Jon Olsson

Answers part 2


And I am finally in the mountains! Felt so weird getting back in ski boots this morning but it was epic to get back on it again! Full storm out there today so had a bunch of runs in the trees and just played around!

Super stoked to hang out here for a couple weeks and get my ski game back on point! Toe still hurts a bit so hoping it will get better for every day that goes by!

Here goes Part 2 of the answers!

– Can you give us some teasers as to the direction your new car project or do you still not know yet, have you decided on a base car yet?

Well, I have a few different options, have actually yet to nail down what car to get as I have a few options, but I am aiming to get the car within the next couple weeks so need to make up my mind! As soon as I know what car I am getting I will know the direction. I can tell you that no matter what, it will be very wide and have an access of carbon fiber! haha

– And finally a very specific question, what methods did you use for mounting the ski boxes on Lambos and the R8 when you were not using roof bars as I am interested in putting a box on an MR2 that will fit 190cm skis in and all my other kit as the boot isn’t that big but I want to leave the t-bar roof open.

I have had a million different solutions, regular roof racks, custom built racks bolted onto the engine bay etc. It all depends on the car you have, but a good shop should easily be able to build you something custom, I think thats the best way for special cars!

-What has happened to the Audi Q7 – in camo wrap? Do you still have it? Do you have any plans towards this car? I personally love it !!!

I just borrowed it from Audi and now that I have not been in need of it I gave it back, but I might have a look at the new Q7 for this winter… ;-)

– When will you be updating the ‘Cars’ page with the RS6 DTM build and new Lambo?

Will put it on my todo list right away! ;-)

-Hi Jon, how is the Lambo doin? Could you tell us what kind of modifications you did to it or planning to do?

Its doing great!  Sitting all fixed up in Monaco. Had planned to rear wheel convert it as the Murcielagos front diff hates aftermarket wheels, but I did not have time before I left Marbella. bad plan! haha  But now I have a lighter much nicer Murc ready to be driven back to Marbella once I get to Europe! Full update as soon as I get back to Monaco!

-Can you tell us more about your new company in Monaco?

All I can tell you right now is that its car related… ;-)

-First off, could you elaborate a bit more about what’s up your sleeve the upcoming five years? Given the fact that Michaela and Jens had a baby a few weeks ago, do you see yourself settling any time soon? If not, what are your goals for the next few years?

Good question, I guess its not to far away in the future but no plans at the moment, both me and Janni enjoy traveling a ton but I would say that in 2-3 years I could see a change in our lives… ;-)  For now I just live in the moment and enjoy it!

-Secondly, what do you think of some of the critics posted in the comments lately, about you not being a pro skier anymore? Personally, I agree with one of your latest comments, stating that sking is (and will be) the fundament you’ve build ‘Jon Olsson’ on. But I can’t deny that things seem to shift.

Of course things change! I have been a pro skier for 18 years now and as you grow older its nice to see different things. I still love skiing and will ski as much as possible, but thanks to my past I am able to live a cool life that is not just 100% ski focused. No one will be a pro skier for ever so I am just going with the flow and trying to find as many opportunities for the future as possible, if all you do is ski until the day you quit, you will stand there with nothing once your “pro skier value” runs out.

-Lastly, do you already have some info about the selected fans who can join for a ride in the new car? I was one of the selected people, and dropped you an e-mail, but haven’t received a response yet. I know you’re busy, but I’m just super stoke as I just missed you in Monaco last week!

All e mail addresses (first 16) are collected in a draft in my e mail, so as soon as the car build gets closer everyone will get an e mail with info! ;-)

– Have you ever skied in Engelberg, Switzerland?

Yes, a bunch of years ago, must have been around 2005 I would say. Epic place!

-Are you planning to have Douchebags 15L – Gumball edition? I really wanted to get my hands on these but I dont think its possible?

That was a super limited run we made just for the drivers, so that will not come back into production, but there are new limited edition is the planning!

-When will the new colors on Douchebag arrive?

Any day now, will keep you guys posted once its back in stock!

-What happened to Seppi?

He is killing it on his own now, doing commercials etc. Hope to meet up a few times with him this winter though, so cool to see his development this winter!

-Will we be able to buy Douchebags shares in the future?

Well, I have not looked that far ahead, we have a couple of big investors, but at the moment the company is running great so I dont think anyone is looking to sell anything… ;-)

-It seems like you have pretty good economy. What´s your thoughts on charity? Especially now with everything going on in the Mediterranean.

We did a lot leading up to Gumball and collected 10 000€, and its something that I want to work more with. Its so sad to see what is going on in Europe right now so once I get back home I have a few ideas of things I want to do!

-Will you be making vlogs again this winter?

I will not be having a full time filmer, I will however bring filmers to a few trips. To be honest its nice to not have a camera in your face at all times so its better to pick a few projects and do them right! Will try to do a bunch more Snapchat stories this winter though as I kind of like that easy way of updating!

-Are the Payne family ski related

They do ski a lot and I got in contact with them through ski friends!

-Are you doing any filming for ski movies like MSP and are you going to do any comps anymore.

I am in discussions with a couple of ski film companies, so could be that I will do a couple of trips! As for comps I thought about it when I got back into Freestyle but when I see what the kids these days throw on flat light icy conditions I realized that the comp part of my life is over. Feels great though as I have been so competitive for so many years that I forgot to enjoy what I was doing. I had a great run at the contest scene and it gave me a million memories that I will never forget, but each thing has its time in life.

-How is possible you are always happy, What’s the secret, are you human???

Haha, I try my best to always be positive but trust me, there are times when I am down as well. I do feel that I have decreased those times since I quit drinking though. I think that you feel much better if you are on top of your game and not behind on work and training so if you are always ready to work, you can help yourself a lot!

-Since you are not spraying champagne in Marbella any more, are you spending enough to keep the Amex black? haha

Haha, great question! Well the Airlines and hotels still likes me so I think I am good for a few more years! ;-)

-What are u up to end of September? I m in the Sydney area as well, may be we could meet for a ski session and / or a beer in the mountains? Cheers Tommi

I am off to Hawaii on the 20th so I think I will miss you there!

-Any house updates?

Lots of things going on, getting renders every day, will give you guys an update on that pretty soon here, major changes in the making down in Spain!

-What boards did you get yourself and for which conditions?

6.0 for everyday surf and a 6.6 when it gets a bit bigger and I need some extra paddle power! ;-)

-Have seen your new Odlo camo stuff, looks amazing. Will it be in stores this winter?

It will!  Skied in it for the first time today and I can honestly say that its my all time favorite suit I have ever used! Once everything is online I will keep you guys posted!


  • Mats de Kort

    Hi Jon, I really wanted to see the Murcie when I was in Monaco. So sad I didn’t see it! Saw you at a Cafe near the beach though! Am I still invited to the introduction of your new car? I hope so, really looking forward to it!

    • JON

      You should have just come and say hi! Next time! ;-)


  • Danito

    how is your toe?

    • JON

      Doing ok! Not 100% but good enough to ski! ;-)