Jon Olsson

F— the boat…


I dont care how big it his, how nice the weather is or how turquoise the water is…

It will never come close to an afternoon on a perfect kicker and the kick it delivers!

I just got back from a surprise session in Limone, weather forecast was not very good so I did not have any expectations, but much to our surprise the weather was perfect and I had one of the best sessions I have had in a long time!

There must have been almost 1000 people watching me an Joni Malmi hit the jump cheering us on on the way to the top. I was hoping to get som Tordaos done and get that to 14, but the kicker was a bit sketch switch so I had to change plans and decided it was time to work on some different grabs in my dubs.

Josh had to levae so you are stuck with my mini cam shots, full shots will be in Fields new movie next year!

Click on image for larger view!

After a couple of hours I finally had the dub cork 10 and 12 with nose grab, I cant believe that I have not tried it before, so much easier then saftey and japan! Either way it felt great to get them down and it felt much more natural then I thought it would! Now I can be live ever one else…;-)

But best off all was that I had the complete feeling of satisfaction in my body, I felt totally in peace with my life and what I am doing, I felt that I was trying my best and pushing myself as hard as I could. Something that I have found is the best recipe for happiness in my live!

Super happy right now!  Cant wait for JOSS to come around so that I get to try more new things!

Dinner time, see you soon!


  • Phil

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! I LOVE THE TITTLE! :D… I think you found your peace in your life. And it’s to hear the wind in your ears going down the hill followed by the cheers of the crowd when your up and over the clouds pullings some epic jumps!

  • Max Joners

    Jag är stolt över dig jon, gillar din stil på dubsen igen!

  • MArcus

    Really nice! Must say that blue skidress you using looks damn nice!

  • johnny

    will you be at euro x?

  • jan

    När hade du tänkt att engagera dig i de andra teamen? Ska inte europa, sverige och norge ha en kvaltävling? borde inte alla de röster nollställas med?

  • Hi Jon, I was in limone today and I was one of 1000 people.
    I live here and see you in this place is simply incredible.

    how long you’ll stay here?
    I NEED to see another jump session!

    (sorry for my english but is the best I can do)

  • This proves you’re one of the best in the world. You just try it and nail it, and it looks better than many other double corks ,;)

  • Anders


  • Global Shot Caller

    Tornado 14

    but hey if everyother shot caller was doing a triple kang you would just do it and nail it its all confidence and shot calling

    not sure how to create and make it happen but that would round out a nice jumping yr for Jon

    How about krill buying you all the tequila shots you can guzzle and u pick up the tab for some world class pasta overlooking the alps!

    Bobbys doing the double misty 1440

    Tj is doing the 1620 off axis

    your doing the tornado and the hexo
    Take it a whole new level if u think its possible Triple kang but call it the Olsson Trip or triple

    Heading to Squaw again then off to So America to end my days as the Global Playboy (too exhausting) time for some other shot caller to take the roll perhaps some shot caller on this blog one of your multimillion fans around the Globe (smile)
    Can’t wait to see how the race training works with your next Europa Cup race I’m predicting a top three

  • Fredrik

    Loved it! WOuld fun to see the croud of thousands aswell though.. And where did Josh and your companion goo?

  • Crill

    hahahha LOVE IT!!!


  • Fredrik

    Nice to ser that you are back on the kicker. Last day i had got the feeling that you had à couple of ruff days.

  • Poppy

    Amazing! : )

  • chris

    Hey Joooooner!! Haha couldn’t stop laughing about this joke… epic! Sad that Josh had to leave, his edits are the best!

  • jurven

    great juuuner!

  • Oskar

    Hey Jon.
    Where did Josh and Sparrow go? How come Josh isn’t filming the JOV any more?

    Props on the great dubs! Can’t wait to see you do a dub 14. It’ll be STEEZY!!!

  • Maaan pitty josh had to leave. His Edits are absolutely the best. Jon u should have him as your videoblogger next season! You 2 make a great pair when it comes to producing great photage.

    Peace out

  • henke

    NOOoooo josh come baack!!

    great jon, ur mute looks really steezy.. can’t wait to se the tornado!

  • ABC Channel

    Soooooo sick Jon!

  • Siiiiiick Dubs Jon. Any grab looks good when you’re throwing hyperdubs.

    I always liked the truckdriver grab but…i dunno…has that gone out of fashion or something? I guess each particular spin has a grab that’s conducive to working with the rotation.

    You should get Josh a job with Field Productions or something.

    There’s nothing quite like a Knox Video Blog.

    How do you like skiing in Italy? I’ve always preferred it to skiing in France, Austria, Switzerland. Less snobby, better foot and happier people? Is that fair?

    Let’s see the Tornado…and then let’s see the Tornado 14!!

  • Captain Koons

    Nice shots! Did Joni Malmi just happen to be there or do you know him from somewhere?

  • Henric