Jon Olsson

Double sessions!


Finally enough energy to open this little macbook of mine! Have been going non stop here in Tärnaby with double ski sessions every day! 

The conditions here was perfect before we arrived but then we got some snow so we have done a lot of sideslipping to get the track nice and firm, but once that has been done the training has been great! Its been about 13 years since I last did a proper long pre season camp in Scandinavia and I have to say that I have missed it! I love being up here in Tärnaby where there is nothing to do but skiing. It just helps so much to get the focus right! No wonder Stenis, Anja and Byggmark became good at what they do! ;-)

The plan is to stay here for another week so I think by then my GS skills should be ready for Levi! ;-) Will try to find a video tomorrow so I can mix it up before Oskar gets here with my boot bag that is being shipped from Innsbruck to Sthlm!


  • michi

    it’s soo beautiful up there! enjoy it :D

  • good work on the double sessions and best of luck for the next race!

  • That’s not seen for a long time, a picture o f you wearing POC. Can your eyes manage not wearing your own brand. Are there new YNIQ models coming up?

    peace out,