Jon Olsson
  • Joao Victor

    Jon , really how the hell can I be successful like you ? Man my desire to have a life just like yours has become an obsession . I need advices , please !!!

  • The Shot Caller

    I’ve got a crazy one for you whilst here in southern ca

    Ask your Stunt buddy Riley to get a golf game lined up with a guy that is almost as funny as Johnny Drama Dan Wynands he is a stunt guy too so I figure your buddy could hook your crew up actually they are both just as funny jackie gleason might be funnier but you have to do reruns for that

    • The Shot Caller

      I was really lucky to wind up in a 4 some golfing with him

      He is the man!

  • Moritz Weixelberger

    Short question:
    Are you shooting everything in 120fps with the Leica and simply export it in 24fps? That’s a question for Marcus I think ;)
    Thanks heaps,
    Moritz :)

    (Contact me if you need some music :P)

  • Paul Avory

    Fantastic vlog guys, you’ve got me in stitches! Very funny. If your in LA for a few days, let me hook you up with a friend of mine whose got a tricked out open top Lotus 211 with 800hp that he takes up into the canyons (super wide, super raw. No windscreen!). I’m sure he would love to let you give it a try ;-) Jay Leno loved it.