Jon Olsson

Healthy life!


A few years ago I would most likely be waking up by now feeling like crap after a very late night. But over the past two years I have come to appreciate feeling health a lot more! Started this Saturday morning with a morning walk/jog with Janni around Stockholm and right now I am enjoying a coffee while watching Nyhets morgon! I am not sure if its just me getting older or what it is, but its interesting to see how things change and how you learn to do what acctually makes you feel good rather than doing what you "think" you want to do! Either way, I feel great!

Borrowed Oskars camera and played around with it, and as you can see a good camera really makes a difference! Its been a long time since I felt this motivation for the blog, but I really love taking pics and when I feel that I have time for it I really enjoy it again! :-)


  • Filip B

    Great pictures! Which camera and lens are Oskar using? Polarized filter? Would be really interesting with a post absolut camera equipment that are used!

  • Yps

    Time for kids ? :)