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  1. Myrkdalen!

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    I had planned to have a nice mellow warp up day on the kickers today, but as its been a few days since I skied, I took a few runs in the resort with Janni and snapped a few pics of her first to just get a few runs in my legs. We then moved over to the jumps and within 10 mins the weather (clouds fog and wind) rolled in and visibility was about 10 meters! haha  I think my luck with weather this year is starting to be amusing as its just super mega horrible! Oh well we are here for a while so I think we should be all good!

    I think Nick and the boys are out shredding now as the sky is blue, but since I just woke up after a 5 hour nap I feel a little out of it so I think I will wait for tomorrow!  Slept 5 h during the day yesterday, 10 h last night and another 5 h today, so I think I was really in need of a couple rest days after the car launch and JOI week!  Super happy to be here though, Janni even said that its some of the most amazing skiing she has ever experienced, so even if this is a small resort, its 100% worth a visit if you are anywhere around the area! ;-)


  2. Åre-Stryn-Myrkdalen!

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    Now that was one of the best road trips I have done in a long time! Packed up the car in Åre on Sunday afternoon and set the Tom Tom for Myrkdalen on the Norwegian west coast. Decided that it was a smart thing to make a quick stop in Stryn and sleep for a little so we got to Myrkdalen at noon today. Was going to sleep for an hour and then go skiing but my body told that it was a terrible plan so I have been sleeping all day! Think it was a smart as I am totally dead from the JOI week!

    Super stoked to be here though as I think that the Norwegian west coast is my favorite place in the world! Open Klasse going down here in myrdalen so a ton of the boys are out here for a week of fun skiing!  So pumped to just ski and not have a million things to worry about! ;-)


  3. JOI 2015


    Another year and another event! I am so glad that we built the cannon box kicker as without it we would not have had an event this year! Due to very gusty winds the riders decided that it was to dangerous to run the event on the mega kicker, so we moved it down to the smaller version, but that did not stop the boys and Fabian Boeuch stopped a huge triple to take home the event! Check out the full coverage HERE! Jesper tjäder did hit it twice as a crowd pleaser and went to the moon with the biggest double backflip I have ever seen!

    Super pumped on how everything worked out and even though we had made the call that this would be the very last JOI ever, I am now reevaluating that call as I love this week and I am going to do my very best to make sure that it keeps on happening every year! Mega thanks for everyone involved for making this a kick ass event, you guys are the best!

    About to jump in a car with Janni, Seppi and Nick Goepper and drive over to Myrkdalen for some skiing, can’t wait to just head up the lift and just go skiing with no responsibilities! ;-)



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    Riders qualified for finals (in order): Vincent Gagnier, Torin Yater-Wallace, Jonas Hunziker, Bobby Brown, Oscar Wester, Fabian Bösch, Øystein Bråten, Aleksander Aurdal, Luca Schuler, Jeremy Pancras, Joss Christensen, Alex Bellemare, Evan McEachran, Russ Henshaw, James Woods and Jesper Tjäder.

  5. Win a signature Odlo jacket!


    Good morning! Thought I would be a lot more tired writing this blog as I went all out with all the boys last night! We had to cancel training due to wind and when the skiing is not epic the nights need to be even better!  So we started with a great dinner at Wersens, a drink at Broken and a full night at Bygget! Was fantastic to have TJ back out here, felt like it was 2005 again! (make sure to follow me on snapchat for the uncensored videos! :-)  Jonolsson1 )

    Still some wind on the forecast for today so we are keeping our fingers crossed that it will die down, but if it does not we are rebuilding the cannon box kicker to a step up so we have a weather safe option. Nr 1 priority is the safety of the riders and that they have fun, so I think its a great back up plan incase we are unlucky instead of pushing then on the maga booter in unsafe conditions!

    We also have 6 JO signatur jackets from Odlo that we are giving away, so if you are in need of a jacket, click HERE to enter the contest and get yourself a new kick ass jacket!


  6. 950hp Snowplow!


    I know you guys have asked for a couple of sound clips of the RS6 so I thought it was time to give it to you! The day we went out to shoot it, the weather had rolled in hard over Åre so it made our day a little different… haha  I have done a few crazy things in cars, but smashing through snow like this was one of the weirdest things I have done as I could not see a thing while I was under the snow! (we had people check the road so we knew that there was no other cars) I was a bit worried how the car (and all the carbon) would handle a beating like this, but I said f*ck it, I did not build this car to roll around to car shows, this car was built to get me anywhere I need to go, no matter what the weather is like! Although I have to admit that the snow was a little deeper than I thought, but at least now I know that I have the worlds fastest snowplow!

    Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed this crazy day! As a little bonus Betsafe is giving away a Gumball experience so if that sounds interesting ;-) click HERE to enter the contest and maybe I will see you guys in on of the Gumball cities!


  7. JOI Day 2


    Another day has passed here in Åre, has been a long day for me as I was trying to hold it down at the club last night… haha I know that I would be tired today if I went out, but I was to stoked to see all the boys so I said f^ck it and went for it!

    Training went great today and the boys are getting used to it! Saw some incredible stuff including a perfect triple backflip from Bobby Brown! So fun to see the boys scream when the land, the thing is really a huge monster! Cant wait to see what they will step up to tomorrow!