Jon Olsson

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Had this up and running on the test site, but took us a few days to get it to work here. As you can see you will now be able to see all the pics in a huge format! I personally think its a great addition!

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I am in bed today, had a bit of a party last night, felt that I needed to try to relax for a few days as the past couple of weeks have been crazy and I know that the ones to come will be all but slow.

Kind of really tired right now though! Not good to get up at 4.30 in the morning for  3 weeks and then go out and party and still wake up the same time, but it was a really fun night so its almost worth it! haha


  • Truls

    Den nye siden er utolig oversiktelig og sweet jon! Konge kombinasjon av tekst og video. Verdt å vente på! :) AWSM!

  • crille

    I hope you will hit it more than one day!

  • Global Shot Caller

    so far jl lindberg is dominating over your old clothing endorsement

    are you telling us that u are not going to launch the tornado with another 180 thrown in and not going to launch the triple kangaroo

    you went to a party and didn’t tell us where to go(smile)

  • mik


    undra lite om hur de blir med stureplan bloggen? För de är lite jobbigt att inte veta om du kommer publicera samma grejer i båda bloggen..Ifall man missar något om man inte fortsätter kolla i stureplan.

    • ABC Channel

      Its been good, but its time to move on…

      This will be my very last post here at, Its been a good time and I had a lot of fun blogging here but its time to move the blog back to my own site to collect all the material in one place!

      So from now on make sure to check out to see what is going on in my life!

      Best regards Jon Olsson

      I think he already have clarified that.

  • Daniel

    Hey Jon,
    The RSS-feed does not seem to work. At least not together with iGoogle. Something to forward to your tech-guys?

  • Carl

    I must agree with Seb, I can´t really understand why you spent all this time building a kicker and then just hit it one day!? I thought you said that you were going to try to learn some of the X-games tricks that Bobby and TJ did? Don´t you have the time or are they just too hard to learn? Please tell us about your plans.

    BTW loving the new website!!

  • indeed a very nice extra jon ;-)
    have a nice relaxing day and hit it hard in the next days. i’m off to tignes now with really high x-games expectations. too bad you won’t be competing overthere.

    peace out,

  • Matt
  • Seb

    I dont get it though, you spend all this time building a huge jump and then you hit it so infrequently? Please explain Jon. Is it because it is tiring, draining to go jumping everyday? Or was it just meant to be hit 1 day?

    Sorry if being overly curious, just nice to know your thoughts on things especially when it comes to jumping as opposed to cars etc.

  • ABC Channel

    Probably your best decision yet, moving your blog here. :)

  • Carl Cardell

    The new website really growns on you :) like it more and more.

  • McF

    Nice feature, but doesn’t quite work right on a screen smaller (in pixel size) than the huge picture: can’t scroll to the upper right corner and close it. Luckily Firefox/3.0.18 can zoom out with ctrl- and I can finally click on the close button.

    • henke

      u have a to small screen, and u can always click on the escape button to close it..

      håller lätt med jonas :D

      • McF

        Right, escape key works too. Small screen is not the problem, the big picture works ok and is scaled to fit on a Nokia E63. Perhaps it’s just a Firefox 3.0 thing.

  • Jens

    A really cool feature!

  • jonas

    Tja jon!
    skönt med den nya websidan :D När kommer nästa videoblogg inlägg? det är sjukt kul med alla videobloggar :D peace