Jon Olsson

I admit, its true…


I have seen rumors flouting around on the web for a few weeks now and I decided that I might as well admit that they are true. Was going to keep it a secret until I actually had it, but I figure that there was no point denying it anymore…;-)

Say hi to my new whip! The Lamborghini LP 670 SV, the fastest Lambo ever produced!

What color and equipment that will be put on will be shown when I get it fully decked out on the 26th of March!

I am not going to lie, pretty stoked about it!

I am off to go deal with the plates now, see you soon!


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  • Nice! Thats all I have to say.

  • Doug

    Just got a call from a friend who claims you just bought a Porsche Carrera GT in Montreal. If it’s true, congrats on getting a real car. Your next car will need to be something like my 95 Bonneville.

  • eg

    i senaste numret av åka skidor så avslöjar dom vilken färg etc. stämmer deras uppgifter?

  • Sondre

    Wow, sick car Jon! And I love the new page, it’s really clean. If this is what you will be driving at gumball, then you have to see how many of your contour HD cameras you can fit on it! ;)

  • Fredde

    Vilket svin du är Jon! :)

  • derkastani

    gay car bro

  • asbjørn

    congrats on the new lambo jon!!! good upgrade from the lp640!! that one will look sick with a box on top!!!:)

  • Jms

    Where did my last post go? Are you checking them before they get published?

    Not any comments or at least an announcement of Team NS in Joss?

  • Seb

    Why arent you up in the mountains and jumping when you have spent so long building it and have so little time before you are off to the States?

  • Niklas

    will this be your Gumball car?? or do you have more hidden secrets?

  • grambo

    Those asking how he affords it, he mentioned before that he sells his cars within a year or two, so basically his cost of ownership is depreciation in the period of ownership and maintenance costs. I’m too lazy to look it up, but I imagine used Lambo depreciation in the first few years isn’t that much? $20k a year?

    • Global Playboy

      Its amazing how he does it he is endorsed by lambo for tune ups etc
      he loses out on what his money would be earning in an investment

      say cost in us dollars is 400k at a conservative figure for an investor that has a clue 5% to low ball it that’s 20 k a yr

      and then he loses about 10 or 20 k in resale value he said it in a post before

      so basically for 40 k he is driving the dream and living the dream

      Really happy for him plus it’s massive marketing too even in Newport Beach I look at who’s driving the Lambo or Ferrari(50 times more ferraris around here than lambos)

      Personally I would pay 100 bucks just to see the reaction of the people when he loads it up in the mtns or alps with his ski gear on or gets out of the car at the beach

      Congradulations Jon we all Love Yah!! Now nail that triple kangaroo (smile)

      • Global Shot Caller

        instead of 400k make that at least 500k

        If any athlete deserves it its a skiier Freestyle and Racer!!

        Can’t wait to see the uniq decals etc

  • Jonathan

    Jag skulle välja lamborghinin före mercedesen alla gånger, det finns något specielt med lambos :P

    Jag kan bara säga grattis, om jag bara fick åka i en såndär så skulle jag ha ett leende på läpparna i några år xD


  • Karin

    sjukt att du hoppar i Limone. Trodde jag var den enda i sverige som varit där (bodde i torino). Ser gött ut.

  • stone

    Does the lamborghini logo on the front page mean that you are sponsored by lamborghini?

    and if thats the case what does a sponsorship from them look like.. do they actually give you the car? or do you get it cheaper?

    just curious :)

  • Poppy

    congrats! :-)

  • Brian

    Such a sick car but how do you afford to keep getting a new one each year

    • Thibaut

      Jon already spoke about that a few years back : he keeps selling back the cars after a few months. Besides, he is a world class skiing superstar ;)

    • pancho

      Ever noticed who is one of his sponsors? ;)
      That plus a business mind could probably keep you/him from losing too much money…

  • Leha

    Gonna look sweet Jon!

  • That’s sick! The Lambo Lamborghini LP 670 SV is 100% awsomeness. So stoked for you… Enjoy your new ride

  • dynastar

    Not that it is none of my business, but do you tend to lease these cars? – I mean, purchasing a new lambo just 1 year (hasn’t it been approx?) after you bought (if you did so) the previous lambo, must in that case be an EXTREMELY bad investment:P Just curious… Like the new blog, keep up the good work!

  • Connor

    did anyone else catch the monday night football theme song as the background to the video?

  • Johan

    Thaat’s siiick !

  • haha verry funny video from Monaco!
    Living in Monaco;)! I think they are making a little bit funny of you Joner!:D

    mvh Mr Finland

  • Justus

    Jon, you’re truely my hero! Looking forward to see you together in the Gumball 3000, because you’re driving the SV right? or is she to precious for that kind of abuse?;)Haha! No one do it like you do, take care of the beauty and urself ofcourse:)


  • Hello! Yess I was right! Or allmoast;-) Verrryy nice!
    Skule du kunna berätta lite om din relation eller ditt kontrakt med Lamborghini? Hur fungerar det liksom?
    Jag så att du hade som Friends, Von Brauns Supersportbils dealer. Men har du nåt direkt kontrakt med Lambo?

    mvh Mr. Finland



  • Congrats! I bet this car would look good in Hoddevik :)
    and forget the skibox, you need to get a surf rack! Heh

  • Axel

    Jon, buy the Mercedes instead, so much more steeze and its faster

  • Fredrik

    sjukt snygg!! men den har jo inget stereo? hoppas at du setter på skidbox !

  • Johan

    Jon in this car you cant play open your heart cuz it’s no radio in it haha;)
    just kidding, hope you will get it with a skibox cuz thats so freaking awesome!
    will it be at åre when joss is taken place?

  • Thibaut

    Great !
    By the way Jon, what is exactly the deal between you and Lambo ? Still “only” a service deal, or is it going beyond since you are wearing some lambo logos on your clothes ?

    Drive carefully… ;) Even at the Gumball 3000 !

  • mark d.

    hey jon,
    how does your partnership with Lamborghini look like ?
    how does it work ? i won’t belive you’re getting a new car from them, it would cost way too much money,
    please let me answer to that question !


    mark d.


    Excellent choice!

  • Mats

    Is it the car you will compete in Gumball with?

  • Carl Cardell

    I´m not gonna say that i knew this already but 95 % secure about it :)

    I just love your choice of cars! some day I´m gonna own my Lamborghini Gallardo that´s a dream I have with the skibox (I know I´m a copycat) but the amount of skiing I love to do and if I can afford a lambo I will only have that I think :)

    Or maybe the Audi R8 :)

    good luck with car! If you ever swing by Svinninge you let me know OK =)


  • Fredrik

    Haha, I knew it ;) Really sweeat car though :)

  • damn that’s a sick ride. let me know when you’re accidentally passing by my place. i wouldn’t mind taking it for a spin :-)

    peace out,

  • ABC Channel

    Such a sick car!