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  1. Racing Rally Cross on ice!

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    I can finally say that i have driven a real Rally Cross car! Drove up from Monaco to Kitzbuhl last night, had a few hours of sleep and got straight into Mattias Ekströms Rally Cross car! Its been on my bucket list for a long time to drive a real rally car like this so I am so pumped that i finally got to do it!
    Got 3 laps in the Audi RS3 to warm up and 5 laps in the RX1. Not a whole lot for a rookie like me, but for the first time I felt pretty calm getting into a race car so I had fun right of the bat and actually felt pretty good going sideways! Kind of ironic that I have had all the crazy cars that I have had and today was the first time I used the launch control! I just feel like its such an abuse on the cars, but if Mattias tells you to do it, well then you do it! haha

    Driving wise it was not as hard as I expected, sure its faster than the RS3, but its super balanced and easy to drive. The hardest part is being hard enough on the gear shifter, you really have to slam that thing to shift the gears. The best part is that you feel like a boss when you are on full gas and just slam in the next gear! haha

    The set up here is that tomorrow we are two man teams competing against the other teams, I have Ted Ligety on my team so lets hope he is as good in a car as he is on skis! Some though ski competition as we have Hirscher, Neureiter, Kristoffersen there was well, so it will be interesting who can keep the nerves under control!

    A great surprise was the Bakke flew down today so you guys can expect a lot of cool pics over the next few days! Time for an early dinner and some sleep as I did not get to many hours last night, need to be rested for this one to make the most of this amazing opportunity! Thanks a million EKSRX and Audi for having us!


  2. The adventure of a lifetime!


    I had planned to get a new car and start building right away when I sold the RS6, but since a new crazy project came up its taken a while for me to decide what to go for this time!

    The past 6 years I have built my cars with Gumball 3000 in mind, so its been easy to know what to build as its all highway driving. Gumball has been amazing and being able to take part of it was a dream come true, but after 6 years I feel that its time to try something new in order to find the same excitement I had before my first Gumball. The only adventure that I have come across over the past few years in the same crazy league as Gumball is the Mongol Rally! A 20 000 km mega rally from London to Mongolia through deserts on dirt roads is just crazy and different enough to get me super excited and nervous again, especially as I am going to do it in a car that does not belong on these roads at all!

    I have heard of this mega rally in the past but I have always thought that I cant drive the kind of cars I like on those roads, so I have not really looked into it much more. I then started talking to few people and when asking if they thought I could make it there in a super car, they all laughed at me and said I would be a total idiot if I even thought of it. Well that just made me even more excited about the idea! You know me, I am always up for a good challenge! Looking at a rally and not really knowing if its going to work out is exactly what gets me super stoked, I dont know whats wrong with me, but thats the way I work!

    So that where we are today, Mongol Rally is now booked in July and I am going to see if you can drive a widebody Carbon fiber Lamborghini Huracan 20 000km from London to Mongolia on shit roads. Quite possibly the worst idea ever, but thats why I am totally in love with this plan! Its something totally new to me and to be honest its been a long time since I was this excited about something! As you might understand this plan has complicated my car choice a little as I was not sure if I had the balls required to actually go through with this, but now its time to see what Lambos are made of for real!

    Gumball is 7 days but the Mongol rally is going to take us about 30 days since we are going to choose the most epic roads to get there. I have discussed this idea with Oskar Bakke a lot who did this Rally 2 years ago in a Skoda Citago with truck tires. They had the following stats from when they did the rally, so as you can see, this is one serious adventure no matter what kind of car you drive, in a Lambo its just next level!

    • Length Driven: 27 252km / 16 934 miles
    • Camera exposures taken: 26 092
    • Days away from Sweden: 64
    • Nights in tent: 32
    • Nights in Hotel / Hostel: 20
    • Nights slept in our car: 10
    • Nights on a boat: 2
    • Road kills: 15 birds
    • Times-zones passed: 9h (0 GMT to GMT+9)
    • Longest stretch drive: 9 375km / 95h / 5 time-zones
    • Police stops: 9
    • Longest time without shower: 9 days

    I debated long if this was doable as I knew it would require a serious support set up with spare wheels ect. Breaking down in Turkmenistan without a back up plan would just be to gnarly of a worst case scenario. Luckily I got in contact with the guys at Leo Vegas a few months ago and after a couple of meetings they said that they would take care of the support problem if I took on this adventure, at that moment I knew that it was game on!

    So I am stoked to announce Leo Vegas as my new partner for the next 3 years. From our fist few meetings it seems like they might not be good for me as they seem to be as crazy as I am and love to break new ground, they are not in business to be just another gambling company, they want to become the worlds biggest mobile gambling platform and that the kind of mentality that I love, all in or nothing! The route Alyaska to Santiago for year two has already been up on the table, so I think this new partnership is going to bring me some unique possibilities to explore my wildest car adventure fantasies!

    Its safe to say that we have a lot of work ahead of us, we have the most extensive car rebuild to date in the works and since this is not your normal road trip where you just type in your destination in a GPS we have a LOT of planning to do! This adventure will require 10 different Visas, routes choices depending on current military stability, extra engine maps that can handle the super low quality gasoline, spare parts, spare wheels, mechanical support, return shipping of the cars, heavy duty support car set up etc. Its unlike anything I have ever done but thats what I truly love about it!  So with this in mind, does anyone who wants to join us on the Mongol Rally 2016 adventure? The more the merrier! (and safer! haha)


  3. Berlugan

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    Now that was a nice Saturday! Had planned to spend most of it working but Jordan picked me up for a quick lunch at Berlugan and we ended up staying there pretty much all day! So nice to get away and just relax for a bit! Got to play a bunch of pool that I have not done in years and I also got to see Jordan work which was super cool as I have seen his art before but never how it was done! I am far from an artist myself but as I love design I find it super interesting to see the techniques that he is using!

    Took me a long time to start exploring places outside of Monaco but as you can see there are some incredible places like Berlugan just 15 minutes away!

    Have quite the announcement on here tonight, so need to grab a couple pics before that but check back later tonight if you are curios to the biggest project of 2016! ;-)


  4. Morning meeting!


    Had a great morning meeting with a builder down here in Monaco! As Janni is set to move down in the next month I thought it was time to give this place a touch up!  Cant believe I have been in the same apartment for 10 years now! The good thing about that is that rents where way lower when I moved in so I am now paying about 30% of what i would have paid if I moved in now. The bad thing is that if we were to move to something bigger it would be 5-7 times more than what i am paying now, so I guess we are going to be here for a while! haha For now I love this place and it works great to be two in here, but I guess when the time comes for a little kid we are going to have to find something bigger!

    Was looking though a few old photos to show the builder what I had preciously done on the balcony (put in cheap wood that broke after a year) and came across these old pics, think this must have been 5-6 years ago, cant believe how long my hair was!

    A you can see they have these not so modern tiles out there so I think a nice wood floor would be great to make more use of the balcony!

    Super sunny and nice here in Monaco today so i am going to try to get out and move around a bit, think I deserve a couple hours off on a Saturday! ;-)


  5. Question session!


    As I am down here in Monaco working my ass off I think its time for a question session! So hard to keep the blog in full speed when I all do is spend time in front of the computer and my camera memory card is empty every day! I do hope that this will change in the coming weeks when I have a lot more traveling and skiing on the schedule! January did not turn out the way I had planned at all with the slow start of the winter, but I have tried to make the most of it and I do feel that i have put enough stuff in place so that i can focus on skiing for the next months! Feels good but I will admit that its been a little frustrating as well, but i guess this is all part of getting older and having more than ski tricks to focus on!

    So for now, fire away with all the questions you have, the more different they are, the more fun it is to answer!