Jon Olsson

Dessert hang out!


As I mentioned we visited Moes gym and after that he took us out to their place in the dessert. His family is big in horses so we checked out the stables where the keep the competition horses and learnt what separates the good ones from the great ones. Its so interesting to learn more about things that are so far away from anything I have seen or learnt in the past, but most of all it was great to hang out in the stables, it just gives you such a nice calm feeling to be around the horses! Might not be something you expect from me, but it reminds me of my childhood where I had a friend that had a farm that we used to play around in, this was a bit different but it still gave me some nice flashbacks!

After that we had dinner in a setting that I have never seen, kind of like a tent without the roof, crazy to think that rain comes so rare that they can have it like this, the food was amazing and it was so cool to be super far away from all the touristy stuff and see how the locals live out here, Janni fell in love with the setting so maybe we have to see if we can build something similar in Spain! ;-)

We also checked out a super cool vintage car collection but I will collect all those pictures in the morning as we are off to dinner right now! One more day left so have to make the most of it!


  • Bollox

    That’s 1 S Jon, otherwise it means “efterrätt”



    That is the fucking paradise!!!!!! (With a wallet full of money :))

    Jon, could you tell us a little bit about the weather, temperature (day and night), at this time of the year in Dubai?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Peter

    It looks so cozy! I am jealous Enjoy it.

  • Chris

    Jon! I just saw that the Rebellion is up for sale. Why are you selling it? What do you plan to use for Gumball instead?