Jon Olsson

Film frames


Yesterday was film day! And since Oskar does not have 4 arms we decided to just take some frame shots form the video! ;-)

Had a fantastic training day and skiing worked really good at times, shared the course with 20 kids so I got a few runs with smooth snow and a few runs that was more like the rutted up snow we get on races, so kind of perfect! My new focus with a more narrow ski stance is really working great when I manage to do it, but its a bit tricky to get my head to push the feet together when entering a turn filled with big holes in the snow… ;-) But when I do get the head to do what it is supposed to do, it really gives me a whole new power level in my turns!

The say that the journey towards the goal is just as important as the goal itself, but when you are having weeks like the once we have had here in Verbier I just cant help to think that the journey is still underestimated! Even if I would never score another result, this would still be what I would want to do! I really love what I am doing right now!


  • Julien

    Sick Jon! Why don’t you upload the video instead?! Would be great to see you shred some turn!

  • Artem

    Hey Jon)
    what’s going on with r8 on snow? ;)(video)

  • Mendis

    Nice photos Jon. Keep on the work and absorb that spectacular technic (tim jitlof does it also).

  • love these shots Jon – Pure Action!!! ;)