Jon Olsson



I think Black and White describes this day pretty well! Some seriously crazy weather yesterday with rain flying sideways through the air making it hard to see anything out in the water! The fact that the size had doubled did not make things more pleasant… Had a few good beatings as wel. Such a crazy experience when you know you are in the middle of a beating and you just try to relax your whole body and try to think of something pleasant to save oxygen, and all of a sudden you feel that you are being pinned to the bottom. I am far from a water person so I will admit that it scared me pretty good, but since I see that the good guys can handle 10 times heavier things I just got back on it again as there is only one way to learn!

I did get a few good waves so in the end it was all worth it, but when I woke up today my whole body was sore! But whats a vacation without a little challenge? ;-)


  • Daniel A. Staub

    Hi Jon,

    Im following your blog for more than 5 years now. And i really love to read or watch whats going on in your live! (had to real a lot after 5 weeks of traveling through southeast asia).
    My question as a cinematographer in action sports (a lot in the MTB industry) i would love to know if Douchebags is coming up with gear for the Film/Photo guys. I know there is a some really good equipment already on the market but i think there are a few things which really could be a lot better on that gear. especially when it comes to traveling!

    Greetings Daniel

  • siggi

    Coming from the seaside myself… like you said – the easiest way is to just relax and wait under water. As long as your lungs have some air you should be ok and dont’ even need to swim out as of your buoyancy. But ofcourse it takes time to get comfortable in and under water. Growing up on the beaches, hanging out with friends often come with “water wrestling and dunking” so you had to be calm under water if you didn’t want to drink some :)

    As for surfing – the only thing that frightens me, are the rocks or corals underneeth… don’t want to get smashed into them :s