Jon Olsson

Humans are awesome!


Well I guess I am not that awesome right now but it was great to see this video and think about all the cool stuff I am going to do once my leg is good again! Another day has now gone by and I feel much better! Thought i would do a little rund down of the first 6 days since surgery and how it has felt!

  1. Day 1. I woke up from surgery and felt no pain at all, maybe a little high but felt great, ;-) walking and lifting the leg felt easy!
  2. Day 2. Woke up the morning after surgery, felt about the same as the when I woke up after surgery, but then it swelled up around 2pm. Later that night there was no chance to lit my leg when I was laying down, walking to the bath room was a challenge and I felt like I had a 20 pound weight strapped on my leg Walking was super tough as the leg felt awful. Not to painful just strange and I was pretty worried.
  3. Day 3 Still very swollen (I thought so but I was told it was super normal) Started to be a bit better than day 2, but still a bit worried.
  4. Day 4  Swelling down a bit, could start to lift my leg in all directions. Met the physio who said that i was looking great! Could walk downstairs and sit at the dinner table
  5. Day 5  Swelling down even more, more movement, barely any pain.
  6. Day 6 I just woke up, slept for a good 8 hours, no painkillers in 11 hours but still not painful at all, swelling down a bit more and walking around is slow but starting o feel much better.

So its been great to see the progress ever day, its kind of like working out a little and getting 50% better every day! haha. The initial instructions I got when I left the hospital was to start doing a rehab schedule the same day if I felt like I could do it, but my surgeon and new physio told me to be very still for the first few days, so all I was instructed to do was to lift my leg a few times a day and try to move it around as well as using a rubber band and pump my foot with some resistance to help clear the swelling. I think this sounds like a much better plan than pushing hard as I think its good to let the body rest and heal up rather than trying to push it right of the bat. Seeing the physio today to increase the work load a bit, so it will be fun to see what she has for me now! ;-)

Still feeling great but I can't wait to get off the painkillers as I feel like I am a little tired from them and have a hard time crushing e mails, but I think I will have plenty of time to do that so for now I will stay on them as I like being pain free!


  • Ivar

    Neimenn faen da, jeg også er alpinist og opererte korsbåndet mitt for 6 dager siden nå, og begynte å lese bloggen din for å se litt hvordan andre følte det. Og i begynnelsen blei jeg glad for at du hadde det så fælt i begynnelsen(ikke vondt ment;), for det hadde jeg også, så jeg følte at det var normalt. Men nå etter 6 dager har jeg fortsatt store smerter når jeg bare såvidt skal begynne å bevege meg litt, og ble ærlig talt litt irritert over at du følte det så bra etter bare 6 dager. Jaja, det går seg vel til til slutt! God bedring!:)

  • Ankan

    Som en fd elitcyklist som har umgåtts me många tokstollar så blir jag mäkta imponerad. Var tvungen att visa filmen för min man; som kört ovårdat på det mesta med två hjul å motor. Skönt att låta andra testa gränserna för vår njutning skull. Själva får vi leva lite mer ansvarsfullt med två små barn. De kör dock helt hämningslöst i pisten, ja överallt…undrar vilken gen det är? Leva i nuet är en konst. Att först å främst göra saker för att det är kul är åxå en konst, särskilt för en tävlingsmänniska.Har viss erfarenhet av detta… Hoppas knät läker som det ska.

  • seb

    Hey Jon, all the best with your recovery. Now that you have more time on your hands though, share some good stuff:

    – Tandadalen video
    – Livery ideas for the Rebellion
    – JOI plans
    – Thoughts on Olympic freeskiing
    – Give us an update on Josh, a “Flash from the past” post

    Keep up the good work!


  • Jan Project78

    Wishing all the best in your recovery!! You´ll be back on your feet before you know it! And let the Marbella Sun do the rest, you´ll be hopping around in Ocean Club this summer! :-)

  • Where’s the blooper reel?

  • Jonas

    There’s no shortcuts in an acl rehab. Sofiahemmet knows their stuff too. Wish you a great rehab!

    • JON

      Of course not, but there are different ways of doing things, even within Sofia hemmet. I got one schedule from the physio that saw me after surgery, but a different plan from the surgeon and the new physio who is also at Sofia hemmet. I guess as with all things there are different approaches but I believe more in the slow version in the beginning when the scar is still healing and save the extra power for when you are up and running around and the rehab you can do there!