Jon Olsson
  • Abdellah Boumlik

    I really like u guys, thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  • The Shot Caller

    You elevated and did what I expected never underestimate a skier

    Skiers prior to you have won races like pIkes peak etc . and had endorsement deals with airlines and clothes . and Even Audi but never has a skier that I know of done what you just did . And several skiers have produced motion pictures . one of those films grossed 650 million Keep up the great work CONGRATs

    Great job promoting skiing :)

  • Mike Ocampo

    Awesome shots Jon! You might just be cutout for Le Mans racing after all with those lap times. haha

  • Harm Winnemuller

    real nice photos, gotta love the tones and shadows!

  • Ilyas Suleimenov

    Jon, pics are esome! Good luck in le mans, i would advise u to watch redbull series ” on pace with pastrana,” where Travis Pastrana getting into completelly new for him The Nascar!! Good luck !

  • paolo plaza

    How you come like to shoot pictures with the canon 5D Mark IV and not your Leica’s or Sony?

    • hayboy88h

      Because the 5d mark 4 takes better photos.

      • Erik Westin

        it depends on what your shooting,what lens,wich setings, day/night and much more!

  • Victor Klinth

    Nice pictures, what lens are you using?

    • DevArts

      Looked like an 85 1.2, at least from the vlog that’s what it looked like. Not so much in these pics.

  • Oskar Gustavsson Sandsj√∂

    Awesome pictures as allways Jon! Hope we get to see you do some professional racing! ;)

  • Martijn Hooijmeijer

    Spectacular photos! Well done Jon!