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  1. Blogger or skier?


    As you know I told myself that the day I cant do a double I cant say that I am a pro skier! So I prayed for good weather yesterday to get the chance to see if I had the balls to push it. Lets just say that I did a lot of 360s in grey weather waiting for the sun to pop… The rest you will have to watch in the Vlog! ;-)

    So fun to have a Vlog on the mountain though and capture everything!


  2. Breaking through the clouds!

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    When we went to bed last night I did not expect any sun today as the weather forecast was 100% grey, but then at 3pm it started clearing up and we had an amazing afternoon session! If I stepped up and tried to keep my status as pro skier you will have to wait for tomorrow Vlog to see, but here are a few pics from the day, such epic light out there!

    The biggest thanks for Kl├Ąppen and Kim Boberg for putting this session on, I could not think of a better place to spend this week in the entire world, straight up world class fun out here!


  3. The future of my skiing career!


    Lots of talking in this one, but I thought it was time to try to bring you up to speed on whats going on in my head and really dig in deep into what i think about my future as a pro skier, now that I am bout to turn 34 this summer. I hope you enjoy it and that it helps you understand what I am doing and why I am doing it! Either way, loving every moment on skis right now!


  4. Air time!


    And we are back in the air again! We did not have the best weather in the early afternoon but I kept lapping the jump anyway as it was such a perfect fun jump! I could feel that its been a few weeks since I was last on a good size kicker so I gave it some time today and stayed with basics to get a lot of runs in without landing on my head. Kind of sucked that the sun popped out later just about when I was about to run out of energy, but I thought it was safer to save it for tomorrow and not break myself in one day!
    There is a lot of things that is fun in life, but few things beats hanging out in the air upside down and just skiing with your friends, such a sick group of skiers out here at the Kimbosessions!

    Shot a bunch of thoughts of my future as a skier for the videoblog so check back tomorrow for that, thought you guys might be a bit interested in how I look at things and how I feel about skiing right now!

    Full speed now with Videoblog, skiing and work, but its all super fun so I am not complaining!


  5. Dimond cards and new tricks!


    Now that ended up being a much better day than expected! Windy but still manage to learn new tricks, seem like the key is to ski with awesome people and just have fun! About to get out there today as well and try some more stuff!