Jon Olsson

Gumball 3000- Route for 2011!


Woke up fresh this morning, felt better then great, a good nights sleep was just what I needed!  Then I got an e mail from Max with the route for next years Gumball 3000, that made my morning even better! I think it will be the best ever! (like insanely good!)

So to officially announce next years adventure….its an amazing 3000 mile route full of cultural contrasts and additional highlights to enjoy. We’re going from London to Istanbul in 7 days, via Paris…Barcelona…Cannes Film Festival…The Monaco Grand Prix…Venice…Belgrade…Sofia and Istanbul! Incorporating the Cannes Film Festivaland the Monaco Grand Prix will be HUGE!

How insane does this look!  I am going to start planning for this already, next year we are going all in! I cant wait!

Today is "e mail/ fixing things" day, weather is crap so I think that we are staying in MC, feels good though!

See you soon!


  • teofik

    and pass through romania??

  • t

    Hei, når kommer siste JOSS editen ut? Den med deg og colby west??

  • Brian

    what’s the big deal! you are all going to drive in Police escort anyway, don’t look that cool.
    The first year they did gumball then it was fun, blasting down Europe, you can’t do that anymore.

  • Andrea

    Dude! That sounds like its gonna be a sweeet time!! Rock it!

  • Ingar


  • Very nice, but when is your edit from JOSS with Colby coming online, i’ve been waiting for quite a while now:-) and by the way, like the way you blog, makes it easy to understand what your up to everyday:)

    best regards from an everyday reader

  • oliS

    Hi Jon,

    Gumball 2011 … amazing route …. my route ! Is it fix ?

    Do you know the date ?

    Compliment for your blog !


  • Vasko Yanchev

    JeaaaH,finally Gumball lands on the Balkan peninsula.I simply can’t wait till next year,hope to see you there Jon,so u could sign my shirt :))

  • Jesper

    Hej, skönt du verkar ha de där i Monaco för tillfället! Roligt att läsa din blogg..
    Men en fråga har jag, har suttit och väntat ända sedan JOSS att få se ditt och Colbys videoklipp, så när ska vi alla få se resten av JOSS-awards och de efterlängtade klippet? Ha de bra


  • Vasko Yanchev

    JeaaaaH,finally Gumball lands on the Balkan peninsula,I’m from Sofia and I simply can’t wait till next year,hope to see you there Jon so u could sign my shirt :))

  • Jon, I don’t expect an answer to my question since you rarely respond to any legitimate criticism and prefer the superficial easy questions. With that said, I’m a long-time fan of yours and think you’re a crucial part of the freeski movement.

    As for the Gumball races: I love F1 and fast cars, but I’m somewhat surprised that you are involved in an event that’s so overwhelmingly environmentally irresponsible. Forget the MPG on the cars. You guys are flying them all over the world?! That’s a ton of energy.

    Skiing has given you a lot and snow and the mountains and global warming will not coexist.

    Maybe you’re one of the world’s largest carbon credit buyers, I don’t know. But I think it sends a very mixed message when you depend on winter and yet you’re not only flying yourselves, but your cars as well!, around the world.

    Keep up the good work. Mc

  • Patrik

    Blir nog helt sjukt. Blir spännande och se om du kör LP670-sv även nästa år:)

  • That sounds awesome. You really need to have a video blog of the event like you did on this years event. Even more video. Loved it.

  • Global Playboy

    wow stay in the pack in Istanbuhl (spelling) last time I was there a bomb went off about 3000 yrds away

    Any possibility that u get endorsed by either nike or puma??

    Also have you talked to hans coach and others about saving your knees while training so you don’t wind up having paraplegic sex at 37

    Check out the head bike on your buddy axels website a nice 30 mile bike ride a few days a week when in Monaco. That coupled with massive different types of sit ups pull ups pushups. U can do the non biking stuff whilst spanning the globe and hey u will feel better

    Just trying to help u get better

    Game up

  • j0ntee @ twitter

    Looks “insainley good”, can i come? :)
    Was a great night at arlanda, your car is AMAZING!

  • Kevin

    Det är nog fler än mig som undrar över dina kläder. Kan du inte börja med en update en gång i veckan på vad du har på dig?


  • MArcus

    Next year you need some cool costumes, seriously =) Like a viking hat or something.

  • marian

    woohoo :) super niceee!!! from london to istanbul…!

  • Robin Andersson

    Please go with the Ultima next year!! Think your car got the most attention this year, but I think the Ulitma would get more.

  • Det där e sjukt!;) Kommer säkert bli en jävla feth Gumball 3000 2011!

    Ha det bra!

    mvh Finland

  • gumball, cannes filmfestival and monaco gp all-in-one this is like the ultimate rich and famous experience. ok, i need to step up my game and become rich and famous too.

    peace out,

  • See you there! :)

  • Mort

    Can you fix the movie with you and colby from JOSS? :-)

  • Mo

    Are we gonna see Colbys & your JOSS entry video anytime soon?

  • Thibaut

    While you’re at it, don’t forget to put online your own JOSS bit ;)
    I’ll be glad to see you in Paris next year then !