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Casa Camo FOR SALE 1 700 000 €


So there we go! Casa Camo is officially for sale! As you might know from the pace I change cars, keeping a house for 5 years is very unlike me! I like to get stuff, change them and then move on to something new. This time around though I had my eyes open but in the past 5 years I did not find anything that I thought was worth getting as all the houses I considered better or had better potential than Casa Camo was at 3M €s and up.

Then this summer when we realised that the Vlog had grown so big and popular that we had people outside our gate day after day and drones hovering above our house we started thinking about getting a house in a gated community. Turned out that we have the best fans in the world as they all seemed to listed when we asked them not to wait outside the gate and that problem went away. But we did continue to talk about it and I remembered the change it made when Janni moved to Monaco and we had the apartment together. She had lived with me a lot there for the past 4 years but when it was her place she got so much more invested in it and we made it nice together and I loved the feeling that it was ours together. After having thought about this for a month we finally decided to put the house on sale as I value a house that we own together higher than anything and I want to start building a live that is based on us sharing everything. That is the nr 1 reason that we are selling this amazing house. And of course I never say no to a new challenge to create something even more unique. haha

We bought the house 5 years ago and since then its changed dramatically. We rebuilt the entire garden and I hand picked every single plant in there, we put down a new wider driveway with lights all along the way. We moved the gate down to the street and made more space to turn around cars by the house. We also built a long wall along the garden to have a proper limited to the neighbour. I was unsure of what changes I wanted to do inside so I started by perfecting the outside and I hope the pictures shows how epic it is. On the house itself we have mostly done cosmetic things but no structural changes. We have drawings on renovation plans that I already paid the architect for and have the permits to build, looks amazing but I kind of ran out of time with the Vlog so we put it on hold for a while. Below are some pictures of what it looked like when we got it. Crazy what some imagination can do!

The house is situated in La Quinta in Marbella, takes us about 7 minutes to get to the water with the golf car. We love the area as it’s the first hill you hit when you drive inland from Puerto Banus, so you get the views but you are still close to everything. I am impressed by the fans that found it as you can’t see the house from the street which I think is great for privacy and security. Its located 50m from the La Quinta Hotel and Colf Club, great when you have too many friends over as well as for getting cabs and visit the restaurant there. So the location is honestly as good as it gets. When looking for something new, we will for sure stay right in this area.

The house is ready to move into directly and does not need any work right away, of course there are no limit to what you can do, but I think that 1.7 for a house that is in that state, with the view and location it has is a good deal. If you find anything better priced I recommend you to get it right away! That is my 100% honest thoughts that i would say even if I was not selling after having seen what houses have gone for in Marbella over the past few years.

The floor plans are as follows. 351 sqm built, 1142 sqm lot, 100+ sqm terrace

Entrance floor. garage that fits a car and a golf car on the right, large entrance hall straight inside the door, guest bedroom, bathroom and extra storage room to the left.

Main floor. TV room to the right, large open space dining/lounge room straight ahead and kitchen to the left. Next to the kitchen you have also a large laundry room with access to the deck on the back of the house. Was dirt when we bought it but we laid out a concrete and prepared for spotlights in the ground.

Top floor. Guest Bed and bathroom, Large Master bedroom with bathroom that has been joined with a bed and bathroom to create a large walking closet and extra bathroom. Easily converted back to separate bedrooms if required.

Roof terrace. About 100m2 with 360 seaview, fully equipped crossfit gym with 3 sets of everything, lounge area.

We are currently giving the house some love, giving it a bit of new paint here and there and just fixing little things that we have not had the time to do this summer. So more pics will be taken in a week. But for those of you that feel that you have enough info to know that you are interested you can contact Nicke on and he will set it up so you can see the house. I have already gotten a couple offers after my teaser instagram post, so Nicke will also handle and keep everyone informed in case there is a lot of people that wants it. Nicke is a great friend of mine and I am super happy that he is selling it as I trust him 100% and knows that he is onto of things. So even if you are not interested in this house I can truly recommend him if you are looking for something in Marbella.

I hope I got most of the info in there, but I think that the pictures below, the house tour and the 100 vlogs we have done from there shows the places better than my words. So hit up Nicke if you have any additional questions and we will see what happens. Hopefully me and Janni can start working on a new project together and Casa Camo gets a new owner, and dot worry I will not be offended if you want to paint the house white, but if you want to keep the camp look thats cool with me! haha

Below you find a bunch of pictures, mostly from outside as that seems to be all I have taken pictures of! haha I never think that houses have enough shots when I search online to give me a feeling of the location and layout, so I figured that the more I post the better! More pics etc from inside will come, but feel free to check out this summers vlogs until then, lots of stuff from inside there!


The roof top gym. (the logos are now removed)

The roof views before the gym was built

A drone shot of the house when we rebuilt the garden and the wall to the neighbour.

A few before and after shots of the house.


  • Percy Plage

    Hi Jon, is the house still for sale? I may have clients for it, could you please contact me on +34 646 533 112. Best regards, Percy

  • Clueless Pappa

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  • Clueless Pappa

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  • Filip Manfredsson

    Skapligt jobb du har gjort på huset sen du köpte det, kan knappt se att det är samma hus när man tittade på de gamla bilderna på huset!

  • Christopher Rosenberg Group

    Wow, the transformation is incredible! Great job!

  • iampepa

    it isn’t that hard to find the house :) i watch the vlog on a daily basis and so i saw the golf club in the background from time to time, so i started Google maps and found it within some minutes :P … but i never would stay infront of a house or so because i respect the privacy of the owners :)
    for me it is just a little challenge to find points on a map with some little infos… like a private NSA haha

    good luck on selling the house and i’m looking forwart to the new house, i think it will inspire everyone :)

  • Det är ett fantastiskt vackert hus! :)

  • Hanna Lööf

    Jag ledsen om du får det här mycket. Men Markus? Detta är inte en” o jag saknar honom” kommentar men det verkar underligt att ni träffades nästan varje dag i 10 mån och verkade ha superkul tillsammans och sen har ni inte träffats på nästan ett halvår. Ni har oxå bara nämt honom typ en gång hittills. Det här är så random men har tänkt på det senaste tiden speciellt nu när jag kollade på house touren. Han var ju en ganska stor del av kanalen så det känns underligt.

    Du gör ett superbra jobb med dina social medier!

  • Daniels Bondars

    Note: Autocorrect changed “Casa Camo” to “Asa came” (second sentence).

  • An Al

    I sell my wife for casa camo. But she was to cheap so i need to sell my dog also, my bid is veri god 12,069 cent call me if itis god on my nokia; 112-6969-911 have a grejt timee!!

    • An Al

      also if it to lovv i sell my wife nr 2, she doesnt have klamydia so she prob be less cheap