Jon Olsson

Chilling in Sydney


Today was a good day! 6am e mail session, 10am gym session, 1pm haircut session and then a 2pm surf shopping session. So now I am clean shaven, clean cut, almost ready to fly over to Hawaii to see Janni!  But first another day in the water here tomorrow! As you can see I have a pretty decent place to stay so no real stress to get out of here! haha

What do you guys think, clean cut Mr Olsson or Sloppy unshaven Mr Olsson? ;-)


  • Florent Gay

    Love this apartment!! Where is it exactly?
    Regarding the haircut looks pretty cool! The thing is to change often so clean or not is not the question, both are cool on Mr Olsson!

  • The Shot Caller

    mess it up and mix it up set the trend when you walk out of the door

    Love syndney Bondi beach kings crossing the people

    what ever it takes go to the barrier reef life is short you may not get back to australia again in life

    Remember I call shots and you know I have been right on on most stuff

    Congrads to hans by the way for his job

  • marian

    clean cut! or hairs like henrik harlaut :D haha

  • Jockel

    you’re in great shape btw ;-)

  • Danito

    haha you look like 18.. :D

  • boseus

    10 years younger hehe