Jon Olsson

Grabbarna Flytt


If its one thing that drains your energy, its to move! haha  Janni showed up on the airport with bruises on her arms and no energy as she had just cleaned out her place in Stockholm. I had about as much energy as I had cleaned the appartment from old stuff and organized the storage down stairs!

Luckily we had some incredible help from Grabbarna Flytt who picked up all of Jannis stuff in Stockholm and drove it down here. Since my back is not really getting any better I was pretty useless on the moving side of things, so I felt like a total brat just taking all the light stuff, but as I had strict instructions not to lift I really did not have a choice! Such a great crew though, hit them up if you need help moving, they are as good as it gets!

We took out all the old furniture as we have all the new stuff coming in today and drove it up to Byggmarks places as he got a new one and needed some additional stuff. So it was great not to waste the old stuff.

Will be sweet to get the new stuff and make sure this place is set to have two people living here, I am however a bit unsure to how we are going to fit all of Jannis stuff as she had about a million boxes! haha So stoked to start this new phase of my life though, its not a huge step in reality, but it feels like I am growing up a little by living together with my girlfriend and I like it! ;-)


  • Jockel

    those caps are great. if you know what i mean ll.l
    Do a apartment tour when your done!

    • JON

      Will do for sure, same place but feels like a totally new home!


  • Andy

    Congrats to you two living together now.
    Will you be looking for another appartment soon? Looks a bit crowded if you now will spend more time in Monaco.
    Are you renting for the time being or is it your own appartment?

    • JON

      I think in the future we will, but the deal I have on this one is fantatsic so anything new that we would find would be 3-5 times the price of what we have now, thats the only downside of Monaco! For now this place is great, but if there would be a baby in the future we would need a bigger place for sure!