Jon Olsson
  • SonaMahlin

    Does it not spoil the runs using a selfie stick? Or maybe you do a lot of runs without a camera?

  • Jensebasse

    Jon! We need to talk!

    What Douchebag are you carrying in this vlog? Is it more like an outdoorback with possibilities to strap your board og skis on?


  • Greysonic8

    Hope Marcus feels better soon. Miss him on the vlog. Jon, in the Vlog, can you share some of the unique prep and tech behind powder skiing in Alberta, Canada? do you carry transponders? avalanche training? special equipment? How long is each run? skill level? how do you know where to meet for the helicopter? tree wells? It looks like 110% fun. You make it look so easy.
    Hope you try the powder in BC too!