Jon Olsson

Hawaii here we come!


And its flying time again! Have been such a sick trip to Australia with tons of skiing, a bunch of surfing and I even got to know a bunch of great new people! Could not have asked for a better trip down here!

But in a few hours I am off to Auckland where I will spend the night before I fly to Honolulu in the morning! Have rented a house on the North Shore of Oahu so I am guessing this might be a decent part of my trip around the world as well. The fact that I get to see Janni for the first time in more than a month does not hurt either!

See you guys soon, pumped to do some good blogging and take a million photos in Hawaii! ;-)


  • Daniel A. Staub

    Hi Jon,

    Im following your blog for more than 5 years now. And i really love to read or watch whats going on in your live! (had to real a lot after 5 weeks of traveling through southeast asia).
    My question as a cinematographer in action sports (a lot in the MTB industry) i would love to know if Douchebags is coming up with gear for the Film/Photo guys. I know there is a some really good equipment already on the market but i think there are a few things which really could be a lot better on that gear. especially when it comes to traveling!

    Greetings Daniel