Jon Olsson

Appreciate the little things!


If its one thing that I know that I have been really bad at over the years its to be happy about the good things! Even when I won the X games I only managed to stay excited and happy for about an hour before I started looking towards the next goal. Sure that has created a lot of results both in sports and business but I truly wish that I would have appreciated the good things more!

Now when I am stuck in couch with a broken knee I strangely feel more positive than I have over the past 10 years, I get these kicks of happiness for the smallest things and I feel grateful for things I never would have imagined. Yesterday when I started to be able to lift my left I felt almost as much satisfaction as I would have when I was winning a race, this morning I walked to the bath room and was able to put good weight on my injured leg and I felt like I want to punsh the air like I was winning something!

So this is one thing that I am going to try to take with me in the future and really work on appreciating the little things, its just so easy to go through life and keep looking towards an end goal and not live in the present and appreciate it! 


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  • Nick

    Hey Jon,

    Since you have some down time here’s an idea, maybe design a ski/snowboard jacket inspired by the rs6 camo. I know camo is the big thing here in California and I think it would be cool to have something a little different.

  • Dillon Zaengle

    Hi jon, I had the same surgery o thursday, your a few days ahead of me in terms of rehab and your blog is keeping me positive. thanks man, we will be back skiing in no time!

    • JON

      Great to hear! Just shoot me an e ail if you have any questions! I know I had a million! haha How are things going for you?


  • Isa

    Hi Jon,
    as it look you like to move your knee as fast as you can;-). When I blew my knee up I started roundabout 10 days after surgery with some therapy in the water.
    There is a lady in Germany who is making this sort of therapy for 25 years. Most of the German skiers,ski jumper and now ski crosser are making their post surgery therapy with her.You should ve a look at
    I wish you a fast recovery and give your knee the time it needs!

  • Adrian Soto

    Is nice to see that knee progressing within the days, also it is to be able to appreciate those little things in life, sometimes we forget them because our mind its busy thinking in how to be the best(which is also great)and achieve higher goals. Is nice to read your blog everyday and see your progress with that knee.
    Kind regards from a Spanish fan(cant wait to see your gumball setup for this year)

  • Pau

    Keep it up Jon! Small things make humans great!