Jon Olsson

Hello Dubai!


Well today I feel like I have done a lot of things!  Worked out at 7 with Jonas and got a bunch more stuff to work on, crushed some e mails, met up with Bakke and Warner who gave me a ride to the Airport, flew to Dubai and just had dinner here with an epic view! So no slacking here! ;-)

Dubai is one of the places that I have always wanted to see but never got around to, so I am excited to see what this place is like! Could not decide on hotels so I went with the Radison Royal (as a safe card as a Radisson is always a Radisson) and so far it seems like a fantastic plan, maybe the best service I have had yet at a hotel! So things are good!

Will try to get to bed now to not be to tired in the morning with the 3 hour time difference and then I have to figure out where to watch the Slopestyle tomorrow, can't wait to see some crazy stuff go down! My bets are on Goepper, Luca and Gus, so lets see if they can deliver!


  • john

    what brand are your training shoes?

  • Johan

    Tror mer på Goepper, bobby och harlaut dom topp 3 men kanske inte just i den ordningen.

  • jockel

    warner seems like such a cool guy.
    i hope he wins the lottery some day and dominates ski racing at the same time.

    plus: he better does a blogpost on the drive with your beast!

  • Simon Lindbo

    May be warmer, but it is raining a lot right now. I am at a hotel not far from Jon. Been in Dubai the last few days. Pretty awesome city. Very busy roads, nice stores, huge malls and a ton of nice cars everywhere.

  • Mike

    where’s the dollo love?

  • jed

    Warner !!