improve every day and I have to say that a lot of it is in the editing. I am not sure how to best do a tutorial but I will try to figure it out and ask Oskar how I can do it, but below are the main tips I have.

  • Always shoot in RAW format, gives you so much more freedom to edit the pictures.
  • Get Lightroom and import all the epics there. Super easy program once you get started, lots of tutorials online!
  • I only use photoshop to add some blue shades in the black parts of the picture. Besides that its all Lightroom.
  • Try to always shoot against the sun, I used to do the opposite, but since I met Oskar I learnt that against the sun creates much better pics!
  • Try to use the shadows adjustment a lot, you can bring out so much in a picture.
  • Practice practice practice. I edit pics about 45 mins  a day 365 days a year, and there is no way around it, you just have to try and work to get better!

Below is a good example of a before and after from yesterday. I know I might almost overdo it sometimes, but I just love editing so sometimes it happens! haha This was shot with a Sony Rx100 Mark iii

I read that you work in bed, I have tried many ways with my MacBook Air but cannot be working for more than an hour. How do you setup??

I just sit down with a couple of pillows behind my back, I seem to work much better like this thank sitting by a desk, but maybe thats because I am sued to hotel living and thats how I have always done it!

I’ve been reading your blog for several years and you have always been a source of inspiration. Do you still think you can perform on snow? I mean, there is no doubt about your skill in skiing but have you got “IT”? Or do you just ski because of your sponsors, image and marketing value? Looking to your blog, photos and videos you appreciate so much more then skiing nowadays.

Of course there are a ton of younger kids who will kill me in a park and I used to stress about this, but I have come to a point where I just enjoy skiing and I am perfectly happy with where I am. I dont need to do the craziest tricks now but whenever I am in a park I like to practice as hard as I can to learn as much as possible and stay at the level I am at. No doubt its way harder to just hit a jump when you are 33 then when you are 18, so I am just happy if I can hang with the boys in the park and have fun. Still trying to figure out what direction to take with my skiing, but I really enjoy the mix of park skiing and hopefully some more pow trips this year. I do have some ideas of big ass projects but I need to find the right set up for it, so I hope I will be able to do that!  I still love huge air, I just want to try to find ways to get it without risking my life! haha

Do you see yourself still as a professional Skier?

Yes! I guess the real definition of a pro skier is someone who gets paid to ski, so in that aspect I am definitively a pro skier. As a pro skiers job is to promote and sell products there is a lot of ways to reach that goal. You can compete and give your sponsors exposure by standing on the podium or nowadays you can have a huge social media following and promote products that way. So I guess it all depends on how you define being a “professional Skier”. I know that I am not your normal pro skier, and that i do a million other things, but I am super happy with where I am right now but I would not be here if it was not for my past as a SUPER competitive contest skier.

What are your plans for the winter?

To be a 100% honest I have not set much plans yet. I figured that I would get into ski mode down here and then look at the calendar and figure it out. So once I set a plan I will let you guys know! ;-)

Will we ever see Jon Olsson go upside down a couple times on a mega kicker again?

I sure hope so! haha  I will admit that it scares the shit out of me, but at the same time I love it, so if the conditions are right I am all for it! But if its windy and icy I think you will see me behind the camera instead! haha

Hei Jon, where do you think you would be at life in the moment if you haven’t started skiing ?

Haha, good question! My real answer is that I have absolutely no idea!

“Could you do a ‘Ski Kit’ page discussing all the kit you use for different conditions etc.” – I’d second that. With gear constantly changing (I mean who would have a thought that just a few years ago an 84mm underfoot was considered a mid-fat and now that’s practically a SL ski!) I’d like to know what a modern ski quiver looks like.

I will make sure to go through all my gear in the next week and give you guys some more insight into settings and adjustments that I do!

Why and how did you move to Monaco on such a young age?

Well when I was traveling over 300 days per year in the snow I thought living in a sunny place would be super nice!  Of course the tax situation there played a big part as well. Moving there was not really hard at all 10 years ago, you needed an apartment and place about 100 000€ in the bank there, now that number has gone up a lot and rents have doubled in the last few years. So now it takes a bit more to move there. Loving it there though, so nice to come home to sun and palm trees after having spend time in the mountains!

Jon – what are your plans for tricks while you’re down under? Last winter you were getting some shit for just doing a bunch of 3’s and your historical dedication to progression and new exciting tricks seemed to be missing. It was great when you got back the dubs! Since you invented many of the tricks in the sport how do you see your tricks progressing and what are you going to focus on this summer and into the fall? Obviously it’s not as easy as when you were 22, but maybe there’s a new creative way to look at the mountain? -MPK

I just want to ski the park a ton and get as many different trick as possible dialed. I dont have any specific tricks in mind like back in the day when i was young and super crazy, but the more tricks you can do, the more fun you can have in a park, so I will try to push my self as hard as I can! I am just happy that i have been a part of this sports progression, but staying at the top of the progression process for almost 20 years is not that easy! haha

I used to feel like I had to be at a certain level to make people happy, but over the past year I have learn that the key to happiness is to listed to yourself and do what you want to do. So now I am perfectly happy as long as I can get up in the air and maybe impress a pro or two of what and old guy can do haha  ;-)


  • Matthew Kelleher

    Hey Jon – thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. Pretty cool to get your insight! One follow up to the photo editing… Why is it better to shoot into the sun. I have always shot away from the sun so that the natural color is as good as possible and to prevent black silhouettes everywhere. Interested to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks!

    • JON

      If you shoot agains the sun you get a much more interesting light in the picture. I was the same as you, bute the Oskar told me how to do it and since then I always shoot against the sun (or in that angle, you dont want the sun behind someones fast, but in the corner of the picture). You also get the cool flares that way!


  • Christoffer Allenby

    Good answers, thanks a lot Jon! And even more thanks for the daily inspiration you’ve provided these five years or so that i’ve been following your blog. :)

  • Moby Ibrahimovic

    great blog

  • Vilhelm

    A quick tip regarding your blue shadows: Use the slider “Split Toning” eller “Delad Toning”. Its a easy way to get your shadow blueish!

    Love your blog!