Jon Olsson

Dry land training


I have to start by thanking you guys for all the comments and questions, makes it much easier for me to deliver a better blog, and you all know I like to do all I do as well as I can! 

So I thought I would start with some dry land training thoughts, since Oscar is way more experienced than I am in this, I asked him to write down a few lines of what he based our set up on and what it looks like.

Oscar: Well first of all you have to look at who you working with and how their physical status is from the beginning. As Jon is in pretty good shape in pure strength, I have the strategy to make him a more "all-round" in his physic. Which means a lot more balance, coordination, agility, speed, core and inner-core training. This is what I've chosen to focus on while we are on camp and snow training.In between camps we will keep pushing hard with interval training, both in running and in the gym. Of course "normal" gym training aswell, like front squats, overhead squats, dead lifts etc. So to sum it up, a bit easier physical training while on camp just to focus on staying fresh in the head  to really optimize the skiing here and while at home push harder then he has ever done before. Sure we throw in some cross fit training every once in a while just for the fun of it ;-) 

Today our work out looked like this:

  • Warm up jog
  • 5 different movement/stretch exercises (a few shown on the pics)
  • 10×3 Hand stand push ups
  • 25 push ups (with lifting hands from the ground once you are down on your chest)
  • 2 rounds of 4 core exercises (10 of each)
  • Inner core exercises
  • Long stretch

Sure there are other teams with heavier dry land programs but we belive that this is a well balanced set up to get better but still staying 110% fresh on the hill. So far it seems to work great and we add a few more things as we go when we feel that there is more to give without losing focus on the skiing!

JON: I think what we do now works great, I feel that I am getting much better at all the things we work on and it feels great to have Oscar here telling me what to do as I trust him 110%. Dead in my stomach right now so I am off to a long hot shower and then my favorite part of the day, getting to bed at 20.30! :-) (oh and I know the first few shots have nothing to do with the work out but I had to throw them in anyway!)


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    Sorry to hear about Byggis. It might be insensitive, but how willit affect your olympic team aspirations?

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    Haha the Juventus shorts I remember you wearing them once on the blog a long time ago!

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