Jon Olsson

Credit card roulette!


And then we went out, feel pretty good now though, seems that champagne-Redbull is a keeper, never feel this good in the morning! Or maybe I am still so stoked on yesterdays session that everything is just great!

Today is dealing with Gumball paper day!

See you soon!


  • andy

    hey Jon,
    you have to check this video out! Watch at 2:30, chris turpin is doing something like a triple kangaroo!!!!! you have to try this!

    • Global Shot Caller

      Andy The shot caller that located this hit the gold mine that Turpin guy has balls the size of Bobby’s

      he was inches from skiing away if the snow was not so soft he probably would of it just shows that jon would kill it on his first attempt

      with a big enough jump

      Thxfully Jon makes enough money to be able to pay for that mens nite out dinner
      The look on his face was too funny

      and when he sees Triple Turpin trying to dew it with his version of a triple kang or whatever

      get some video of that look

      Jon as u know we want u healthy and alive because with out that u don’t lead the lifestyle u do etc

      But Jon U can do that jump easier than u do that hexo

      The Global Playboy Back up in another version of paradise lake tahoe

  • Erik

    GUMBALL!!! YEAH! Du måste representera med en ny tröja! haha! kolla vad jag hittade!

  • Martin

    Haha, such a bad luck! Ska bli skitkul att se dig i gumball i stockholm Jon! Är det den supersnabba lambon som gäller då eller? Ser fram emot att se den!

  • jurven

    juuuuner joke is too good.

  • chris

    Funny idea… poor Joooooner! :)

  • What a great idea.. i think i’ll have to try this when I’m in a restaurant.