Jon Olsson

Epic cars


A few years ago I would have aimed to check out all the super cars at the Dubai Mall to see the newest, fastest stuff but once you have seen and been in most of it you start to appreciate cars that you never get to see a lot more!  This collection was just that, a bunch of cars that I had never seen and never really knew existed! So it was awesome to see all these super unique cars up close!

Which one is your favorite? I would have a hard time to decide but I do love the Mercedes limos, they just looked huge and super bad ass up close! I think you can see that Janni found her dream car! haha


  • Simon Lindbo

    The 300 SL with the Gullwings is a true legend. The blue Grosser (I think thats what it is) that have something awfully cool about it, somehow demands respect. I would take the Camaro SS over the Pontiac. But of all of them it would have to be the 300 SL.

    Also, I think Janni would fit better in a classic Mini Cooper S. Much better than that tiny Beemer.

    Finally, Jon is most likely just putting it there in case some buyer pops up. Quite a few people that have Ferraris and Lambos in Sweden, for example, keep them on websites in case a buyer comes. They get to enjoy it, but if someone comes along then they can get rid of it. Besides Jon probably already started the next project and needs some balanced capital to get show going.

    My trip to Dubai last week was awesome, I hope you enjoy the rest of yours, Jon!

    • Johan

      “ooh I know so much about cars I must name them all”

  • Janni skulle vara död om hon krocka i en sådan, snacka om livsfarlig! Men sjukt annorlunda bil!

  • Driver

    The Gullwing is great! The 600 is a dictators car….

    What about the Rebellion ad on Autoscout!? Are you really selling it after all your heart and soul put into it?

  • AlexF

    Its a Mercedes 600 Grosser.

    • Johan

      600 pullman, aka grosser

      • Thank you! That thing is ill!

  • Paul

    Those are some nice classics!

    But Jon why are you selling the rebellion? Its such an awesome machine, i think you shouldn’t sell it..|sr

  • It has to be the navy Mercedes Limo with the curtains. Do you know which model it is? It basically a Maybach well before they were Presidential!

  • BeSt

    It has to be the Mercedes 300 SL, this car is an icon!