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  1. New partner- Sony


    I could not be more happy to announce my newest partner- Sony!  Have used some of their gear for a long time, so when they approached me I was super stoked, working with brands that you already use is always to way to go for a successful relationship! So from now on I will be an all Sony guy with a bunch of new products coming in to improve this blog. One of the things we will do is an all Actioncam weekly mini videoblog! So every single Monday there will be moving images on this blog, no matter what I have been up to that week, think it will be a perfect complement to the bigger more well produced videoblogs from Seppi and his big camera!  I know you guys have been asking for more simple real images so now you get both! ;-)

    So stay tuned, lots of fun things in the next few weeks with JOI, a tip to Norway and Gumball coming up!


  2. The Snowboarder


    When I strapped into my board today I was trying to remember the last time I went up a lift with a snowboard, as far as I could remember I still had Oakley clothing the last time so I think it must have been 11 years ago since I last had a proper day of snowboarding!  Well, maybe not a full proper day as we were filming for a TV show on SVT the whole day, but I did have time to hit the jumps on the way down! Pretty scary but super fun at the same time! haha

    Just got back home to Håkans (my manger) place where I am staying up here, think its time for a nice long bath as I am pretty tired after 48 hours infront of the cameras!  Feels good to check one thing of my list to to though! ;-)


  3. Work at Douchebags


    Running a blog the week before JOI is not easy!  Especially when you have a car project to work on at the same time!  In the last 48 horus I have flown from Stockholm to Ängelholm, picked up the RS6, checked out the Koenigsegg factory, driven to Stertman in Nynäshamn, flown to Åre, recorded a TV show all day yesterday!  So things have been hectic! Another day of TV stuff and then its all JOI (And cars! haha)

    Thought a few of you might be interested in the status of Douchebags. As some might have seen we are pretty much sold out of everything and have been for a few months, the pressure on the products have far exceed our expectations to that amazing, but I will admit that its a little frustrating at the same time that our web shop says SOLD OUT on most things, still a few items of a few products left so if you are lucky you could find what you are looking for! We are working hard to refill the web shop with new products for you guys as soon as possible, but as we always strive to improve the products it takes a few months!

    As we are growing way faster than initially planned we now need more driven people to work with us, so if you are a killer sales person, check out the post that we are searching for now, International sales manager

    Time for me to run, TV cameras and a snowboard waiting for me! ;-)


  4. Max Burger | Videoblog 2015 | No. 18


    Good morning!  Before I fly down to Ängelholm I just had to post this little videoblog as I got a text when I woke up that the burger I have designed with Max burgers is now in restaurants here in Sweden! You can find more info on the burger and where to find it HERE!  I am pumped to try it out as soon as I get to Åre tomorrow!  Hope guys like it!


  5. Lifting!

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    When I have been traveling around the last few weeks I have been able to keep up my work out routine with running, pushups and sit ups, not great but its what I managed!  So todays super session at F4L crossfit with Gustaf and Ako was great! Got a two hour coatings session from Ako and I felt like I made some good progress on my lifting skills!

    Off to Ängelholm to pick up the Rs6 tomorrow and then on to Åre on Friday morning! Stoked to get back on snow again!


  6. Spring planning!


    The best thing about what I do is that I can travel anywhere and do anything, the downside is that there is so much going on that my plans usually never work out! haha. My initial plan after the car launch was Monaco for a week, but things came up and I had to stay here and deal with things!

    On Thursday I will fly to Ängelholm, pick up the car, drive to Stertman and leave the car there for 48 hours. Fly to Åre and finally get some skis under my feet, not liking the fact that I have been of skis since I had my hospital visit. Then as soon as the car is ready, have a friend drive it up, shoot with Betsafe before wednesday and then JOI right after that. Then the day JOI is over me and Goepper are off to Myrkdalen and Open Klasse for 2 weeks of spring skiing and I can honestly say that I can’t wait! Then Wings for life world run in Kalmar and after that to Monaco for a week. Then secret party with Janni and Nelly, and then back to Monaco before the Gumball start!

    So a ton of stuff going on, lots of fun things but I will admit that it will be nice once Gumball is over and I get to stay in once place for more then a few days! ;-) Below are a couple of shots I took of Janni on the roof tops of Stockholm yesterday (really trying to work on my photag skills, super fun to keep improving!), she is over in Finland for the day so me and Jannis dad have been hanging  out all day!


  7. Hawaii thoughts


    A couple of days ago I woke up in the morning after a dream, in that dream I was living in a beach side villa on the north shore of Hawaii with two kids, Janni and a dog surfing every single day! haha  I have never though about living there, sure I have thought about where to live in the future but I have always considered the US west cost to be to far away from Europe. But after this dream I started thinking, and you know me, once I start thinking I can’t stop! haha  So I googled everything there was to know about Oahu and how it would be to live there. I did however get to the conclusion pretty quick that I probably should visit Oahu before I look at real-estate there!  I have been to Maui a bunch of years back, but I did not really get to see much that time. Have not planned to move there anytime soon, but maybe in like 5 years when I hopefully have a kid or two its fun to think about where I would like to live!

    If you guys could pick and place in the world to live, where would it be and why? Anyone that has lived on the North Shore of Oahu? ;-)  Hit me, kind of fun to let the imagination flow!

    Time for a movie night with Janni and her dad as Janni is jetting of ti Finland in the morning for a photo shoot!

    Pic from


  8. Yasuragi Spa


    As it was Jannis birthday yesterday we decided to treat ourselves with a nice spa night at Yasuragi. I had seen pics of the place before so I knew it was nice, but when we checked into our room I was actually blown away!  No idea they had anything like this in Stockholm!

    I now feel totally rested and tomorrow morning I am ready to dig into the upcoming events the next two weeks are filled with! I have the RS6 taking a short trip to Ängelholm for a final over look, then off to Stertman again to optimize to engine and then Åre for JOI and maybe a little trip up a ski slope with the car to see what its really made of. So two crazy weeks ahead of us, but I am ready for it! (Oh and then Norway for two weeks and big jumps!)

    Thanks to Yasuragi for an amazing night an all the energy the place gave me! ;-)


  9. Almost alive again

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    Now that was a nice well needed break from everything! After Jannis birthday party (see below) I took a full day off and did not turn on the phone and computer all day yesterday, makes you realise how addicted we are to social media these days when I saw Janni, Klara and Julian play with their phones all day yesterday!  Think its something I am going to work on in the future, was great to be free from beeping distractions for a day!

    Think I am feeling better now but to really get back to full energy me and Janni are off to nice dinner and a little spa visit at Yasuragi in a little bit!  Just wanted to jump in and say hi (as I feel terrible when I dont blog even if I know its great with a day off here and there) ;-)


  10. Audi Forum


    Wow, that was a few crazy days! Ever since the first pics got released its been non stop with interviews and meetings! Super happy with the respons of the car, I know its not for everyone when you go wild like this, but I am super happy with so much great feedback!

    I think my body is about to shut down after the lack of sleep and everything happening but I have to power through a few more hours as Janni has her 25th birth day party today! The plan was to fly home to Monaco tonight but I think I am just going to lock myself into a spa here in Stockholm for a few days as I have JOI coming up and need to be fully rested for that!

    Below are a few pics from Audi forum last night, thanks to everyone that came out, was great meeting all of you!