Jon Olsson

Biggest jump in many years!


Well this was not the kind of shots I thought I would be posting on my first day back in a park this year! haha  My plan to hit the mini park and warm up kind of got thrown out the window and instead this turned out to be the warm up kicker for the year! I will admit that I was freaking nervous to hit this the first time, but once Woodsy had guided me over it once with correct speed I just wanted to get back up there and hit it again! Huge airtime but super well built jump!

As they ran the One hit wonder Big Air event there today I did not get to hit it much so I hope the weather stays the same tomorrow so I can hit it some more. Was sick to see the boys throw down and having the only two Swedish boys in the contest both on the podium did not hurt the day!  Well done Oscar and Jesper! So fun to hang out with all the boys again, I really missed this!

Even though I hate when you guys are tough on me in the comments it did help me to man up and hit this thing, so thanks for the kick in the butt, had so much fun out there today!  Cant wait to do it again tomorrow! Could not have asked for a better start of this season!


  • LifeOfLife

    Awesome!! We’ve been missing this for years now. I’m really, really impressed that you stepped up and hit that jump. What a way to start the season!

    • JON

      Me too, super mega pumped!


  • SandR

    Way to go Jon! The shots look absolutely great, and I can only imagine how terrifying the first run must have been! Best of luck for the next few days, I’m absolutely sure you can do it!


    • JON

      Stoked I have some pretty good skier friends who can help out with speed! ;-)


  • Maximillion

    This enthusiasm is exactly what I missed a lot on this blog the last year. Keep on!

    • JON

      Me too, always a blance between stress and excitement… Super happy with my life right now!


  • Toroto

    Olsson, bring it on!!!!

  • iiijejek

    Hey! What kind of shaving tools are you using?

  • Matthew Kelleher

    YES YES YES!! Way to step up Jon! Those shots are sick! Way to prove to yourself you can still throw down – and on day one of the season no less! That jump is just massive and so fun to see you crush it. Looks like is was a great day skiing. Congrats my man. -MPK

  • James Hawthorne

    mate the only reason people heckle a bit is because they admire you for your skiing and can’t let it go! I’m a bit of a car fan but I follow you for your skiing exploits and it’s sick to see you push yourself occasionally.

  • marian

    hell yeah you’re the man!

  • Henrik Utter

    Jesper och Oscar

  • Johan

    I hope you filmed some runs!! Looks awesome

    • JON

      I think there was some filmers there, will see what I can find! Will try to film some more tomorrow! ;-)