Jon Olsson

Day 2


I really wish that i would have done a bit more research and talked to more people with ACL repairs before I did this surgery, sure I talked to Jens and I know a lot of people that has done this in the past, but I wish I would have called up 10 people and asked them about their experiences as I think that would have helped me a ton to stay calm over the first few days. 

I thought my knee was huge and I really doubted that it was normal but when Jonas was kind enough to make a house call and come see me he just smiled and said that my knee was 100% normally swollen and that he had seen A LOT worse. So hearing that was probably the best thing I have heard in 10 years as all I did was worry about how swollen it was. He then put a light pressure bandage on the leg in order to help the swelling and that seems to have been working great as I feel better today.

The first day I could barely move my leg at all, and while laying on my back there was no chance to lift the leg, but right now I can lift it fine and I can feel the movement and muscle control coming back a little for every hour. The only tough thing is that you change your expectations very fast. When you can't lift your leg and it hurts, all you want is for the pain to go away, when that is gone and you start moving your leg, you start wondering if its supported to be this stiff, but I guess thats just part of it. I try to look back at the first day and think about how bad it felt so that I can be happy about how much better it is now!

Have my first physic appointment at lunch today so it will be good to get started with the small things, feels good to do it with an expert instead of just looking at the instructions that I got and was supposed to do at home as its so hard to know how its supposed to feel! 

Over all I do feel so much better now and I am happy to have made it though the first 2 days as it seems like things are looking brighter! Will however be interesting to see how it feels to walk down the stairs today, tried to head down to the kitchen for dinner last night but it just felt like my leg was pounding so I turned back and stayed in the couch! Lets hope its better today!


  • Aleksey

    Hey… talk to your old friend TJ Schiller! He went through this and I bet can tip with good advice!

  • Jon,

    I had my ACL Surgery Feb 7th. It gets much better VERY quickly. My first week was rough just like yours, but if you keep icing, compressing, and doing the little exercises (Straight leg lifts, floor sliding knee bends, quad flexing, stomach heel raises) you will advance quite quickly and surprise even yourself.

    I am exactly 3 weeks out today. I am off of crutches, walking normally, and can do stairs and bike no problem. I am doing my exercises every day at the gym and doing PT 3 times a week. You will be fine. All of this is normal. You’re an elite athlete and will bounce back from this in no time!

    IF you have any questions, feel free to email me!

    Good luck and quick recovery!


  • Marcus

    Gjorde samma sak våren 2012. Jag körde med kyla på hela tiden. Ner på golvet och rehabba 5 gr om dan sen upp i soffan och på med kyla. Håller smärta borta hyfsat och svullnaden nere. Tänk på när du ligger i soffan att du har benet i högläge och benet HELT rakt. Likadant när du sover. Utmaningen framöver är inte att få tillbaka muskler (det är enkelt) utan full sträckning på benet. Ha det i åtanke hela tiden.

    Lycka till.

  • Daniel

    Fortsatt lycka till Jon!
    Gjorde också korsbandet på Sofiahemmet här i okt. Du är i trygga händer!
    Känner igen dina tankar. För mig var dag 3-14 värst med den där pulserande smärtan när man ändrar läge, i takt med att kroppen skulle transportera bort svullnad från den inre blödning som blir.
    Härda ut och keep on fighting :-D

  • Daniele

    Get well soon Jon.. ;)