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Answers Part 1!


Good morning! Its finally time for some answers, sorry that it took me a while but I have had a lot on my plate now with Gumball coming up so its been hard to sit down and focus on this! But here is part 1, part two will come tomorrow morning! Off to the Gym with Mr Elias Ambuhl right now, always fun to hang out with that guy!

What’s next for the Alpine career? If you continue, what are the 1-3 year goals?

That was the best thing with this injury, that I for the first time in 15 years had time to sit down and think about what I wanted to do and how to get there. I have tried not to think about it to much and let the answers come to me, but I think a great plan is starting to formulate in my head, super excited for the winter!

What do you think is best place, Marbella or Monaco? I think a finish line of Gumball 2015 in Marbella would be fantastic (speak with Maximillion about that).

I love both places so it would be hard to pick one, but after spending a month here in Monaco I like the place a lot more than before as I am starting to know it in a way you don't when you come for 2-4 days at the time, then all you do is laundry and chill, now I have gotten to know a ton of people, my french is almost there and I have fund so many new things to do! I agree that Marbella would be a great Gumball finish, will be interesting to see what Max has up his sleeve for next year!

My questions are simple, but really tough, if you could choose one of the professions listed below what will be your preference order?

  1. Formula 1 driver/profesional driver (DTM, Le Mans,etc)
  2. Freeskier
  3. Fighter pilot (F16, F22,etc)
  4. Teacher, Doctor, or whatever other normal profession.

I think if I woke up and got to choose anything it would stand between 3 things. F1 driver, Pro Surfer or Pro skier. So I guess I am blessed to work with of my dream!

My question is any upgrades for Rebellion? Like different engine or twin turbos or new look planned for the future?

I have a V8 for road use and a V10 set up for track days and ski hill climbs! Of course there has been thoughts of upgrades but since it works perfectly now, I am just going to enjoy it and drive it like it is!

Second question is when driving rebellion up a ski slope what brand of tyres where used and how did you find driving with them on snow?

We had Hakkapelitta 8 with a few extra spikes in the tires. It worked surprisingly good so I am super happy about that. Its for from a drift car but as long as you kept if from going to wide it worked great!

Which are your five favorite songs right now?

I am terrible at getting songs in my iphone but I do have a lot of Avicii in there!  Levels might be old, but its still one of my favorite tracks!

Do you listen to music a lot, for example when you work out, drive, sunbathe and answer emails. Or do you prefer to be in silence?

When I drive I usually listen to music and when I ski I have started to use it as well to fired up on the start!

If you were not where you’re today having all of your awesome sponsors and opportunities, then where would you be? What did you want to be as you were growing up?

You know, I never really thought about this, from a very young age, all I wanted to do was to be a pro skier so I honestly don't know!

Also if you had to choose what you would rather get rid of, would it be Janni or the Rebellion? Or keep both?

I think I would feather keep both!

If you had to buy a car under 100 000€ and you could not modify the car, what would you buy?

A slightly used RS6 for sure!  Second place would be a Nissan GT-R Both incredible cars! Seeing the pic of the RS6 makes me want to drive it now!  Have been away from if for way to long, but now Stertman has worked their magic on it, so it should be better than ever when I get it back!

Will you be joining the Gumball (Miami to Ibiza) event this year? If so, will you plan to come in a newer car? although now might be a last minute thing to do. Your RS6 is already good looking enough, but i really miss your R8, because its so beastly…you need a beastly 2 door car again.

I will be on the rally!  We will not fly the cars to the US part as we have a few things we need them for in Europe just before the rally and shipping cars over takes a lot of time and a ton of paperwork. So we are still trying to figure out what to do in the US!  But on the Euro leg we will have the RS6 and the Rebellion!

Will there be AC in the rebellion for Gumball 2014?  And do you still have the Q7? Seems like it’s been gone from the blog for a while 

No AC, just updated air vents, need to keep that weight low! haha I gave the Q7 to my manager now that I am injured and don’t need it for ski travels! 

What is your biggest regret and your biggest achievement?

Biggest regret is probably some of the bad tuning companies that I have used that gave out huge promises and retured a shit product. But you live and you learn, now I know only to use a few companies that I know delivers good work! Biggest achievement would be the two X games gold that I have and that I manage to reach the world cup level in Ski racing!

Can you please make a video About the noise of your audi rs6? Its incredible.

There will be a ton of video during Gumball so keep your ears open! ;-)

How do you plan to spend your summer months other than rehabbing. And is the surgery going to change any of your plans regarding racing?

I have now been in Monaco for a month which has been great, then we are off to Gumball and after that Spain and Monaco for June and July. After that I don't know, depends on who rehab is going, but I will try to be patient and take it slow!

Also have you tired to get on Top Gear yet?? You’d be perfect for a guest!

I would love to go, but I dont think I am famous enough! haha

What do you think you will do after your ski career? 

Don't know yet, I think I will work with skiing in some way, but I also have a ton of other ideas so I guess we will have to wait and see. Douchebags is growing fast right now so that is something I would love to work on even more the day I quit skiing!

Stay tuned for more answers tomorrow!  Need to hit the gym now so i can get back to all the awesome stuff! ;-)


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  • Seb11

    Thanks Jon for these answers, but the answer to my 1-3 year question is the biggest non-answer ever…

  • Ant

    Hi Jon, two questions from a big fan if you don’t mind :)
    1-Between 40 and 60 thousand €, what car would you buy, you have any idea?
    For example 2nd hand 09 rs6 or a new s3 ?
    2-To invite you to an event or to propose anything how can I contact you or your manager?

  • Dani

    Hi JON, I was wondering why dont you buy a chalet in Verbier? As you seem to enjoy it so much and its the best place to ski.