Jon Olsson

Feeling good!


Another great day down under! Did not kill it trick wise as the landings remained super firm for some reson today. No idea why as the whole mountain was super slushy, but they did not soften up much today. With all the skiing I have done over the past week I felt that my body was not ready for bad landnings today, so I took about a million runs doing standard tricks as I figured that the more time in the air I get, the more comfortable I will feel and the more fun I can have once the conditions are perfect!

I have been getting physio treatment every day down here as I can feel that every single part of my body is SUPER sore right now, but I guess thats normal when you go from not skiing in a long time to 100 jumps a day! Still feeling ok, but I think my body needs a little break soon, but first I really want to take advantage of the sunny days and ski as much as I can as I am having more fun than ever!

I have had a few pro model outfits over the years, but I have to say that I have never been as happy as with the current Odlo collection! I am not used to the young boys coming up to me and saying they love it as I usually run pretty unique stuff, but this one seems to have caught their eyes! So thanks to the whole Odlo development team for doing such a killer job, super happy with everything! Will be in stores this winter and we will also run a few contests on here, so keep your eyes peeled to this blog if you need a new outfit for the winter! ;-)


  • Stephen Butler

    That camo jacket is so sick! Definitely going in my wardrobe via contest or online shop.

  • Moritz

    Jon, your ODLO clothes are now available online. could you tell us which sizes you are wearing? In the online shop the pants seem to be rather slim, but on your pictures it obviously is another size :) and where can I get the purple pants? this colour is not available so far…thanks for sharing your thoughts! Moritz

  • Wally

    Do more tailgrabs

    • JON

      I tried it a bit last year and unless I do them in reverse tail I look like a tool, but I will work on it! haha


  • Ronnie

    Yo Jon! I really like the Odlo gear, especially those grey pants. I need a new outfit! Hook me up man! :D I’ll be looking out for that contest.

    Last year you rocked a light down jacket as a second layer. I liked how you combined the colors on that one.

    • JON

      There will be a bunch of contests there so just keep your eyes on the blog! ;-)


  • Anton

    Hi Jon! Can you give us some update on which cars you own right now? Can we see some pictures of your home in Monaco? Enjoy your time in Australia!

  • Jon, vad använder du för inställningar/ filter i Lightroom när du redigerar dina bildar? Förmodar att du har någon slags förinställning innan du börjar redigerar kontrast etc… :-)

  • Any idea when they will be available and for how much?

    • JON

      As soon as I know I will get you guys all the details! ;-)


  • sjangse

    Colmar and Lindeberg, every earlier colab u have had I must say has looked way more awesome. Now the “edge” of the Jon Olsson style is almost gone. Looks like you have had nothing to do with the design at Odlo, except that they use the Camo.

    Br Norway

    • JON

      I have to say that I am glad that you think this is different from the old stuff! Sure it stood out a bit more in some ways, but not always in a good way. I flew down to Odlo three times and made about a million renderings for this collection, so even though they made it happen, I was involved in every zipper on the whole outfit. Worked a ton on the fit to find a balance that looked just as good in the park as on bigger mountains etc. So not just a camo use here… ;-)