Jon Olsson

Get up and go!


Today I finally felt good enough to walk down to the gym and start getting back on the horse!  I started out with the rehab leg lifts and then 100 sit ups and a little bench press with the dumbbells. Did not want to push it to hard as my ass has been stuck in the couch for 7 days, but it was nice to use some muscles again and get started!

As the days go by and I start to feel better its so nice to be able to walk to the bathroom without crutches and just move around a bit, can't wait for the leg to get a little better so I can start pushing a bit harder in the gym! Even if its a long tough road ahead I am stoked to do my best and learn from this experience, its different but as I have said before, I love to get better at things and even if its walking again its still a learning process!


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  • Peter

    Hey Jon,
    Whats the brand of that black hoodie? It looks awesome.


  • Erik

    Jag hade av korsbandet för 1,5 år sedan och opererade också på Sophiahemmet. Man får se det från den ljusa sidan. Har aldrig varit i närheten så stark i benen som jag är nu och iom man är så sjukt svag efter operationen så ser man framstegen jävligt tydligt vilket gör en mer motiverad. Krya på dig!

  • Doubleeagle

    amazing how weak we get when we don’t work out

    you just reminded me to take it even easier whilst free skiing in the mountains and alps

    Game up to 27 holes of golf today at the beach

  • Hoppas du blir bra snabbt Jon. Kom upp till Åre innan isen smälter så kan du få tröst-åka i ArcticDrivings Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera. Jag lovar. En bil som får dig att le. I alla fall på isen… Gå gärna in och läs min blogg också

    All the best / Matsen

  • Jan Project78

    I love the way you take everything so positive! Great amount of motivation for everything! And that is the way to get through anything really! Best regards Jon!

  • Your motivation to go into rehab is quite inspirational.
    All what I know about rehab is that I hate it. So keep up the the optimism and go dor it.

    peace out,

  • Marius

    Hi Jon,

    great to see you making progress after your surgery and doing some workouts. Wishing you all the best for your recovery. :)

    I have one question: Which shoes are you wearing on the top picture?