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Since my little blog comeback I have come to realize that its a bit hard come up with what to write about when I spend 10 days at the same place doing the same thing. So I figured I would ask you guys what you would like to know more about in order to make this blog better on camps like this! So please hit me up with ideas in the comments and I will try to work on it!

Photo wise its just hard not to shoot the same thing everyday when they are all different ways of epicness! ;-)

Skiing is going really well at the moment and I am feeling more and more comfortable every day! I know that I have said this in the past so I want to be careful to really judge it until the races begin, but I do feel better than ever so I hope that I am right!

On the down side of things Jens Byggmark crashed yesterday and blow his knee so he will be out for 6 months which is terrible, so all of our things go out to him today and we hope that he will recover fast and come back stronger than ever!  


  • Enjoyed reading this, very excellent stuff, thankyou .

  • Freeskier

    Några förslag:

    – Ditt bilåkande, hur mycket kör du varje år och vad motiverar dig? Antar att du kan flyga istället om du vill.
    – Mer angående bilar, vad har du haft för bilar? Om du skulle ha en “normal” inkomst, vad för bil hade du haft då? Före exempelvis 100k
    -Mer om huset i Marbella.
    – Några häftiga bardomsminnen (skidrelaterade), kanske första 3an eller backflipen.
    – Hur du jobbar med att marknadsföra dig själv, exempelvis hur mycket tid osv lägger du på det och hur du jobbar med sponsorerna.
    – Nästa års Joi.

  • asdf

    Jag skulle vilja läsa mer om mode, kläder,klockor,accessiories! tycker du har en grym stil.

  • Bern

    First a big THANKS for your blog!
    Don’t be afraid to speak about the technical part: equipment set up, trainings & workout (very interesting post a few week ago),
    Schedule of such a camp, …
    Perhaps also short movies, i know it’s not so easy.
    I wish you a successful winter, go Jon!

  • Flippinfred

    Mer om mat och träning. Eftersom att du är atlet, och säkert har en superbra diet, och vi andra som tränar för att få stabila kroppar. Det er vore underbart nice om du kunde blogga tips och tricks på olika maträtter och evt snacks du käkar!

    • Driver

      verkar vara mest redbull? ;-P

  • Driver

    I am sorry if this comes out as insensitive… But how does this affect your olympic aspirations?

  • christian avery

    Jon, please tell us about what your equipment set up is and the things you are changing with it as well as the ins and outs of your tuning set up. I really enjoyed those more technical blogs where you described what you had just changed with your set up or style or tactics and how it was affecting your skiing.


    • Perra

      Exactly what I wanna read more about too!

  • Gabriele

    Hey Jon! I’d like to ask you a couple of things , will you come to Italy this year? What about the rs6? I think that the perfect car for you would be the G55 AMG ;-)

  • marcus

    dina sidoprojekt och planer och dina andra grenar i ditt entreprenörskap. även dina videoblogar och de möten du gjorde med intressanta atleter och människorm mer av det. Instämmer med “Micke”.
    Keep it up dude!

  • How about giving us an insight on the further plans with douchebags, yniq, joi, … Maybe a new project coming up?
    Are you already making plans for when your active skiing career is over? Ever thought about getting into coaching?

    Damn, that news about Jens really sucks. Wish him all the best and a speedy recovery.

    peace out,

  • Fredrik

    Hade varit kul att höra om vilka andra lag som är där i Saas Fee. Vilka ser lovande ut för säsongen? Sen får du gärna skriva nåt om de som kör airs bredvid er!
    Tack för en grym blogg!

  • Christopher

    Hi. What happend to the Swedish EC-team? Way do you not race with them anymore? Will you race for your self or for Sweden during EC-races this Winter? How will that effect further plans on getting on the WC-team?

  • fabs

    Now that you turned 31 a few weeks ago i wonder how you see yourself in 5-10 years? do you see yourself as a father? how many kids would like to have one day? do you wanna marry?
    …and yes: would be fun to see a video of you skiing!

  • Moa

    Träningstips hade varit grymt! Sen kanske typ nån video om du orkar? När du snackar med kompisar eller bara pratar om dagen?

    • Erik


  • Jockel

    Tell us more about Oscar Anderson. How did he become your coach?

  • Micke

    Teknik – beskriv hur du åker GS-bana. Var har du blicken, hur tänker du i ingång/mitten/utgång ur sväng.

  • Mendis

    Video interview to Oscar Andersson about what is changing in your skiing (technically speaking)and a little review on the gear you will be using this season. Would be interesting also seeing what you do after skiing in a skicamp week. Wish Jens get well soon and nice trainning for you. Enjoy ;)

  • Julian

    More on what you’re working on! Videos of your skiing would be awesome too!

  • lukas

    I’m also waiting for an update on yniq!

  • Dany

    Since you seem to travel quite a bit, how do you manage to stick to a balanced diet?
    How many times/week do you usually work out? How much do you usually spend within one month to cover all travel expenses, travelling, personal trainer etc.?

  • Maximillion

    Whats up with Yniq?

  • Micke

    Det vore intressant att höra mer om dina affärsprojekt. Yniq tex, vad händer där. Hur jobbar du aktivt med douchbags? Dina tankar kring JOI. Dessa saker är nästan mer intressant än din skidåkning;-)