Jon Olsson
  • Francois Dupont

    Youser dude E P I C D A Y thanks for sharing.. I would of been screaming louder thank you guys ;)

  • Maarten

    Hi Jon, I love the skiing vlogs! Then i looked at you’re old vlogs about you training for the Olympics and the other competitions. Then a thought since your with Warner and you both have such a competitive sky history, why didn’t you visit this years Olympics? I mean from al the places in the world where you mostly are the is the nearest you wil ever be (let alone the next one is in 4 years). I think it would be aswome contant that wil fit right in to your background story and it would be really cool to see your perspective.
    Now im 100% sure you all-ready thought about this so there must me a reason for you not to go. If its not to personal is would love to know it.
    Keep up the good work! Your all nice guys and derserve a huge compliment!