Jon Olsson

Golf and Internet


As you know I have been working on getting a good internet connection in my house here in Marbella for a while now, but it seems like its easier said than done. I have done my research, decided on a few different options but every time I decide on something and give them the go ahead, I wait for them to call me back for an appointment to install the system they all seem to disappear… I have now made one last attempt to book an appointment on Friday so lets hope they show up this time! Its getting a little togh to stay up to date in the world and blog when you have to jump in the car and drive to get connected!

The godo thing about the lack of internet is that I have had some time to get back on the golf course! Played a morning round at Los Naranjos and I have to say that its hard to think of anything that could beat an early morning round with a few friends! Golf wise I kind of sucked, but we had a tight match that was settled on the last green so that kept the game alive the whole way! Playing solid at 16 in hcp now, but I need to get under 10, that would make me feel a lot better! haha

Dinner at the house tonight and more golf tomorrow, getting the urge back to get good at hitting the ball!


  • Driver

    Struggling with my golf at Tylosand in sweden.

    What are the strengths and weaknesses in your game? I.e. – where will you find 6 or seven shots?